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  1. Bioshock trilogy
  2. If you already completed the game on another difficulty you can also reload the final fight and right before the final blow with the syringe go to options and select survivor. Works on PS4, but for ps3 I don't know.
  3. I completed the game on ps4 a few months ago and it was easy, no need for several accounts or consoles. There are still a lot of people playing it (at least on ps4) I think most of the players know about the trophies. First player I met, I just sat down in front of him and he did the same immediately to help me. As for the unique player trophy you don't need to play the whole game. If you already completed the game, you can reload and select the light tower level. If you meet someone there and finish the game with him it'll work. Got it on my second try this way (first failed because of a connection issue) I also helped a friend to get it, we just reloaded the tower level over and over again until we met, but that was actually harder because most of the times it was someone else. And the trophy for meeting 10 different players it counts as soon as you meet, so you can wait for someone to join you then quit the game and come back to find the next player. As I said, the tower level is where most players meet to try the "unique" trophy so that's the best place to go if you want to meet people. I guess waiting in the same level while going to bed would work too, but I never tried. It's worth a try. And when I was wearing the white robe I met nobody at all, I don't know if it was bad luck or if the white robe makes you meet less people. I never met white players either. But just to be safe keep the red robe, it seems to work better.
  4. This trick makes these trophies easy but the trophies for saving 10 prisoners are hard as hell, I could only get it for the 1st game. You can't even die once because it resets your prisoners count. I would already have the platinum without this rescuing bullshit.
  5. I have the same problem. I have a physical game, not used (I bought it brand new) and it came with a code in it. But when I enter this code it says it has expired, even though there's no indication of an expiration date on the booklet. I searched the store, there's no network pass anywhere. I downloaded the bundle, it contains a shitload of useless items, including something that "unlocks faction mode". I downloaded everything and it still doesn't work. Everytime I try to access the MP it asks for this damn code. And "Dlc" in the main menu has nothing in it, at least in belgian store. I was gonna get these MP trophies before it's over but because of this issue I can't play it at all. No platinum for me I guess.
  6. I was interested in this game, looked cool but almost all the trophies are still at 0% more than one week after the release. It's either very hard or glitched, so I think I'm gonna wait.
  7. I also have the game on ps3 but never played it because of the online being over. It looks like a good game though so I was considering getting the offline trophies only. Great news to see this game remastered, with the online or not, this time I have my chance at the platinum ^^
  8. You need 4 players, not 5. I know the trophies say "more than 4" but 4 is enough. I boosted all trophies with 3 friends, got the platinum.
  9. Not to mention if the game looks that bad the trophies could be glitched too. 4$ for 60 trophies including a platinum is a good deal, no matter how crappy the game is. But I'm gonna wait until someone ulocks the platinum, make sure nothing is glitched before buying.
  10. I needed 60 points and it took me 3 days, probably about 10-15 hours it's hard to say. But I did it on the first playthrough (NG), because I had a lot of free time and I wanted to take a break from the tough fights (and also buy the skills and get rid of the trophy). I guess doing it in NG+ would take less time. Now I only have to finish the game and my NG+ will be a boss rush speedrun for the shura ending. I used a pretty good spot at fountainhead, in the area with all the octopus-like enemies and it almost never fails. I was able to get between 8,000 and 9,000 xp every 1min45, so the last skill points needed 10 runs which is pretty good imo. There are other spots but with bigger risk to die so I chose the fountainhead. Once I knew how to run through the area I farmed all my skills there and I didn't die at all, got half a million of money too. Here's the video I used
  11. I was wondering the same thing. Since Headless bosses don't give pearls, memories or craft items, are they needed for any trophy ? (all boss or another) I could go and kill them but why bother if it's just to get a stupid item that I'll never use.
  12. The list for Princess Guide can be linked to the japanese listsあなたの四騎姫教導譚あなたの四騎姫教導譚 And like I already said before about serious sam, there's a new game named "Shadowgate" that was somehow missed by your scanning system a few weeks ago. You're probably gonna say to wait until people earn the trophies for the game to be automatically added to the site but there's no release date available for the game, might take months. And afaik it's the first time that such a problem happens on the site 🤔
  13. I'm glad Sekiro is single player only but not necessarily for the same reason. I played Bloodborne and all Souls offline (with the net cable unplugged) and got the plats alone because I hate co-op. And the most frustrating thing in Souls games is the invasion system. Being invaded by someone and get killed all of a sudden while you were just trying to explore an area is awful and I didn't want that at all. I enjoyed these games a lot but I took my time (hundreds of hours), and if I had to fight other players all the time it would've destroyed my fun. I'm not a very good player but I was able to get all these platinums alone. I guess I "got good" and it's extremely rewarding. Dying is part of the fun in these games, it makes you try and try again until you finally beat it. The Souls games aren't difficult in my opinion, but they require investment and time from the player. Once you know what to expect and what it needs to beat them it's not difficult, just demanding. So when I see people getting their plat in coop while someone else does all of the job it feels like they wasted their fun, they didn't have this satisfaction of beating a hard boss after lots of deaths. It reminds me of Nier Automata and its "trophy store" where you can pay with the ingame money to immediately unlock all trophies, even though the game is extremely easy. I didn't use it and took my time to earn each trophy, but lots of people used this feature to get the trophies faster and spoiled themselves a huge part of the game. And it spoiled the platinum stats too because if this "store" didn't exist the amount of platinums would decrease. Now don't get me wrong, people can play the way they want and get their trophies how they want, I don't care at all. But when I see that kind of thing I just think "what a waste". I'm really looking forward to play Sekiro, learn the new mechanics, die and die again until I finally get to the end, while enjoying the game at my own pace. And this time, every player will be on the same level, we will all have to put our balls on the table and grab the platinum with our own skills. That's a good thing
  14. Sudden Strike 4 got a new dlc (Pacific War), released last week but it's not in the trophy list And you probably missed the 5th dlc for Fishing Sim World too And as I said a few weeks ago, the list for Serious Sam Collection showed up on other sites last month and it's still missing here. No info on the release date for this game though. (Sorry to insist but my ocd is hurting me because of that ^^') You can see it here or here https://(URL not allowed)/game/view/serious-sam-collection-ps4
  15. Yes, I asked them myself and they said they don't own the rights to publish queen's quest 1 on consoles