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  1. this game looks fun
  2. nothing for me What's the email name ? I found it !
  3. how is online today ??
  4. You earn bagpack trophy when you done the raid
  5. Hi did you do the guide for using cheats without disable trophies ?
  6. That's Anthem Style ! Whoop Whoop Whoop
  7. I was talking about Prophecy content who add : New enemy races New campaign New class ... But the 2.0 patch add lost of updated
  8. Hi What's your feedback ?
  9. Can I do those trophies with only 2p ?
  10. Done in Private
  11. Hi I found the next 30 july update on neocore website. The first release is for PC of course but incoming soon on console do you think more trophies are link with this update ? https://neocoregames.com/en/roadmap
  12. I'm waiting your copy so 😋
  13. I haven't play Anthem yet just quote my friends
  14. MY friends told me the game still crashing a lot
  15. I suppose you have to do a kill doesn't matter which one