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  1. Jopo
  2. Ball fun time Jesus, Are You Still Listening To This? Pet Cemetery You Almost Solved It! Keep Going! Instant Clone Soup Clone on Clone Crime Don't Get Dooped Daddy Gotta Eat! Here's Donny! Final Upgrade! BBALL IN THE BBALL HOLE You Actually Did It?!
  3. Patch 1.03 is out, glitch still works?
  4. Thanks!
  5. So the trophy unlocks it even if I use "replaying mission"? But I can't replay the prologue, if he remains a cadet player is it okay? Thanks!
  6. Thanks!
  7. Does it work to get the "Sniper Elite" trophy?
  8. If I don't use a weapon during my run, can I use the replay chapter to do it? Does it count for the trophy? Thanks!
  9. The enemy soldiers who shoot me, can I kill them for the good ending?