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  1. sounds like fun here's my list so far 11 ultra rares ~ # All trophies earned (wwe 2k16) ultra rare B C Dr2 trophy master (dead rising 2) Ultra rare E F G H I J Kingpin (payday 2) ultra rare Legends of the west (red dead redemption) ultra rare Master of the secret arts(ninja gaiden sigma 2) ultra rare N Over the edge (mirror's edge) ultra rare Platinum trophy(injustice gods among us ps3) ultra rare Q Red faction: guerrilla ultra rare Star ocean the last hope international platinum trophy ultra rare Taking a liberty (grand theft auto 4) ultra rare Unwritten history (soul calibur 5) ultra rare V X Y Z non-english
  2. 109 for me. I just hide games I have no interest in finishing
  3. dambusters-cod classic this level was really hard going through it on vet for first run but it's a very fun difficult plat run
  4. I don't have a problem with people going after ez games but me personally I wont go that route I don't enjoy that type of gaming
  5. After abandoning this name decided to come back to it what I would like to do is clean up my list so about 10 plats and if I still have time before the end of the year I would like to get super street fighter 4 plat
  6. very nice checklist
  7. I don't have any ez plats but I have a couple easy games ff8,ratched and clank 1-3. Not sure if I'll go after ez games maybe if that's the only games left to play perhaps? I personally don't hate anyone that goes after ez plats
  8. mortal kombat, wipeout hd, wwe 2k16
  9. 7842
  10. thanks was trying to figure out how to unhide certain games
  11. 10/10 lots of hard fighting game plats in there
  12. would love to have rdr 2 plat congrats on that
  13. none list is private
  14. Going to try to plat this game again but i'll wait till the new year to tackle this. I just hope they fixed the wandering dungeon freezes :/
  15. Plat #29 borderlands 2 Plat difficulty 4/10 enjoyment 8/10 I really enjoyed this game when I was playing it with a group but trying to play it solo was really boring for me. if you never tried this game and you can get a couple friends together you should have a really fun time