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  1. Available March 30th Source: https://www.treyarch.com/game-intel/2021/03/Season_Two_Reloaded_Arrives
  2. tis a shame they had to break the tradition, i was really hoping to earn some free trophies. it aint that big of a deal, the map is fun and awesome and im still gonna enjoy it to the fullest
  3. you have always been able to play with bots, but they are extremely good and i do not recommend playing with them for the plat. also just play this with a group of friends to boost, and don't be so worried about the servers closing
  4. i have no idea, modes like this come and go nope, variations to normal modes are usually "limited time" modes i'll revive this thread everytime it comes back into rotation, so make sure to come back every once in a while
  5. They have added a new Fireteam playlist, and it might make earning the "Squad Wipe" medals easier. I recommended people try this and share if its possible here. Edit: Since Jan 14th, the playlist has been removed, but will come back soon. So keep an eye on game updates for this mode.
  6. i'd like to request two changes i would love to change Ghosts to Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare to PUBG plz
  7. any man with two hands has a fighting chance
  8. yea, you missed me. am on the second page
  9. i fuck with this idea, i've been needing some motivation to complete these tough games. heres my tier 1: Call of Duty: Ghosts (3.79%) - 87% Rayman Legends (4.26%) - 68% WWE 2K19 (2.02%) - 89% THPS 1+2 (3.06%) - 79% COD: Infinite Warfare (1.21%) - 97%
  10. fuck it, i would love to join both Rainbow League & Trophy Archery!
  11. the game still staying online is such good news. the game is worthy of staying alive
  12. i love this list. am glad to see much more MP trophies around this time, and Zombies looks so much fun, cant wait to play more of Dead Ops. realistic is back in the Campaign and i couldnt be more happy. this gonna be a hella fun game to plat!
  13. here are the patch notes for Season 2, taken straight from their official Discord server
  14. yup, still very active in both EU and NA servers
  15. Worldwide reveal in Verdansk next week, August 26th. It is time to get hyped. Update: The channel has privated the full teaser and made a shorter version of it.