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  1. Did they announce the release date for the PS5 version?
  2. Me and my friend were playing and failed on the chess part. After dying we went to restart from the checkpoint but the door won't open for him to go outside where the chess pieces are. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Any word on the other 2 being free as well? Heard they'll both be coming to PS on February 23.
  4. Playing on the PS5, still buggy glitchy crashy and visual aspects that don't live up to the hype. The best way to describe the game in general is the worst possible mix of GTA V and Borderlands.
  5. It popped for me randomly in a gun fight. I don't even remember a grenade being thrown and I think Panam killed him it wasn't even me. Must be bugged.
  6. Only level 50 popped. Do you have to play a game first or something?
  7. Although the trophy description states you have to be a driver or passenger of a vehicle, it's possible to do this in regular core. Using the RC-XD counted as driving a vehicle, and that popped the trophy for me. Hope this helps someone.
  8. It'll probably pop once you upgrade another perk they add in later probably with a new map. Or potentially upgrading a different skill.
  9. Hopefully get my pre-order shipped on Day 1. At first based on release date I was gonna wait for Black Friday or Boxing Day for sales. Based on the specs it'll be a worthwhile upgrade.
  10. If you buy the regular version of Miles Morales on PS4 you get a free PS5 upgrade. Add a few bucks and get the ultimate upgrade and Spiderman remastered it's like 3 games for the price of 1.
  11. It's the NA version, so yes. It's a different list from the PS3 version, I see some of the old ones missing.
  12. Some will some won't. Really depends. But I'd assume most would have a shared list. Like destiny when PS4 came out. But then again we got a week till we know for sure.
  13. I can't tell you the correct answer for most interactions but this is how I got it. During my heads only theatrical playthrough and keeping everyone alive as best I could popped it for me. Since it was heads only Angela did end up dying, but her bar was still about 75% and popped with her dead. For Daniel, telling Andrew to leave him in the hole kept their relationship high being one of their few interactions. I don't believe Mary counts as a relationship but I saved her, as well as not shooting at Vince and being nice to him. I think it pops before the end of the game, and the bars are like 75% not completely filled. Hope this helps.
  14. "Fate worse than death" requires everyone to be dead and Andrew to be alive and arrested. Therefore, everyone can be alive at the house and you can kill them all by burning Mary. To make sure Andrew gets arrested, you have to shoot at the demon behind Vince when you get to the church. It doesn't matter how everyone else dies, so long as they're dead. And you have to shoot at Vince and be rude to him in order for him to call the cops on you in the end. Hope this helps.
  15. My movie night crashed during the first Curator intro. Crashes consistently the first time I encounter Taylor's demon the first time in the solo theater mode and on the broken bridge in Curator's cut.