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  1. @C4M0-W0LF actually I got mine a few days ago, but as @Smashero said, I created my masks back to 2012 but never use them. Because I just had internet connection at my cousins house. Then I couldn’t visit them again and never play the game in coop mode or online mode. Then years after I forgot I had them and as you can see my last trophy was from 2014, I never play that game again. Until this year that I saw some gaming sessions and this post from you, and I was curious to see if had them, and yes, they were there. So, @cris3f, don’t consider me as a cheater and cheating. Some of us didn’t remember we had them, and now we used them.
  2. Not sure if you have started this impossible run but here is my advice to get Epic Tier 3 Enginner and One Gun trophy. (I am currently doing same run) 1. Once you are in level one, activate cheats to give you Credits at least you will get 18000. 7 power nodes and more. (Don’t worry this won’t block trophies). 2. Use the Infinite Credit Farming Glitch that you can do in Level 2 and get all the money that you can. Actually I took my time here just to get enough money to avoid worries. (Don't grab them until you have all the money you want, otherwise this glitch will be closed). 3. through your journey you will find money, ammo (plasma and any other ammo) and any other supplies. Try to keep and sell everything you find, except plasma ammo and a few oxygen cylinders. Try to buy as much plasma ammo as you can. But keep some money just in case you find a device that allows you to upgrade your spacesuit (this will help), also use your money wisely. Good luck and don’t get frustrated as I am, hahaha. Enemies can be annoying. Save your progress as soon as you can, or you will have to repeat the agony over and over. (Personal experience). Hope I get this soon, this game is really scary to me and in hardest mode, annoying.
  3. I was thinking about that. I will try it. [I tried it] I RECOMEND to go there before you collect more coins and helmet parts, this guarrant you that the exit is not open yet. Otherwise it will be and you will have to restart the level. Thanks Swift500
  4. This game is good but sometimes it gets on my nerves. I'm in Delphi level 3 o 4, don't remember, I'm getting crazy. I have 4860/4960, where the hell is that 100 coin or coins. I find all those 4860 in 30mins but spend about 2hrs trying to find that coin. Need help, if anyone knows where I can find it, it would be appreciated. ()