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  1. You can add L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files I platinumed it yesterday, very easy and funny.
  2. I also forgot Electronauts. Easy and short, you just play music with different tools and instruments. Can be platinumed in 1 or 2 hours.
  3. Yes it's like Until Dawn, it's a prequel telling the story in the asylum. You follow the story and make different choices. It might take several playthroughs to get the different story paths or if you missed some collectibles but it's not hard at all, not more than 2/10 difficulty. Until Dawn Rush of Blood on the other hand is very hard.
  4. Did this method work for someone recently? The game is stil on 1.07 version but it doesn't work for me, the "disease" barely spreads even with almost-full gauges. No matter what I do I only get between 1 and 10 million sales before the deadline (only 1 biohazard). Help please, it's the only thing between me and the platinum. Edit : Never mind i found out what was wrong. For some obscure reason it doesn't work if your language is french. I set my console language to english, sold 1 billion 2 months before the end, first try.
  5. I forgot to mention The American Dream, this game is awesome. Not as easy as the others, but not hard at all, (3-4/10 difficulty instead of 1-2). I recommend this game to any VR player, it's my favorite.
  6. Déraciné, awesome game and story by From Software. Very easy and beautiful The Inpatient, prequel story of Until Dawn, very easy too Robinson: The Journey (EU & NA), great game, very easy
  7. My sister got the trophy today but since an update of the game it's not UK anymore. Now the game talks about the Olympics in Rio, so we used the same strategy but with Brazil instead of UK and got the trophy.
  8. If you're a trophy hunter you've probably bought lots of games for ridiculous reasons. What wouldn't we do to add another shiny plat in our profile, right? Like some people here I also bought several games just because the trophy pics were beautiful. But the most ridiculous reason I can think of is Brink on ps3. The only reason I bought this game is because th platinum is a picture of slippers. I had to have this in my trophy collection. I didn't know what the game was, or if it was easy or not, I just wanted these slippers. Fun fact: I played it for maybe 20 min 7 years ago and put it back on the shelf where it still is today. Maybe someday I'll play it for real 😁
  9. The best we can do is never buy it, maybe someday he'll stop making games shit.
  10. Great, thanks for the info. I'll get the gold edition when there's a sale then, no way I'm paying $100 for a game no matter how good it is. What a mess, this wouldn't happen if they released a full game instead of a scattered bullshit like that, it's like building a furniture from ikea. Just buying this game is harder than getting the actual trophies in it.
  11. Same concern for me. There's so many different editions for this game on the store that I'm totally lost, I don't know what to buy. I want 100% on everything, hitman 1 & 2 levels + all dlc (including the other list for "additional expansions") I already own Hitman 1 because it was offered last year with PS+ (i don't know what edition it was) and I was able to 100% the first season with it, but I don't know if it's enough to unlock these levels in hitman 2. So what exactly do I need to buy to 100% the whole second season? Is Gold Edition enough ? It doesn't say what it contains on the ps store page.
  12. You can finish the whole game on easy and change the difficulty to survivor just before the last hit on the final boss and you'll get the survivor trophy. Also works in the dlc, when it asks you to finish the "worlds of hurt" challenge on medium or higher, you can do it on easy and change it to medium before interacting with the little sister, you'll still get the trophy.
  13. Thanks. Might be useful when I'll play the game. You confirm it also works on ps4? Looks like the guy on the video plays on pc.
  14. I'm trying to get the monolithic achievement trophy, but getting a S rank is way too hard for me. I've been playing for 10 hours and the best I could do is around 3500. So 4900 is far beyond my reach, and I don't get any better the more I play. I was enjoying the story until I went into the casino and tried this shit of a minigame, this made me hate the whole game. So I'm gonna have to give up on the platinum just because of this stupid ass trophy. Unless I can get my hands on this little tool everyone talk about : and give it a try. Unfortunately the link is dead, so the tool isn't available anymore and I couldn't find it anywhere else. Anyone have another link or some place to download this thing? Or maybe someone was able to download it in the past and still have it (and would be kind to send it to me)? Any help to get me out of this nightmare is welcome Thanks
  15. I only need the 1vs1 win on invasion so I've been playing hourly living towers this afternoon. After a few towers the invasion fight happened but since the last time I played was 2 years ago I wasn't ready for it and I lost the fight (meteors from the modifier fell on me and killed me). And the hard part is it's only 1 round and if you fail you can't retry, the fight is gone and you have to play towers until it happens again. So I kept playing living towers for hours hoping to get another chance at this trophy but it never showed up again. My question : do we have 1 single chance at this during an invasion, meaning if we fail we have to wait for another invasion event another day? Or I was just unlucky and another fight can happen if I play living towers long enough during the same invasion event? And also how long between 2 invasions? One day, one week? I don't know when I can try again.