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  1. The 'Nolan the gatekeeper' trophy is the only tricky one. For anyone that missed it, it requires a bit of backtracking. Speak to Kara for the second time when she is located a couple floors above Jeffrey. After talking to her go back down to the first floor where you found the pickup truck. Nolan is now to the right of it. Speak to him and you should get the trophy.
  2. #54 - Bridge Constructor I was excited to try this game as I enjoyed a similar program in school way back when. For the first bit I was enjoying the game, but I quickly lost interest.
  3. 17 games which is more than I would have assumed. NHL 10 - 2 NHL 11 - 8 NHL 12 - 2 NHL 14 - 2 NHL 16 - 6 NHL 17 - 2 NHL 18 - 1 NHL 19 - 2 Don't Bite Me Bro - 6 Free Realms - 5 Idle Champions - 1 Steam World Dig - 1 Jackbox Party Pack - 2 Rocket League - 1 Killzone Shadow Fall - 1 Aliens vs Predator - 1 Earth Defense Force 2 - 7
  4. The outage message has updated. Looks like it was caused by a power outage.
  5. I just started the game a few days ago, and I've only run into a votekick issue once. Some people tried to votekick me at the start of a Terrorist Hunt match then proceeded to teamkill a few of the team members. Teamkilling seems to be a much larger issue. I'd say at least 1 in 4 matches I've played of Terrorist Hunt has a guy who just wants to kill teammates.
  6. No problem. Personally I've only just started into the game a few days ago so a bunch of free operators would be a welcomed addition.
  7. I finally bought World of Final Fantasy this week, but I haven't started playing it just yet.
  8. So as Gamespot is reporting it looks like Ubisoft is planning on making the starting 20 operators free as well as their weapon attachments. Do you think this will unlock the associated trophies for all users going forward? Taking Point, Got Your Six, Playing Favorites, Full Roster, and Spender would be unlocked.
  9. The season finale of Rick and Morty.
  10. The most recent episode of Rick and Morty
  11. I ended up getting it after 17 exotics, but two were doubles so maybe they don't count?
  12. Was going to Europe for my honeymoon, and I wanted something to pass the time on the plane.
  13. I actually quite enjoyed the series. They certainly had their flaws for sure, but overall I felt like I enjoyed them. The first two were the best in my opinion, and the end of Retribution set up for an epic battle which they unfortunately did not pick up on in The Final Chapter. I do agree that after the second movie zombies were a minor nuisance and barely relevant which was disappointing and largely why I liked the first two best.