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  1. I did my 100% back in 2015 and don't have many people online
  2. I bought it on US store for play on my EU account
  3. I waste 564 hours on GTA online and the server may be safe but you can't be safe from other players
  4. I agree I've played Sniper elite 3 & 4 it was great games !
  5. ok I'll add you when I'll get back from work
  6. Did you unlock the safehouse of this area ? If yes did you activate the computer inside ?
  7. Hi I have my cabal but i'm alone, if you wanna join it's Red Kill If you have an active cabal message me please
  8. Holy S*** ! If I want unlimited succes I'll be a computer player but I'm still Playstation player. Someone known this guys ? Please make them stop
  9. Hi everyone ! I create my clan today and I wanna invite psnprofile community to join for play together. It’s just for fun clan my friends and I open our door for all hunters. We want play this game longer after platinum. Actualy we are 4 French guys. Clan name is Red Kill and his tag is Red. Hope we can do something good. darkb0nl_lx
  10. Hi I didn't have any problem when I plat this game last year
  11. Hi I've create my own cabal yesterday evening for 10 quest trophy. If you wanna join it's "REDKILL" or if you are already in an active cabal I can join you. darkb0nl_lx
  12. Yes i got trouble with one trophy Clowning Around Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins.
  13. If i'm good you there is a milestones who need "earn 25 milestones" when you get this one your trophy will pop soon
  14. Don't have any problem yet with my PSVR setup
  15. You can boost most of online trophies in private match with 2 or 4 people but you still have to play 250 online matchmaking because it doesn't count in private