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  1. Finally, got the platinum. I didn't use DLC and everything turned out to be well. The game is long as heck, yet I did play other games between the occasional grinding/farming to get my mind some "fresh air". Otherwise I think that I would grow some hornet wings myself and fly away ;D Good luck to those who will hunt for platinum in the future!
  2. This is a great method to safely complete the last mission (all credits go to Papidadi):
  3. Thanks for the link to unobtainable trophies. That's very helpful. I was looking for such topic.
  4. That's so great to hear. I'm glad that my post helped someone. You're welcome bro!
  5. I think so. This game came out in the early era of PS3 so there's no option to choose between "normal" controls and sixaxis. You will probably get an information in the main menu about swapping to a pad with that motion technology.
  6. I almost lost hope for getting that trophy (I have one friend from Germany who lost it completely), as I don't live in house alone, AND it would be very hard to maintain UpNp 😕 It drives me nuts as I'm a completionist and always try to get 100% on every title. I did complete some hard trophies, games throughout the years and this SNB is just ridiculous, just because of the flawed system the devs made.
  7. Well, I didn't define my question properly - I should have used the word "work" instead of "count". Can you connect to people who has firewalled connection? That's how I should have asked the question
  8. Will it count if you're joining player who can't connect to people?
  9. Before comming here I've figured it out that I'm probably doing it wrong, so I've started the game and found my mistake. Player has to actually move the pad in that direction and it works a little bit better - though STILL not perfect. The game's "JOLT" advice is kinda misguiding. Thanks for the reply though! Yes, you need "chi" to get it done as it's a special move. Nah My pad is ay-okay Cheers!
  10. I've just started playing and I can't do it every time. It doesn't seem to work very well while I'm in the air. What am I missing? I don't have any problems with lightning ball, slam and meditation moves. The tutorial says that you have to "HOLD square or triangle, then JOLT", while the "Way of the Firefly" challenge doesn't mention anything about "holding" those buttons. The explanations in this game are pretty scarse. Can anyone explain this to me? I think that more people have problems with this, just noone seems to ask about it.
  11. It's available for all PS+ users right now. Games aren't put on the list twice. Was it free for regular users on PSN?
  12. Some people claim they don't get the trophy, even when they keep with the requirements. I think the problem often results from not doing the whole run in one attempt. The info under the trophy says that the player must complete stages 1 & 2 "in a single game of 1P Classic". This means that you cannot use the restart stage option, even in the first level, as it will count as a "second game". It will count as a failure and your whole run will be pointless - and you probably don't want all your hard work to be wasted. I've noticed that during my attempt. When I got the shield power-up, before the 1st stage boss, I've decided to just restart the stage (because you can't use any power-ups and shield is one of them). After the boss in 2nd stage the trophy didn't pop. So, I've decided to have another go, but this time without restarting the stage when something goes wrong. The trophy did pop when I killed the boss in second stage. All in all, it is highly recommended that instead of using the restart stage option, just exit to the main menu and start again. Hope this will be helpful to somebody. Cheers!
  13. Have you tried to change the visuals to 2D? Don't know if it would work - only played in retro style. At least in that way you can try to get all trophies. Add: You can also try to turn off "crazy camera" in the options.
  14. I got Rule of God a week ago from Hectors in Battle to the Death mission. Did some farming sessions of that level on inferno for a couple of days that have lasted around 1 hour (as it's pretty boring :P), and the game has given it to me after like 5th session with AR and WD. It seems that it's just based on luck and nothing else then.
  15. PRTM_CLUESCROL - Can I ask why did you make a new PSN account?