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  1. I finally did it, with 5025 pts. I can't believe it's over. It took me 1 year and 9 months. I'm so glad I can go back to the real game and finish my platinum. This trophy was a nightmare, it made me cry. These last 4 months I've been playing this minigame over and over again, using every possible tips and cheating software. I used the excel, the python program, the flash cheater... everything. And nothing worked for me, I couldn't get beyond 4000 pts. But tonight, I was bored, so I decided to watch a movie on my pc while playing the game. I wasn't paying attention, I was just randomly breaking the bricks, I was barely looking at the screen... and all of a sudden I saw 5000 pts. It just happened like that, I don't know how I did it. What's pissing me off is that after 1 year of trying my successful attempt was when I wasn't really trying 😆 So believe me, after what I've been through with this game (almost made me quit trophy hunting), if I could do it anyone can. Don't give up, and maybe someday you'll get the trophy. You only need chance once.
  2. I plated the ps3 version a few years ago, and I loved it a lot. Even the grind for materials wasn't too bad for me, I did worse than that. And from what I can remember, the speedrun trophies were a piece of cake since in ng+ you're so powerful you basically kill all bosses in less than a minute. I can't wait to play this new version. I never buy games at release but with this one I'll make an exception ^^
  3. There's already a trophy list for the ps4 version. Unfortunately, since january there's a lot of trophy lists that got missed by psnprofiles, about 50 games, maybe more. The list for subnautica below zero appeared on every other sites like 2 weeks ago. I hope it gets fixed someday because it's pretty hard for me to keep track in my own database. Anyway, I loved Subnautica, I'm really looking forward to play this sequel ^^
  4. According to AVGN official page on twitter/facebook, playstation and xbox versions will be released on March 19th. Can't wait to play it ^^
  5. My trophy for recruting all 16 bosses glitched, so I'm ready to try again with another playthrough in one sitting, see if it works. If anyone here tried this method, can you tell me how long it took? I'm guessing maybe 10 hours. Before starting I'd like to make sure I have enough free time to complete it.
  6. I got the plat and never played online (because I hate that). So it's totally doable. For the sunlight medals I did it in the harvest valley with the giants (the area before the big mill tower). There's a bonfire inside a cave at the beginning of the area (I think it's the second one). All you have to do is kill the 2 giants in front of the cave entrance and go back to the bonfire to make them reappear. I stayed in the cave and used magic to kill them so I don't get annoyed by the small zombies, but they're easy to kill with weapons too (just turn around them). But be prepared for hours of farming because the sunlight medals are a very rare drop. I watched several movies on my pc while doing it. And don' t forget that in DS2 all enemies stop spawning after being killed a dozen times. To avoid that you'll have to join the champion covenant in Majula. It'll make enemies stronger but they'll also spawn endlessly. But don't worry they're still pretty easy to kill. I think this location is better than the falconeers at the beginning. The giants are a few feet away from the bonfire so it's extremely fast to kill them and make them respawn, you don't have to use an item to do it. I tried the falconners too but it's NG+ so they're pretty strong (even more with the covenant), you really have to fight them and I got killed several times. The giants stay out of the cave, you don't even have to go near them, and their magic attacks are too high to reach you, they hit the cave ceiling instead. With a good staff and spell they die fast. I never died to the giants. Another downside with the falconeers: once you start farming with them you have to finish, you can't do anything else before you get all the medals. With the giants I could take a break sometimes and go farm something else, or explore other areas.
  7. Each time you kill a boss and turn into human, just kill yourself in the Nexus to get back to soul form and always play as a soul. Dying in the Nexus has no impact on tendency. I'm going for all 3 stacks platinums on ps3 right now and that's what I'm doing.
  8. We'll see when train sim world gets a ps5 list, with its 188 trophies (main list + additional).
  9. I don't really see the problem, it's not the first game that has 60+ bronze trophies. A gold trophy is worth the same amount of points as 6 bronze, so in the end if you complete the game you get the same points as any other game with more silvers or golds. This Ord. game has a total of 1320 points, which is about the standard amount for a game with a platinum trophy. It's even worth more than the other ratalaika games that have only 11 gold trophies. The level progression will raise the same, and we get more trophies added to our total, so for me it's a good thing ^^
  10. Rise of the Tomb Raider has 64 bronze trophies. 118 with dlcs
  11. I tried the game for a few minutes, see how it works. From what I can see it's doable with time. But I think the game isn't finished yet. I didn't see any way to choose a game mode, or to invite a friend, let alone play in private. Maybe these features will be added later. Even if you suck at fps games like me, the trophies are cumulative and will probably unlock at some point. Some of them might be difficult though, like being the first to kill someone, as I can't even kill someone in a whole match, or kill with 5% hp left. Gameplay and aiming in particular is horrible, way worse than the previous Operation7 game, and most of the time I end up shooting at the ground when I want to aim at the head. I just hope they'll improve it in the future, especially by adding a private mode which will allow us to boost easily.
  12. Anyone know if this is supposed to be the last add-on to the game? I thought Aftermath was the last, but now they're adding another one 😑 I'm still waiting for a "Komplete" edition with absolutely everything in it before I buy it, like I did with MK9 Komplete and MKXL. I won't buy MK11 until I'm sure no more add-on or dlc is coming
  13. I already spent 100+ hours on this minigame only, it's been a year now since I started it, and it literally destroyed the fun I had with the whole game, and my platinum at the same time. I spent more time on this minigame than I did to complete all the other danganronpa games (three times each). The minigame itself can be a little bit enjoyable (except for the shitty music), it's actually the requirement for the trophy that makes it awful. For some reason, the devs thought it was a good idea to ask for 4500 pts, but it's close to impossible. The amount of luck needed to reach that score is insane. In comparison the car minigame is a piece of cake. The worst thing is when I almost get it, with like 4300. I tried every solving program available (the excel sheet, the python program, the japanese flash website...) but still nothing. Now because of that trophy I'll never buy another danganronpa game, even though I was a big fan of the franchise before. My only hope is that someday someone will come up with a new trick or another software that'll help me to get it, but now I'm powerless, there's nothing more I can do, I tried everything. Good luck to those who still try to get this trophy.
  14. You can add L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files I platinumed it yesterday, very easy and funny.
  15. I also forgot Electronauts. Easy and short, you just play music with different tools and instruments. Can be platinumed in 1 or 2 hours.