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  1. yo like i let me sing me up
  2. as a COD fan and a WWE fan, im feasting. BO4 is the best COD of the PS4 generation and its the most fun ive had throughout all the pandemic. i am so happy its getting fresh new players and i'll be sure to destroy them all 🙂 Battlegrounds is a neat bonus, and a quick 100%. glad we finally get a F2P game for free tho The PS5 title is irrelevant for like the next year or two because the PS5 doesnt exist but imma still cop it cuz its free so yea, a fat 9/10 month
  3. Info on the legendary items on the new event coming soon: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1058357042?t=00h23m02s
  4. Beyond Crew Contracts, we’ve got new gear hitting the Brawl Shop this week for you to enjoy. One of our favorites is the Legendary Public Service outfit, yours for 1200 Holobux when it lands in the Brawl Shop on June 12th. Show your opponents the disrespect of getting beaned in the face by someone wearing cute ice cream characters all over, or get your whole team to hack the extra styles so you can show up to a brawl looking like Magpie’s private security force. Source: https://www.ea.com/games/knockout-city/news/knockout-city-chronicle-06-07-21
  5. yo, how are we doing? i completely forgot i signed up for this and am just now reporting back that ive done 3 out of the 5 games i've promised i do. i've done PUBG, Rayman Legends & THPS 1+2 and i would like to take WWE2K19 out for Overwatch im not sure how this entire process works so if im doing something wrong, please tell me
  6. hello. i would like show everyone here that the official method to unlock "Secret" has been found for several days. it can be completed in solo & it aint very hard to obtain. here is a vid showing how to earn it:
  7. Available March 30th Source: https://www.treyarch.com/game-intel/2021/03/Season_Two_Reloaded_Arrives
  8. tis a shame they had to break the tradition, i was really hoping to earn some free trophies. it aint that big of a deal, the map is fun and awesome and im still gonna enjoy it to the fullest
  9. you have always been able to play with bots, but they are extremely good and i do not recommend playing with them for the plat. also just play this with a group of friends to boost, and don't be so worried about the servers closing
  10. i have no idea, modes like this come and go nope, variations to normal modes are usually "limited time" modes i'll revive this thread everytime it comes back into rotation, so make sure to come back every once in a while
  11. They have added a new Fireteam playlist, and it might make earning the "Squad Wipe" medals easier. I recommended people try this and share if its possible here. Edit: Since Jan 14th, the playlist has been removed, but will come back soon. So keep an eye on game updates for this mode.
  12. i'd like to request two changes i would love to change Ghosts to Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare to PUBG plz
  13. any man with two hands has a fighting chance
  14. yea, you missed me. am on the second page