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  1. Hey there! If you're having problems with the Bomb Corp mini-game trophies remember that you can always pause the game. It will still let you use/scroll on your other device. This way you will have enough time for defusing bombs, making a coffee, putting in the correct numbers. It's recommended to write down the colors and numbers of wires (along with tentacles while delivering a baby). It really makes these tasks much easier. There will be situations when you won't be sure if you should cut certain wire/wires. This is due to the game's randomized system with a lot of contradictive rules. The best solution is to cut the wires you're sure of first and then check if the bomb has been defused by unpausing the game. If the timer is still running then select the wires you weren't sure of. This method won't work when encountering wires that need to be cut in certain order though (i.e. from right to left). There's a lot of luck involved in completing this mode so you have to wait for a better draw of bombs. Also: The site seems to have some glitches/lags, especially while doing the filing task. Sometimes the bomb will still explode, even if you didn't make any mistake - I've had such situation a couple times. So while defusing the filing bombs it's recommended to select the correct order IN PARTS. Choose a couple names -> unpause the game -> pause it again -> continue filing and so on. I think the glitch happens because of the pausing and files somehow don't load up well.
  2. The biggest drawback is the AI of the CPU. Even on Hard difficulty bots have tendency to kill themselves with explosives. And this game has probably the most useless grenades I've ever encountered Their explosion range is very small and it's pretty wacky to throw them in a place where you want. Are the next KZ games better than this one?
  3. In some games it allows you to enter certain modes by changing the first controller in settings to a second pad. Have you tried it? Edit: just checked the game and it seems you really need two controllers. This game won't let you choose two players option if you don't have both of them turned on.
  4. Well, I've meant camera working in narrow spaces when there are no enemies. It's just too frantic and it often ends up being blocked by walls. Thankfully, I had another save where the game goes on normally (it doesn't have level select screen). So, whenever the glitch shows up you (somehow) have an option to choose every world, right? And then you can't select the last world. In this savefile everything seems right. Hope it will turn out just fine in the end :/ Update: Yup. I have fully completed the game with every trophy on that savefile. Two of the trophies have glitched for a while - getting 100% and watching the real ending. They have popped during the final cutscene but didn't show up on psn while I was still in the game. I've fixed this by restarting the game - small tip for those who will encounter this too. The last green jewel I didn't have was in the last level of Desert of Knareen. It's so cheaply "hidden" (don't want to spoil it for other players) that it's beyond belief. How come anyone should know this? :/ There's a video on YT where a guy shows all 41 jewels, so if anyone has problems with getting these - > check him out.
  5. Just started playing and I'm interested in completing this as well. What are your tips for this? The most irritating things in this faulty game are the awful camera work and hit detection. Is the only solution to play levels over and over again and get to perfection? Or are there some things which I should keep in mind? Should I wait until I finish the game for the first time? Cheers. Uhm. I've encountered the level select glitch and revisited two worlds. Is there a solution for this? Do I have to delete my save file etc?
  6. Hey there. Many players claim they had problems getting certain trophies. Just platted this game and everything worked just fine for me. Completed it in two sittings and still got all viruses and ducks trophies. I did beat the game in English first, then I chose "Continue" and done the alternate ending. After this I've changed language to Welsh, again - went through "Continue" and beat it the normal way and all trophies popped. While turning the title first time there was a patch which I've downloaded. I presume that developers fixed some of these issues through it.
