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  1. OK, the G&G mode is off again. Either an update or they're fixing it.
  2. At first the servers were off entirely. Then they've fixed it without the possibility to play G&G and now all seems all right.
  3. I agree. The idea wasn't bad but there have been better games when it comes to such topic, like Sea of Solitude for instance (which isn't a good game but there was much more work put into this). For anyone that likes that kind of topic - play Sea of Solitude. Apart from the cringey voice acting it's a much better product. Bless you guys.
  4. OK. Thanks for the information.
  5. Thanks. Do you know if Zombie Army 4 has the DLCs as well?
  6. I guess that DLCs aren't counted with PSN+, right? You have to buy them separately?
  7. I can't connect to the servers today. Are there any technical issues involved? Does anyone have the same thing?
  8. Yep, the game is crap. Even after reading your comments I thought that it's worth buying it just for an easy plat and due to the huge discount. The controls are bad, level design is as simple as a beta game and the overall experience is horrible. The worst thing is the movement itself - you constantly use the R2 button for a boost only to find out it's a very short you end up using it all the time and it feels like you're not controlling a space fighter of any kind but rather a boat with rows. The third obstacle level is the worst of them all, "curseworthy" I'd say =) Even 1$ would be too much for such project (cause I wouldn't call it a game). I pity anyone who bought it for more than that. The devs couldn't even implement a basic level progression because every time you complete one, you end being put in the main menu.
  9. Seen a video where a guy explains his method for this. I'll get back to the game after I'm finished with other stuff. One of his methods is to move around the outside of the "ring" until it's the end of the match and then shoot a goal in the style you've mentioned in the second point.Thanks.
  10. I got super boss wave pretty early on honestly. It was probably 5th Garden Ops game I've tried on Crazy difficulty with two other players and we've got three Disco Zombies. Weed Wacker and the 400 zombies trophy is probably the longest one alone with getting to 50th lvl.
  11. I have a problem with scoring a goal against CPU. I don't see any difficulty setting. Could you give me some tips like which team/players to choose and how to make winning easier?
  12. Oh, ok. I was looking in the store through my PS4, that's why I couldn't find it.
  13. Can't find the game through PS store search option. Is it still available? I can see that it's free on EA Play.
  14. If I'd like to play co-op with another player (split screen mode) then does he also need to have ps+, as well as EA play? I suppose just ps+, right?
  15. Thank you so much for that information. Wanted to aim for 100% because the game is free for EA play owners but I didn't want to buy additional DLC. PS What about the 2nd Garden Warfare, is it also merged?