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  1. ok gonna try
  2. It was a very BIG predator 😬
  3. Thanks ! I’ve bought tarot mission with destiny point at this moment
  4. Hi Could you explain me how we can do that ? Thanks
  5. I launch the game before update was fully download and I got my lvl 50 but not the other trophy
  6. Can't help more, I got my plat few years agon and don't know how is the game now
  7. When i got my platinium I only have one char mastery 10
  8. This method still work ?
  9. I love the tips
  10. You realy won xp on private match ? 😮
  11. Never play this mode yet
  12. I'm 61 Need finish all gap in THPS 2 and 14 hard Get there
  13. Only host can earn trophy right ?
  14. depends if PS4 disc works on PS5