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  1. I hope it's this game in PS5 starter pack
  2. maybe a cross trophy ?
  3. Thanks now I have to found a group
  4. HI Is there a way to get fastest XP as possible ? I'm XVI-80 and it's boring
  5. ok cool because I have 2 PS4
  6. hi guys I want to know if it's possible to done this games with 2 man ?
  7. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/darkb0nl_lx Battlelog is better to track your progression
  8. idk I did this back in 2018
  9. I've done infamous difficulty in 10 hours, is so easy
  10. I hope they fix it
  11. this game looks fun
  12. nothing for me What's the email name ? I found it !
  13. how is online today ??
  14. You earn bagpack trophy when you done the raid
  15. Hi did you do the guide for using cheats without disable trophies ?