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  1. Finaly they skip the trophy for distract enemies with rocks or something else
  2. Yeah same for me
  3. Hi Just started this Awsome game yesterday evening ! There are many games server online I don't see any problem to do online trophy legit
  4. I played a lot and this games are not too bad for me. Agree
  5. I have to finish death mode x(
  6. Hi Just read we may have a futur Batman Game ! Rocksteady have to say something about it next month. https://hitek.fr/actualite/infos-fuites-batman-arkham-crisis_18477 darkb0nl_lx
  7. This is Only for US and Canadian Account.
  8. I've got trophy bug on Smite and they don't do anything just wait 6 months an update
  9. the Division 2 😍
  10. Lol I shouldn't bought hitman for 2k19 too much games
  11. Hi, I didn't found any physical copy on Amazon maybe some of you guys get more info. darkb0nl_lx
  12. No problem =)
  13. Use controllers from PS3 they are cheapest than PS4
  14. I've played Battlefield games for a long time now and Battlefield V has his own defaults but it's not a disaster I like play this one
  15. Oh ok I didn't know and I hate so much Rockstar games now after last trophy update on GTA V