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  1. There's a 'reduced effects' option exclusive to the PS4 version. Makes your eyes hurt less, especially if it's something you're sensitive to.
  2. Wow, thanks a heap for your support! I'll send you a code for the Vita theme when it comes out. Physicals go up for sale in a day or so! Excited!
  3. Hi, one of the devs here. It is intended to be cross-buy, we aren't sure what went wrong for release day, and are working to resolve this issue with Sony EU.
  4. Hi all, one of the devs here. Just thought I'd share all the trophy name references with you. There's a few niche ones! Everything in its Right Place - Song by Radiohead Mr Moneybags - Character from Spyro There’s a Time and Place for Everything... - Professor Oak line from Pokemon You Know Them Well! - Small reference to the DK64 rap The Land Before Time - Animated film series about dinosaurs Nerf This! - D.Va from Overwatch Do You Want to Build a Sand Castle? - Song from Frozen Ain’t No River Wide Enough - Line from a song by Marvin Gaye I Shall Call Him Stephen - When you get the pet rock. Refers to Stephen from the Bible, as he was stoned to death. Gotta Go Fast! - Sonic lol Stop Trying to Hit Me, and Hit Me! - Kung Fu scene in The Matrix Renegade Fighter - Famous New Zealand song by Zed Beach Boy - Famous 60's band Tomb Raider - Game and film series Just Like Captain Cook - First person to map the whole coast of New Zealand You’re Making Me Violent - Song by New Zealand band Stellar* Hope you're enjoying the game and platinum!