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  1. I have seen that the main game of Taiko no Tatsujin has 70 songs, and there are 2 DLC on Playstation Store with 30 new songs each. Do I need to buy the DLC, or can I play the same songs with different difficulty levels for the trophy?
  2. It is imposible to platinum Taiko no Tatsujin only with the Dualshock 4?
  3. Apparently, this problem only affects to pachinko and slots, I didn't have any trouble playing the arcade games.
  4. Hello, I think there is a problem with the new patch for Yakuza 5. I am playing slots, and when I want to go back to the main game, the game closes itself and I end up on my ps4 main screen. Are there someone else having this problem too?
  5. Hello, I wonder if someone could help me. For getting the trophy Wild wild plant master for finding all herbs in Niaowu, I need to collect the ones that are in the castle? Or am I missing some herb very hard to find?
  6. Thank you for the information, I will try that. It is needed for this trophy to collect all herbs including in the subquests, or "only" every herb in Bailu Village?
  7. I have been trying to get this trophy for a few days, searching herbs again and again in all available spots in Bailu Village. Am I missing a very rare and hidden herb, or is this trophy glitched in Shenmue III?
  8. Thank you for your answer Shadiochao. I will try that. By the way, I have seen your videos on YouTube for Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and they were very helpful, especially for Worlds 9 and 10. And that level 10-5 was incredibly difficult... You are really an expert on Super Monkey Ball, both videogames have one of the most rare and difficult platinum trophies, and that takes a lot of practice.
  9. After a lot of practice, I am able to get to the conveyor belt, but once I am there, I always end up falling because of the moving barriers. Any advice? Thank you