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  1. Just done all of the online trophies but thanks to boosting. There are people online but not too many. It would be very hard to win 5 times in a row due to the randomness of the game.
  2. Thanks for the answer. From what I've seen it's on PS Plus in Middle East, right? We have Greedfall.
  3. It's on PS Plus now. I don't play games in which to get a plat you have to buy additional equipment. So I think I'll pass on this one. Has anyone completed the game with a controller by the way? It seems Assetto Corsa is a pretender to be one of the hardest racing games.
  4. The game will inform you that "Vendetta missions are available". They will appear on the map - check the legend of the icons to know what's the look of their crest/flag, under the red ones. If you scroll on the missions with your analog on the map it should say "Vendetta". Just spend some more time in the game. Do a couple more main quests, forge some of the towers and it should finally be available. Also: do you have someone from your psn friends list that has played this game? That could help.
  5. I wasn't asking about the DLC trophies etc. Thought that there might be a trophy which you could obtain offline/later on but had to do something as a contribution to these BEFORE the servers close down.
  6. What's the source of this information? Did they tell the hour they're gonna close the servers? OK, nevermind. It seems there appeared other comments after I've refreshed the page.
  7. So the Vendetta mission trophy is the only online one, right? Or will the server closedown affect some of the other stuff too, like other missions etc?
  8. You need to complete a couple of main quests first, marked with a yellow color on map. I did 5 of them and the game didn't tell me anything about Vendettas yet, so I've forged one of the high towers by hitting R1 button on top of them. This will speed up the in-game time. I've done it a few times. For some weird reason I got "Vendetta missions are available" text after hitting one of the beehives with a bow. So doing the main quests (3 at least) and spending some time in the game shall let you do Vendettas. It took me around 2 hours since starting the game for the first time to get it. Additional info: One of my PSN friends also played the game and this might be another contributing factor - you probably need someone who played Shadow of Mordor and got killed by one of the captains. If a certain captain has a too high level for you (like 19th for example) then it's OK to get killed. After the respawn check the map for another Vendetta mission which will be in another place. Do this as many times as you need until you'll find an easier captain. The one I've killed had 5th lvl of power. Good luck.
  9. The difference is that I have completed it fully, getting the plat. I'm not defending the game. I'm just questioning your approach. Game is disappointing because of the high rating thus my high expectations, but definitely isn't so bad to delete it instantly. That's my statement.
  10. Just got the Vendetta trophy. Is it the only online related trophy or servers closedown will intervene with some of the other trophies as well, like other Vendetta missions? Got the trophy on 1:30 AM / GMT +1 time.
  11. The camera work isn't good but I've seen worse. That isn't a gamebreaking feature of Rime. Personally I've found the gameplay pretty repetive thus making the game disappointing.
  12. You saw all you needed by getting to the beginning of the game. That's not what I consider a "fair chance".
  13. Maaan... If you judge games so quickly then I don't want to know how quickly you judge people. The game might have been overhyped a little, because it's an indie but at least give it a fair chance.
  14. Glad to hear that the developers care about their products and the gaming community.
  15. Just started playing this game, so it might come in handy. Thanks. I generally like these types of games (puzzle genre in general) but beating the game in backwards seem like an unnecessary chore =/ Thankfully the game is very short. Merry Christmas by the way!