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  1. Thanks
  2. I also counted the 5 big ships. Minikits 225/225, Challenges level 135/135, Trials 38/38, Challenges 10/10. I'm just missing a few side missions and puzzles, but counting them gives me the numbers I wrote earlier. I'll go ahead and play and see what happens, thanks for the advice.
  3. I have collected 697 Kyber Bricks, I have counted that when I finish everything I still have to complete, I still have to collect 416 ... 697 + 416 = 1113, to get to 1166 I am missing 53. Is it a bug, or am I missing something?
  4. I have completed all the races. It is true Boba Fett's ship is very good.
  5. I press x twice to go faster, my problem is that I don't see the portals anymore.
  6. Do you have any suggestions for space races where you have to go through all portals in 45 seconds? I always lose my bearings and never manage to do them all 18 in 45 seconds. Thanks!
  7. Thanks!
  8. How do I unlock the "Luck Amok" trophy? Do I have to keep rolling the dice until I get 3000? I have seen that it increases a little (not always, sometimes it stays the same) with each roll of the dice. Thanks!
  9. I have a problem with the list of missions, it happens to me that the list is empty, I cannot select the missions and I cannot even see the list of missions to do and those already completed. Anyone know how to fix? Thanks!
  10. You try to look in the mail within the game
  11. Did you do the hours with the elastic in a single session, or in several times? _________ Edit: Trophy unlocked, after about 25 hours of rubber band
  12. I think I will do it too in the subway under the Fish Eye, because if I do it on the terrace of the VNC tower, when I reload the game I always find myself falling into the void near the tower. Thanks!
  13. I'm doing the running with the rubber bands on the levers on the roof of the VNC tower and in the atrium of the VNC tower, are they okay as places?
  14. Thanks!
  15. At the end of Veronika's mission, we no longer have the Gre key. When can we get it back? Because I wanted to explore a little more in search of cash to open. Thank you