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  1. It would be awesome if you could try helping me out. Seems it's not about the region after all, because I could join one person from Canada who was a host but unfortunately he had to leave. My internet type is NAT2 and my UpNp is disabled.
  2. From whatever reason I couldn't connect with the people from North America and could with a person from UK. Not sure it is region based but it's worth keeping this in mind.
  3. That's the last trophy I need to get. What seems awkward is that I could not connect to anyone from outside of Europe. Did anyone have this kind of problem?
  4. Did you try changing your Uplay account? I've read that it helped gamers who couldn't even start this minigame because pivots didn't appear on pivots' map at all. Maybe it will help your case. It's worth trying. First of all, create new Uplay account. Some gamers had to name it exactly the same as their main PSN accounts. If you're currently using such account, create one with similar name. Now you need to "log off" from the Uplay account you're already using (for this game). Create or log into your second profile on PS3 console, start the game there and use the same Uplay account you're using on your main profile. This should disconnect you from the current Uplay account. Now log out, log in your main profile, start ACIII and this time log into your newly created Uplay account. After you load your save, try the method with re-signing into your PSN account while you're in "real-time" in the game, not in any in-game menu. I would also try signing in through the game, not XrossMediaBar. Hopefully this method would reset the pivots minigame. If it wouldn't work, try the re-signing in method a few times. Good luck!
  5. I guess Ubisoft felt bad for not fixing certain glitches in their games and this was their kind gesture in order to not infuriate people who have problems achieving certain trophies (f. e. because of the infamous, trolled pivots). The most they were able to do. :T All in all it's a nice touch, cause EA wouldn't do it.
  6. Yes, that's true. When I was searching for the three pivots I initially had to find in Boston I've found one right BEHIND the Adam's Tavern. It was set on a small, wooden fence what now seems like a solution for the glitched one inside this building. At first I was happy that it wasn't inside but then realized there's another one close by - which obviously turned out to be the trolled one. So, I guess you get at least one additional pivot from the lot of 11 and the unobtainable one. I guess dear Bigrake1 your "mission" to help people in need of solving the trolled pivots problem isn't over then. People will most likely register their accounts especially for this thread. I guess that's what connects us all here - a manually and mentally skill-based hobby to achieve some virtual trophies.
  7. As far as I know everything can be done solo in FC3.
  8. Well, you could try it at least, cause it shouldn't be hard. Just write a message to one person and copy/paste it to others (through a ps app) that you will reinvite them. :/ That's how I did it, but I had over 80 friends. Fingers crossed for you dude. The amount of those pivots must be much higher I presume, cause there's no other way it would happen as often. If you did it properly then there's a chance you won't be the last person having it. I did share a photo a couple posts before your message of how all the lines should cross the glitched pivot. All credits go to Bigrake1.
  9. I don't know how to fix this as I didn't encounter this bug on my playthrough. Have you tried reinstalling the game? Might be worth trying.
  10. You must be connected to the internet in order to find pivots or place your own. When you choose the pivot menu while staying offline it will tell you to sign in.
  11. I had the same issue and with BigRake's help I was able to counter-hack it. In case you would prefer to see how it should look like on the in-game map, here's a photo: After setting other pivots around the Adam's Tavern I didn't even get into the game for around 24h. I've deleted the amount of my friends down to 49 too, just in case but I'm not sure it has helped. Wish you good luck! Edit: Just checked your profile and I see that you got it. Well done! Yet another player's plat saved by BigRake1. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the last player with a trolled pivot.
  12. 300 people? Considering the PS3 creates various glitches in games when you have above 50 this had to be a massive task for you. At least you didn't encounter those awful, unobtainable pivots.
  13. Glad you've figured it out as it's been a while when I've played this game last time, so it wouldn't be easy for me to remember the whole concept.
  14. Yes. All of the multiplayer trophies have darker shade when it comes to their graphics. Battle Hardened is the only DLC in this game that has this kind of trophies. Good luck!
  15. The videos on YT are just sanity saviors for the two no death trophies in Lost Archives.