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  1. I've started playing this game today and haven't encountered any freezes so far. Try deleting the game and reinstalling.
  2. No problem bruh
  3. I've concentrated on that method and it really works - the CPU doesn't cover its chestplate 95% of the times. I only used spells and focused on defending with the shield. I'll put my strategy if anyone would have problems with that game: Rounds: 1st - None 2nd - Ghost Knight (CPU usually uses offensive spells here, but NOT EVERY TIME - wait till he does that or else you will waste it) 3rd - Magnetic Shield 4th - Lightning Shield (your shield will probably be thrashed during this moment, so if its color is black on the diagram just use Pocket Blacksmith) 5th - Mind thief (to get some more defensive spells from the opponent) Different classes: The only small difference is with the Warlock as he will repeat the round with "Let's Try That Again" spell when you deal higher damage to him. He will most likely do that during round 3, so instead of using Magnetic Shield right away it's highly recommended to hit him normal way first, without using anything. After hitting him in the chestplate he will repeat the round and we can use Magnetic Shield then as he can't repeat the round anymore. It should be mentioned that the Alchemist also has a decent card in his sleeve which is freezing your character with Flash grenade. He might use it during the second round, but he also has Long Lance spell. If he uses the latter, remember that he can use Flash granade later on. If that happens then hope for the best (he still hits the shield quite often) or use any of the defensive spells left like Large shield. Further rounds/additional tips: It's not recommended to use offensive spells very early on as the CPU will most likely counter them with defensive spells. It's much better to hit opponent's chestplate and then try to steal some of his defensive spells afterwards. You can use offensive spells when CPU has a very small amount of health (around 10%) and he doesn't have any defensive stuff left If CPU hits you anywhere else than the shield and his level is higher than or same as yours it's recommended to quit the battle and repeat it.
  4. The only negative thing I see with that trophy list is that the PC version has 49 achievements, while PS3 and XBox 360 has only 20.
  5. I've just started the game and I think that you only get crystals after defeating certain enemies the first time and/or with the highest ranking. Does the star rating after the battle give more gold? I got some crystals after defeating enemies with maximum rating (3 stars). Add: You only get crystals after beating certain enemies the first time. I've only spend crystals for leveling up and did beat the last boss with 40th lvl. In that moment I have 12 crystals.
  6. Yep. I've read the other topic here about disconnecting the console from the internet and it works. Thanks for the reply though
  7. Just started playing it and it seems to freeze A LOT! What's the big deal with this? The game weights only 85MB :/
  8. Dzięki! I've been reading about it on trophy road map, yet I wanted to confirm it here. Thanks for the respond as I always try to achieve everything and I avoid games which are incompleteable.
  9. LaunchCannon54 - Is it possible to get all trophies in this one?
  10. I've read about closed servers. Can someone confirm that he/she has got all of the trophies lately? Cheers.
  11. The only way to do that so quickly and legally is to transfer the progress from PSP to PS3 as the game was released on both consoles. That way the trophies will automatically pop as the game detects your data. However, if it wasn't done that way then I think it's not possible to have 8 seconds of a delay between "Traversal" and "Total traversal". It means that the player had to complete the last (G) course in 8 seconds. Not only that, but he had to do it also after receiving the "Traversal" and when you consider loading times between levels, the mannequin's walking and turning of the blocks the chances are surely at 0%.
  12. I wish you good luck then 👍That flagging thing is done too hastily by many users. Cheers!
  13. So, you've probably restarted the stage as I did and didn't get the trophy the first time? I saw your profile some time ago and you're one of the most experienced trophy hunters in the world Why did you create an account here so late?
  14. Finally, got the platinum. I didn't use DLC and everything turned out to be well. The game is long as heck, yet I did play other games between the occasional grinding/farming to get my mind some "fresh air". Otherwise I think that I would grow some hornet wings myself and fly away ;D Good luck to those who will hunt for platinum in the future!
  15. This is a great method to safely complete the last mission (all credits go to Papidadi):