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  1. ok gonna try
  2. It was a very BIG predator 😬
  3. Thanks ! I’ve bought tarot mission with destiny point at this moment
  4. Hi Could you explain me how we can do that ? Thanks
  5. I launch the game before update was fully download and I got my lvl 50 but not the other trophy
  6. Can't help more, I got my plat few years agon and don't know how is the game now
  7. When i got my platinium I only have one char mastery 10
  8. This method still work ?
  9. I love the tips
  10. You realy won xp on private match ? 😮
  11. Never play this mode yet
  12. I'm 61 Need finish all gap in THPS 2 and 14 hard Get there
  13. Only host can earn trophy right ?
  14. depends if PS4 disc works on PS5
  15. I use PS4 Pro with SSD and I don't have any issues
  16. Cool ! No new trophy or no new trophy yet ?
  17. thanks bro
  18. I hope it's this game in PS5 starter pack
  19. hi guys I want to know if it's possible to done this games with 2 man ?
  20. Hi I found the next 30 july update on neocore website. The first release is for PC of course but incoming soon on console do you think more trophies are link with this update ? https://neocoregames.com/en/roadmap
  21. maybe a cross trophy ?
  22. Thanks now I have to found a group
  23. HI Is there a way to get fastest XP as possible ? I'm XVI-80 and it's boring
  24. ok cool because I have 2 PS4