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  1. Didn't know you needed to complete Legends Mode to get a trophy in this DLC, that's interesting. Well, guess it's time for me to stop putting it off and finally do Legends Mode.
  2. Yeah, it seems it doesn't show up on the store when on a PS5. Either use the app or try buying it on an actual PS4 first. That will lower the PS5 Director's Cut cost down to $9.99 (US).
  3. I'm assuming this happened during the recent patch for Siege of Paris, but I'm not sure. Either way, it seems like due to some bug, you can't access your leg armor in the Blacksmith menu for enhancing. When you scroll down, it stops at torso armor. I've tested this out on the blacksmith in Siege of Paris, as well as Gunnar at the settlement. For now, the workaround is to equip the leg armor you want to enhance and it will show up at the top of the menu.
  4. So yeah, as someone said, Cherry's alternate Blitz attack is really good. Got as far as I did with Skate SOR3 with her. Her alt. Blitz + at least Fire + Shock powers on it are great. Even better if you get all three of course. Also, I don't know the exact mechanics of the "Hey, Buddy!" power ups and how random it is, but I had a run where I got 4 of them. At 3 I got the Skull mask guy with a pipe (Kuubo?), and at 4, it upgraded to a Commissioner enemy. That actually seemed like a downgrade, because the Skull mask pipe guy was super helpful and would deploy tons of pipes every round. Let me just chuck them nonstop at enemies, especially fun with weapon power ups. Works really well until you get to the late 20s rounds, where every round is a sea of fast-moving enemies.
  5. I see we got a patch today for the DLC and the trophies were added already. Not coming out until August 12th though? Oh man, the anticipation.....
  6. Yeah, that's what I've been using. If I get the right other power-ups and have a good blitz attack, like you said, it usually gets me into the 25+ area, but again, luck is a huge factor. Luck in what other power-ups I get, luck in what levels I get (stages with really annoying traps), and sometimes the enemies too. Aside from that, I'm trying to get some of the characters leveled up for the alternate moves trophy. Haven't tried everyone yet, but Max SO4 is the hardest I've tried so far. 4 Runs and I can't get past Level 9 yet.
  7. Is co-op really working out well enough for people? I tried it just once as Skate and the other person was SO4 Shiva. Only made it to round 23. Didn't like that you don't share power-ups, so you basically have to take turns/share/etc. Seemed to make it even harder. And in my case, since I had a character that was basically able to combo endlessly and make things really easy, it gets harder when you keep having to revive your teammate.
  8. Skate method works really well, but you still need a decent element of luck. I keep failing because of obnoxious trap levels. Just had another failed run on a level with flamethrowers on the sides and a big pit in the middle. Enemies that spawned included the fire flask-tossing women and there was almost nothing I could do.
  9. My experience is somehow the exact opposite. Been trying to get summomned for every single boss so far to get Sunlight medals. Each boss I've waited anywhere between 20-45 minutes to be summoned. No summons. Internet connection is fine, NAT 2, high up/down speeds, etc. Been invaded several times, but haven't seen hide nor hair of a co-op person anywhere. No summon signs and not being summoned. It sucks. Edit: I guess the classic, tried-and-true method of "complain about x thing online not happening/working, then it immediately happens/works" still applies. Just got summoned finally for Abyss Watchers.
  10. That's true, although I guess I'm kinda using the trophies (at least the story and a few others) as a little added motivation to play through again. Otherwise there's a chance I don't play again until before Pt. 2 comes out 😂
  11. I have an odd question. If there is indeed a menu option to upload your PS4 save, I wonder... is it possible to play the PS5 version, earning trophies normally, then later go back to the main menu, upload a save and autopop the rest? I ask because I kinda want to play through the game again, but I don't want to sink like, another 70-100 hours into it. I'd prefer to just beat the game once for fun, do some of the miscellaneous trophies, but then use autopop to get like, the dresses, Enemy Skills, Hard Mode, etc. It would be weird for sure, but is it possible?
  12. Guides and comments online years ago say "everyone is an Assassin" but that's no longer true. It kind of shocks and irks me quite a bit, how many people are playing this still. Abstergo players have taken what looks like 70% of the map and if you dare to start taking a city as an Assassin they all crawl out of the floorboards to take it back. Kind of annoying tbh, but that's me getting too invested in a dumb MP thing.
  13. Sweet! Thanks a lot for confirming, appreciate it! And yeah, I've been looking forward to having another go at it, was definitely a lot of fun.
  14. Sorry, maybe a dumb question, but I also want to not autopop so I have extra motivation to play through the entire game again. Is the import save feature an "option" somewhere that I can avoid it? Or does the game do something automatically? My save file for the PS4 version is on my PS5 HDD, so if I need to, I can delete it, but just wanted to check first.
  15. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this during their trilogy run, but apparently in the Legendary version, there's a "bug" where enemies that get knocked down, sometimes can't get back up. I've had this happen on frozen enemies (cryo ammo) but it can also happen sometimes with biotic powers, Lash especially. I've noticed this in every game of the trilogy, but 99% of the time, it's just funny and gets you easy kills. However, when it comes to a late boss fight in ME3, against Kai Leng, using Lash on him caused him to get stuck on the floor and prevented me from completing the boss fight. His shields/health will be stuck and even if you shoot him, use more powers on him, etc. he does not die or move. This makes you completely stuck. I've managed to do it twice, once on accident, and the second time intentionally. Lash is one of the few abilities I'm aware that can knock Kai Leng down, but it's possible others might work. Far as I can tell, after the gunship has fired on you the second time, if you knock him down, he will get stuck and can't get up. This prevents you from finishing the boss fight and you have to reload your autosave. So just a heads up.