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  1. Hello lo_pingue you'll have to hide the game yourself here is how you can do that
  2. Going to try to plat this game again but i'll wait till the new year to tackle this. I just hope they fixed the wandering dungeon freezes :/
  3. Plat #29 borderlands 2 Plat difficulty 4/10 enjoyment 8/10 I really enjoyed this game when I was playing it with a group but trying to play it solo was really boring for me. if you never tried this game and you can get a couple friends together you should have a really fun time
  4. Don't have this game but try this you should be able to find someone good luck https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  5. Plat # 28 Wipeout HD Plat difficulty 6/10 enjoyment 8/10 This game was really fun I'm not the greatest at racing games but I didn't find this game that challenging but it was a really fun experience thanks to everyone that helped out with bling brigade trophy :).
  6. I was on ps3trophies.com a long time ago mostly people from that site were moving here when sly made this site I joined about a month or so after this site was up.
  7. final fantasy xv game looks pretty nice I can't wait to try it out someday
  8. That's good zodiac I'm also a big fan of rpgs :p. South park stick of truth it's a really fun game and pretty short game probably 40 hours to plat. Rainbow moon- the story was average nothing special but the gameplay is really fun very addicting. If you never play dark cloud 1 and 2 on ps2 I recommend playing it for ps4. Even tho it's on your list already you could finish up borderlands 1 and 2 although I only found them fun playing with others so maybe skip it if you only want a single player experience. If I think of anymore games I'll definitely try to post it here for you.
  9. playing some wipeout hd going through fury dlc so far I'm enjoying this game.
  10. Do you have a specific genre you like best?
  11. Just looked at your list you could finish up vanquish it's a really fun game and a bit challenging. Soul calibur 5 is a nice easy challenge depending on how good you are at fighting games. If you're feeling up to it you could try to plat star ocean the last hope its not challenging just takes a lot of time to complete I think I ended up with 700 hours playtime. As for a new game you could try mortal kombat 9 its a bit of a time sink tho. Difficulty is subjective tho just try to finish games you enjoy
  12. warhawk anything to do with online I'm terrible at socom confrontation definitely deserves some credit.
  13. For final fantasy 13-2 you earned fragmented then 20 seconds later you earned the defragmented trophy. Fragmented should pop after you collected all graviton cores for a story mission there's no possible way you can collect all 160 fragments before you pass academia 4xx af(the story mission that requires graviton cores)
  14. dragon's dogma congrats on that I would love to play that 1 day
  15. I personally would never use it if I can't plat the game myself I don't deserve it. Don't like the concept of having someone else do the work for me. I don't consider this on the same line as boosting because with boosting you actually still need to participate and do things to get trophies. But anyways if you want to use it to get trophies I say go for it who cares really