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  1. yup. its all available in the inventory. they are highlighted in green 👌!
  2. sweet, i am very hyped for this. i am hoping for some gameplay on Ghost of Tsushima and possibly a release date on it. yet i am excited for whatever they are gonna show
  3. alright, thank you for clarifying for me. this bug sounds very helpful!
  4. for the "retire from race" thing, how does this work exactly? does it work for every race? when do you perform this in a race?
  5. I had to do another round and another half. Keep in mind that I started actually focusing on collecting around level 15 and did the other requirements for trophies. It will not take long at all.
  6. Find Madam Nazar and purchase the Collector's License from her. It is worth 15 Gold Bars and it is your ticket to earning level 50 very fast. Use this site to locate Madam Nazar and all the collectable locations. I also recommend getting the shovel and the metal detector as soon as possible. Both are expensive, yet they will help you earn a lot of XP. Use the site to go around and collect any kind of collectable. A collectable can do for 100 XP - 250 XP, and collecting a full set of a collection will grant you over 1000 XP. if you dedicate several hours of your time to locating these items for a couple of days, you'll most likely be finished with this trophy in a week. That is how i got to level 50. Everything else in this game has a long grind. I firmly believe this is the only true way to level up quickly and legitimately.
  7. am hyped. TF2 looks amazing and Supercross is a eazy plat, so imma cop both
  8. last night, i was revisiting J Dilla's Donuts. god its so amazing and jazzy and groovy. it has some of my favorite beats ever, like Mash
  9. 126 trophies. most rare is "You're the disease, I'm the cure" from Broforce with .47% i would like to earn more rarer ones, so am planning to get all Trials Fusion trophies and Meat Boi, but i am not expecting them soon
  10. i have gotten those often as well. its hella annoying but i do not really know what causes to happen. if that ever happens to happen, i just restart my game and i feel like it works, but am not totally sure so dont quote me on it
  11. i recently came back to this game specifically for this level. it was a tough one for anyone being unfamiliar with the game's mechanics but it is quite a cool level. i was also totally expecting a time trial for this level as well but was hella surprised to not find one. i felt like they didn't want to have a time trial trophy because it was their first original level and were skeptical of its reception, so they wanted to go eazy on the player. its not a total disappointment though
  12. that is actually a blessing. i always keep holding this off because i do not usually spend any money on this game. but now, i can actually have a fun time 100% the whole game without worrying about my money
  13. WWE 2K17 - All Trophies Earned - 1.02% Worms Battlegrounds - Worms Elite - 1.30% Grand Theft Auto V - Los Santos Legend - 1.93% LittleBigPlanet 3 - 100% Complete - 1.95% Payday 2 - Kingpin - 2.01% am hoping to get more rarer ones soon
  14. COD Mobile is fun. its a shooter on a mobile game so its not gonna be very exciting but if you are ever bored, you can play one eazy game of TDM and be entertained
  15. HD G-Man is hot