  7. Hi. Everyone knows that the DLC's in this game can be a pain in "you know where". While there's a well-known solution (using additional "players" for more lives and keeping them on the air power ups), noone mentions that after you complete last level of every EX you have to lose the rest of your lives with other spelunkers. Then you have to wait until the countdown goes to 0 and press "X" after "Game Over" screen. This way the game will register that you've completed it. There's also not much information on the web about certain murals. For those having problems finding last one in 8th EX - it's in the far right-down corner of the 10th level. You can't see it as it's beyond the screen, but you can hear that you're bumping onto something - a stone obstacle. Just go beyond the screen, use a bomb and get back. Then you can get it. I can't remember accordingly but one of the murals is also hidden behind a destructible wall, next to the throne. I think it was also in the 8th EX and somewhere in the middle of that DLC. Another tip is for the mural which seems to be unobtainable, somewhere in the 9th EX. It's on the far right and above one of the thrones. What you need to do there is turn on the moving platforms (by getting close to the throne) and get back to the long rope. There are invisible platforms (use a flare to see them) which will take you to the moving ones. It's an area with a red snake, disappearing platforms, red buttons, laser gateways and a massive pyramid in the background. !!! IMPORTANT !!! The last mural of the 7th EX is glitched in some way. After entering to the last cave it's highly recommended to not use a "Save & Exit" option (Solo excursion). The mural is in the far left-down area and you will have to pass the giant bird but after the save it won't wake up, making your prize unreachable. The only way out of this glitch is to get back to the start of the cave and then head down as it will unblock the bird. But getting back up is often harder than doing it the normal way so it's better to complete this area without the saving option. The 2nd and 3rd EX's have murals which can only be obtained by using yellow ropes which require three players. So, you will have to stand on the air power ups with other spelunkers and get to those areas with three of them. Good luck!
  8. There's a method for this. I haven't tried this one yet, but the one for Rikuo's 2nd challenge has worked, so I guess this will work too. Search for "Dark Stalkers Resurrection Rikuo Challenge 5 Help" on YouTube. There's a guy called jaredsshield who has published a video for this. Hope it will work for you. Oh, so you did it already. Nevermind then What was your method for this?
  9. Thanks guys, though I've just joined a couple matches and got the "10 wins trophy".
  10. Can't see it in the place it usually should be and I would like to make one. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Couldn't edit my post second time so I'll write it here. Just managed to complete Sasquatch's 5th challenge. The biggest tip from me is to do the roundhouse kick a little bit later than the first two hits. Only then you'll have enough time to do the second dash. If you do the roundhouse too early the game will cancel your combo, because the time gap before the next dash will be too big.
  12. Trying my best to complete 5th Sasquatch challenge and Rikuo's 2nd but no luck so far. Anyone has a solution for these? I've been playing 2D fighters for 20 years and still have problems because the gap is so small (even if I'm sure that I did it quickly enough for the Sasquatch). I'm aware of the walkthroughs and so on. I also have problem with connecting to anyone to at least try to get 10 wins trophy. Edit: OK. I've managed to complete Rikuo's 2nd challenge, but only with a well-known glitch.
  13. I've started playing this game today and haven't encountered any freezes so far. Try deleting the game and reinstalling.
  14. No problem bruh
  15. I've concentrated on that method and it really works - the CPU doesn't cover its chestplate 95% of the times. I only used spells and focused on defending with the shield. I'll put my strategy if anyone would have problems with that game: Rounds: 1st - None 2nd - Ghost Knight (CPU usually uses offensive spells here, but NOT EVERY TIME - wait till he does that or else you will waste it) 3rd - Magnetic Shield 4th - Lightning Shield (your shield will probably be thrashed during this moment, so if its color is black on the diagram just use Pocket Blacksmith) 5th - Mind thief (to get some more defensive spells from the opponent) Different classes: The only small difference is with the Warlock as he will repeat the round with "Let's Try That Again" spell when you deal higher damage to him. He will most likely do that during round 3, so instead of using Magnetic Shield right away it's highly recommended to hit him normal way first, without using anything. After hitting him in the chestplate he will repeat the round and we can use Magnetic Shield then as he can't repeat the round anymore. It should be mentioned that the Alchemist also has a decent card in his sleeve which is freezing your character with Flash grenade. He might use it during the second round, but he also has Long Lance spell. If he uses the latter, remember that he can use Flash granade later on. If that happens then hope for the best (he still hits the shield quite often) or use any of the defensive spells left like Large shield. Further rounds/additional tips: It's not recommended to use offensive spells very early on as the CPU will most likely counter them with defensive spells. It's much better to hit opponent's chestplate and then try to steal some of his defensive spells afterwards. You can use offensive spells when CPU has a very small amount of health (around 10%) and he doesn't have any defensive stuff left If CPU hits you anywhere else than the shield and his level is higher than or same as yours it's recommended to quit the battle and repeat it.