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  1. hey, i'd love to join this thing if y'all are taking in new peeps
  2. these 3 new events are actually amazing. i joined FO76 a few days before this update came out. it became level ~40 to ~100 in just a few days. when you participate in these events with higher level gamers, you get a ton of XP if you assist in killing an enemy + a ton of reputation points towards a specific faction. Test Your Metal - no reputation points given, its a Brotherhood of Steel event. still grants a ton of XP and good equipment if you help fight the bots. Eviction Notice - gives reputation towards The Settlers / The Foundation. it is kinda difficult due to the Super Mutants needing a ton of firepower to take down and needing Power Armor, as they can also deal tons of damage. Grants the best loot and good amounts of XP Moonshine Jamboree - gives reputation towards The Raiders / The Crater. the most fun and best way to earn XP from public events. it is chaotic but spawns in tons of enemies to assist in killing, granting more XP than you'll ever see. the rewards are alright but the XP and Reputation are incredible best part about these events is that they happen multiple times per day and its always packed. literally the best way to earn Rep & XP at the same time
  3. this is pretty poggers, ngl
  4. i pretty much forgot about this until near the end of this year, but hey am glad i got 99% done with all the games i said i would do. but i also made progress with a ton of others games so hey thats something gg to everyone that actually completed their tiers tho, y'all are some real gamers
  5. make sure they are your KO City Friend, not just your PSN friend. being friends on the game's social network is what makes the trophy pop
  6. M
  7. goooood luck to the gamers
  8. dont worry, there will be a guide on the site soon but this channel is good for anything GTA related
  9. ayo if any of you need a true gamer on their team, im your guy
  10. sad that this didn't have a huge base or audience for it to grow, good attempt by the dev team though you can still eazily get this plat in under a month if anyone is truly interested. this is a solid plat to get
  11. both methods do work. eventually you'll earn it with enough bombs and throws
  12. plat pops after your phone dies @ 11:39pm
  13. gg to everyone. i totally wasnt ready for this but at least i made just one count
  14. imma go nutty on this