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  1. Regarding this, it also has an explanation, and anyone who has the game can check it. If you play mission 12 with control number 2, the giant egg trophy will not explode, but if you unlock the next misión, you can continue doing all the missions and get the top of the class trophy. This is not a theory or a supposition, it is reality, proven (I just did it in my ps3). I have to make a clarification: not all trophies fail if you use control number 2, those related to licenses and get an AAA mission (trophy mega driver) if I got them playing with control number 2. I hope that anyone who has the game can verify that what I say is true. I'm sorry I can not explain myself better but it's the problem of not using the same language
  2. I have not said at any time that I only played the last race. You have to play the last cup that counts four races, you have to do the four races and at the end of the last you get the trophies.
  3. Thanks for explaining. The trophy that wins 6 minutes before is this Wheels of Fire Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events.1 day, 20 hours, 47 minutes (+3 minutes, 46 seconds) 4th Jun 20113:05:38 PM 52.67%Common A cup is composed of four races, this trophy is won at the beginning of the third race and 6 minutes later (which is what lasts more or less the third and fourth races) win the trophies related to the cups. I do not see what the problem is?
  4. Sorry but I do not understand, what does the time between brackets mean? ¡No hay límites! Gana tu primera copa en un Gran Premio.1 day, 20 hours, 53 minutes (+6 minutes, 18 seconds) 4th Jun 20113:11:56 PM 74.28%Common
  5. Could you tell me what trophy do you mean?
  6. The problem with my timestamps is that I get the trophy to win my first cup at the same time as the trophy to win all the cups. I will explain the method again in case someone has not understood it,if you start the game with control number 2 (with this I do not mean split screen, in championship mode you can not play split screen, but to use control 2 to play). When you win the first cup you unlock the next cup but you do not get the trophy to win the first cup, I did not realize this error 8 years ago and I kept playing all the cups with control 2, when I won all the cups and did not I got the trophies when I realized that something was wrong. Play again the last cup with control 1 and at the end of the race I got the trophies. I was asked the method of how to get these timestamps legitimately and I have done it, I bought the game and I have replicated the error (in this game if you play with control 2 you do not get the trophies, and I repeat it is not to play split screen). As I said in my previous message I have a video playing the last race of the last cup and it looks like I get all the trophies at once if someone still has doubts I can send it to them. they are exactly the same timestamps If possible, I have done it
  7. Hello, the game has come home and I have been able to test. I got the three trophies at once as follows: I played all the cups with the control number 2 and I did not get any trophies, then I played the last cup with the control number 1 and the trophies jumped at the same time. With this I show that I get the platinum legitimately, if there are still people who do not believe me I have a video with my mobile phone of the last race when I got all the trophies together, you can also visit my secondary account where I got the trophies For my part I give the topic closed.
  8. Thank you very much @B1rvine. In the end, fighting when you know that you are innocent pays off. @needmemedication I know how you feel, I also get very angry and have had a bad time these days, but it is normal to suspect with those timestamps. Thanks to everyone who has helped,
  9. Hello, I have decided to reopen the dispute because I have found other users with the same problema.. I bought the game by ebay to do tests if the mistake is repeated, I know it will be difficult but I will try, I know that they need solid tests to raise the flag and this is the only way to get them. I receive the game in 7 days. While it arrives I will continue looking for affected users
  10. ok, but we all know that trophies sometimes do not jump or glitches (I know it well since I've taken more than 800 platinum). And after 8 years I do not remember what may have happened and I can not defend myself
  11. I do not understand anything, in the end I will hide the game, although I have a clear conscience because I take platinum legally.A final question, because the timestamps are different in my list of trophies than on this website? why do they put me the flag 8 years after I got the platinum?Thank you very much to all those who have tried to help me.
  12. In this link all the correct timestamps appear. The ones I have on my trophy list. https://(URL not allowed)/user/view/crash10/sonic-sega-all-stars-racing-ps3
  13. Thank you all for trying to help, I apologize if I have been a little rough but it had never happened to me and I am nervous.I'm going to make a list with the timestamps of the web and with which I have in my list of trophies if we can clarify what happened
  14. I do not know what CFW is, I only know that I take out platinum legally and my times are correct, I do not know why other timestamps come on this website, I hope they help me clarify it so that they can remove this unfair flag.
  15. I have been reviewing the times of my trophy list and they do not coincide with the times published on this website, how is this posible?