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  1. the game still staying online is such good news. the game is worthy of staying alive
  2. i love this list. am glad to see much more MP trophies around this time, and Zombies looks so much fun, cant wait to play more of Dead Ops. realistic is back in the Campaign and i couldnt be more happy. this gonna be a hella fun game to plat!
  3. here are the patch notes for Season 2, taken straight from their official Discord server
  4. yup, still very active in both EU and NA servers
  5. Worldwide reveal in Verdansk next week, August 26th. It is time to get hyped. Update: The channel has privated the full teaser and made a shorter version of it.
  6. I have to do the online trophies for the plat but I tried searching for a game for 1 hour and I could not find anyone. Just wondering so I can create a boosting session. Also do friend battles work for some of the trophies or is it only online battles?
  7. very long, unless one of you has a another PS4 that they can use. with just 2, you'll deal with bots and they can be extremely tough, especially if you are are extremely new/not good with the game. 2 players is not the ideal amount of boosting participants
  8. hello, a friend and i have been working on a guide for Laser League for a while and it has plenty of details and work done on it. and i just noticed that there has been another guide that's been published about it https://psnprofiles.com/guide/9894-laser-league-trophy-guide am i legally allowed to publish my version or should i just give up?
  9. i just got my 48th plat, Assassin's Creed IV. i finally started to clean up my previously incomplete games and this whole situation is just what i need to do them all
  10. hey, i would like to know if anyone is working on Uno for the PS4 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5174-uno
  11. i have such a large itch for futuristic shooters right now, like Warframe and Black Ops III, and pretty soon i'll be playing Destiny. they are just so fun

  12. Will be free to play for everyone as well tomorrow. I am very excited.
  13. my "My Name is Mayo" plat. that shit took so long to get and its my magnum opus. i'd give up on gaming if that were to happen
  14. am very excited for this. will be trying my best to earn those daily quests!
  15. bought this last week. i loved the beta but never got a chance to purchase the full game. since it was on sale for 10 dollars, i might as well cop it
  16. February 2020: Watch Dogs 2 Middle Earth: Shadow of War
  17. just do the collector role and go around and get collectables. thats the eaziest way i've gotten a lot of money and xp. use this site to guide you and you are guaranteed to level up a earn a few (3 to 5) levels in 1 hour
  18. Plinko is stupidly unfair, so 412
  19. as someone that didnt play the first three and just got the fourth one for Christmas, this is a great announcement. Goat Sim also looks fun too, but am being optimistic
  20. i have 825 unearned trophies. only like 10 trophies are unobtainable because of WWE2K's dumb servers have shut down. i plan to get the rest of these trophies + the DLC trophies before i increase the amount of games in my library. i really want to not have a huge backlog, so i might as well start right now
  21. i might be a bit late, but there is a little fun party game called Sportsfriends that i highly recommend. all local, fun minigames that are simple and fun for anyone, especially for kids
  22. this makes sense. they are just barely hanging on after almost being bankrupt and they need to be serious about their moves. their market is PC and they will continue to push it for a while because that is their main source of valuable income. they need to focus all efforts on it, so i understand why they did this. am at least glad that they actually responded with something and at least told us straightforward that "we are done" rather than waiting for nothing
  23. i honestly feel like this would be a 300+ hour game (including out of game time) because trying to get all the Achievements on Earth itself is a pain because of constantly collecting angels and rebuilding your empire just to collect a very small progress. then you have to do the same for moon, which is also is the same wild ride. it will take a few hundred hours, maybe 200
  24. Soon, it will no longer be a Playstation exclusive. Thoughts?
  25. yup. its all available in the inventory. they are highlighted in green 👌!