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  1. Just gonna add that this method worked really well for me. I know a lot of folks think it's just easier to ignore this and jump into someone else's game, and maybe it is "easier" but this method worked very well for me with only 3-4 tries. If you don't feel like joining someone else, it's worth a shot. I definitely found sticking in the corners at almost all times helps. Just know that during his zig-zag attack phase, when he zigs away from you on the second go, chances are he will aim right at you on the third go when he comes back, so definitely move before that. A well-timed jump can be extra insurance just in case. And like the video says, the circular fireball attack can't seem to hit you in the later phases of it, allowing you to taunt for special bars. The very first phase of this attack needs to be jumped over, because he does it closer to the center of the screen.
  2. Wanted to start this game for the first time tonight. After the title screen, it created save data, then said it was checking network data, which failed. I don't remember if I hit yes or no, but after that it was a black screen. I closed the app on my PS5 several times, no changes. I restarted my PS5 three times, still nothing. I uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled, still nothing. This post on reddit made it sound like the game was unplayable and it should work fine on PS4 However, after installing on my PS4, the issue is the exact same. Black screen after the title and checking save/network data. So the game is literally 100% unplayable for me right now on both consoles. What the heck? I feel like my only option is to ask for a refund from Sony, but I bought it a few months back, so I don't even know if that's an option. Edit: I ended up getting it to work thanks to the solution in the same link above. Starting the game fresh on PS5 or PS4 led to a black screen. Only by specifically uploading my save file (wasn't really a save since I didn't start the game) to the cloud and downloading it to PS4 was I able to get past the black screen. So if anyone else runs into this problem, maybe try that.
  3. So I didn’t know that you can only upgrade custom clubs a set amount of times (the trophy guide made absolutely no mention of this). So I upgraded at first with mostly power and some in control and got a 17 power club before realizing I couldn’t do more. I recycled and tried again, just power but I got one 2-level up and one 3-level up. Everything else was just one so it’s falling hilariously short of the recommended 20 power. Wish I knew this before wasting all those hard earned gems.
  4. Ok thank you, I was looking for the indication of this. I didn't realize that these were sometimes unofficial. I thought unofficial was like "solo stroke play" or something. Only my 3rd day playing so this is good to know going forward. Thanks all!
  5. Are the Rank tournaments not official? Where I increase my rank exp to go to the next rank? How do I tell?
  6. So I decided to dive in and start playing. Been working hard on ranking up by playing the tournaments, etc. Along the way, have picked up a couple trophies, but I'm starting to notice some are just not unlocking even if I'm doing the right things. Backspin Virtuoso, at first I thought I was doing something wrong. I made the blue flame appear when the ball was traveling, and also when it landed on the green, it would ignite a blue flame and skid back. I did that at least 15 times and thought it should be the trophy but it never unlocked. Then finally, it randomly unlocked when I did it again. No real reason, I did the same stuff, blue flame, it skidded back with a blue flame, etc. It just unlocked one time when it didn't before. Now I just got my first hole-in-one totally by luck while doing an 18-hole tourney in Rank 3. I sunk it in one go, it said HOLE-IN-ONE!. But no trophy. Soooo what the heck?
  7. I recently uninstalled after doing DoR, after having the game eating up that HDD space since launch. Now I have nowhere near enough room to reinstall it lol. Damn man. It’s like a clingy girlfriend. I like you a lot, but give me space lol.
  8. Shovelware isn't gonna stop anytime soon. Some folks who strictly enjoy collecting trophies like these, and hey, let them. My personal opinion on these kinds of games is they're lame and not really games and they completely defeat the point of trophies, which are mostly supposed to be a mark of accomplishing something or overcoming a challenge. I do not play them and I just ignore them. But hey, some folks are quantity over quality and just want easy plats, and let them be. Different strokes for different folks.
  9. Argh. I'm still on the fence, and your point makes it even more so (not saying that's a bad thing). But as you said, I need to decide quickly. August should not be a particularly busy month for me aside from work, but hmmm. Well either way, thanks for the input.
  10. I very randomly got in the mood for an arcade/gimmicky golf game and came across this. Too late I suppose. Based on Stevieboy’s post, I’m thinking I should not bother. Particularly the “treat everything like an online trophy and get it done as fast as possible” idea. Getting Walking Encyclopedia sounds doable in the time remaining, but I feel like it’s just gonna be a risk no matter what and the remaining work might be daunting even with it out of the way. So in short, as interested as I am, I think it might be best to just look for something else to scratch that itch.
  11. Wish I had read this thread for the instructions before I tried to do this. I seemingly have totally erased my save file. I was slightly confused about the instructions in the little pop-up, mistakenly picked the wrong option and I guess it synced my "new game" file from PS4 and erased my completed game file on PS5. Now it's totally gone. As far as I know, there is literally no way to get it back in-game. I have to basically download my PS+ cloud file which means redoing the last two chapters (and probably re-triggering the things that get me the trophies so the save file will have everything to autopop). Alternatively, I can just transfer the save straight to PS4 and just finish what is left over after autopop to plat again. Super frustrating but I guess it could have been worse? I guess I'm dumb for not understanding the instructions but jeez, it was WAY too easy to just erase my file with a couple button presses. Edit: Nevermind. It looks like my PS+ cloud save is already updated? I must have messed up somehow. My data is 100% gone. So now I have to start completely over.
  12. Valhalla was a great game and I enjoyed the first two expansions a lot. But I’m so ready to be done with it after all the other content as well. I finally uninstalled it after Dawn of Ragnarok and mastery pt. 2, thinking that was it. I literally had it installed since launch, a year and several months. And I’m gonna have to reinstall it from the sounds of it.
  13. Think I might be doing something wrong for these three trophies? Again that's Ugly Finder, Big Fly, and Ribbie. The guide suggests you can get this naturally pretty easily, and they indeed have very high percentages. After about 20 hours of playing (and being a veteran The Show player) I haven't gotten a single perfect-perfect hit. It's always too early, too late, etc. I raised all my hitting related sliders, lowered the batting difficulty, but still no luck. So I must be doing something wrong, but every guide out there just says, "it's pretty easy, just takes a little luck." Not particularly helpful. Edit: well the typical "Ask/complain about something online, and then you finally get it to work" is happening. Two exhibition games later, I've gotten a few perfect-perfect contacts to get Ugly Finder and Big Fly. No Ribbie yet. The only thing I've really done different is stop using Guess Pitch. So I have no idea if that has anything to do with it, or it's just a profound swing in luck.
  14. Double post but Platinum achieved! Thanks again to all who took the time to comment and give advice. Going through trials definitely helped me get the practice I needed I guess! It was weird going back to Adventure Mode and just suddenly crushing all the opponents, but I guess that was the trick! Some of the trials were definitely tough like Dragon Mines, but several of them I was beating the Oxide time on my first or second go. Too bad it didn't count since his ghost wasn't available yet. My point being, some of them are definitely very doable.
  15. Was finally able to do it. Turns out the key for me was Sacred Fire reserves. I knew generally what it was, but I didn't really have a complete understanding of it in a way that I could use it efficiently. Because I realized after that boost pad that takes you up the hill at the end of the lap, I was losing my fire almost instantly. Then I understood the reserves, how to use them, and how to keep your fire going even longer. That made the difference for me. A bit of luck and a basically perfect run, I finally did it. Now I'm up to N. Gin's Lab. So far, so good.