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  1. All Right, All Right, All Right
  2. DAYS GONE!!!
  3. Trophy is NOT NEGATED when the train slows down.
  4. I've spent hours looking for god damn Jimmy Jenkins and I'm sick of it so I'm looking for someone that hasn't done the side mission Doctor'sOrders (Tannis) so we can both kill/farm him.
  5. Patched Scary Mode
  6. I did it again and trophies poped up just like that...
  7. I have just finished patched game without tapping and not being captured by The Presence and trophies did not pop out.
  8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  9. Need to join a game session of high-level players to boost my XP and get to level 25.
  10. BTW. Best farming quest is "From dusk till down" from Raymond.
  11. Cannot find it
  12. Do I need to beat the game on Grim to get Morbid available?
  13. Every single one
  14. No, they are not glitched just a little bit tricky
  15. Are Sickly and Crafty trophies glitched by any chance? I believe that I have fulfilled all requirements more than once. If not, any tips?