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  1. dragon's dogma congrats on that I would love to play that 1 day
  2. I personally would never use it if I can't plat the game myself I don't deserve it. Don't like the concept of having someone else do the work for me. I don't consider this on the same line as boosting because with boosting you actually still need to participate and do things to get trophies. But anyways if you want to use it to get trophies I say go for it who cares really
  3. Hello I don't own this game but you should definitely try this first it should help you find someone for this. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions if no sessions are available you can create your own good luck on this game
  4. I'll take that naughty bear plat how was it just curious is it any good? I have it in my backlog hopefully its worth a playthrough
  5. yup servers are still up as of 2017 and there's still people playing it
  6. Plat#23: borderlands jp edition plat difficulty 3/10 enjoyment 10/10 I loved going for this plat again what a great game
  7. I don't have the game but you could try this it might help you find someone https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  8. Plat#22 borderlands plat difficulty 3/10 enjoyment 10/10 My first impressions of the game was this sucks I hated it I played it solo but when I started playing it in co-op it got a lot more fun its definitely one of those games you shouldn't play solo its really boring by yourself.
  9. working on borderlands 1 +dlcs currently I'm going through mad moxxis dlc and its so boring since you need to do 20rounds 5 waves each on 3 tournaments luckily there is an exploit to speed up the process so I only need to do 10rounds 5 waves each
  10. Update #1: final fantasy x 0% final fantasy x-2 0% final fantasy 13 0% borderlands 1 0%-45% wipeout hd 0% borderlands 2 0% final fantasy 13 lightning returns 0% pop sands of time 0% pop warrior within 0% pop the two thrones 0% dead rising 2 0% trine 0% The only game I made progress with is borderlands 1 been busy helping others with red faction anyways I'm free now time to work on these. I've been playing this game solo and is actually really boring so far I finished 1/4 dlcs trying to get those out of the way before I start the main game
  11. why would you chapter select blackcat on veteran? for anyone that doesn't no blackcat is the 11th mission in the game. Instead of just playing from the first mission on veteran also there wasn't any need to play that mission since you got the spot light trophy earlier on just strange that you started your vet playthrough on that level back in 2014. Also when you played through the game from the beginning how did you skip blackcat (in 2016) since you have to go through that level during the story. I checked on the wayback machine nothing out of the ordinary.
  12. I'll have your mortal kombat plat
  13. looked at his list by date and he completed warrior before he earned the ladies 1000 kills but then again maybe he edited his time stamps
  14. that is possible to do with the glitch takes 1 less playthrough but he needs to beat warrior or acolyte to unlock mentor
  15. I don't see anything wrong with it nothing on this site says I cant comment on topics it is my opinion I don't feel the need to pay extra money on a game I already beat and platted