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  1. The trophy has been fixed as of patch 1.07 (which was released November 7th). If you already completed all the operations prepatch, replay Operation #1: Headhunter and it should pop. Lfg as well so add me if you need a group.
  2. #1 - Nioh. Started it nearly a week ago and is an amazing game and highly suggest for anyone who is interested in soulsborne style games to play. #2 - Horizon Chase Turbo. Not actively going for it but go back to it every week or two to make a little bit of progress. Not a bad game but not exactly for me and is grindy as well, requiring all tracks to be played at least 3-4 times and that's if you play perfectly first attempt on each track, as there's the world tour mode, endurance mode, and tournament mode.
  3. Trials Fusion 100% and BO3 plat.
  4. A haircut.
  5. Aight will do. Played like a 3+ hour game the other day and only went up one level, which would be a shit ton of grinding still. Crazy that 532 elims got me one damn level.
  6. Double XP live now. Sorry for the late update as there was a double xp every Wednesday for the month of October but I must have missed it.
  7. I used the rise and fall mission. It has an ammo refill location and human enemies endlessly come out of the gate. Also has a checkpoint (maybe 2 cant remember) you can get halfway thru just in case you are worried about dying which doesnt happen if you are careful. Definitely faster than the robots in life if you ask me. Only downside is the forced walking sequence at the beginning of the mission but almost right after the fight in the building, you head outside and after riding the jeep you are asked to plant those bombs. That's the area with the endless spawns. 2 guns maxed out each run. Still takes a while but in all I'd say is much faster than the farming location on life. Only thing I farmed life for was the cybernetic ability challenges that required robots to be able to perform on.
  8. Unless you genuinely enjoy the series, dont get for the 100% because with Fusion it requires you to dedicate time to get familiar enough with the physics. I had 200 on evolution on 360 so I was pretty familiar with the game, but still when I got fusion I originally thought the challenges were too much work even for me but when I did decide to go for them all I still struggled with a few challenges in particular, mainly the top reach challenge in rock of rages, which requires to 0 fault a certain extreme track with a god awful bike, and the pipephobia one (forgot the track name) which requires a 0 fault without ur front wheel touching any pipes. You get safe spots but its still a challenge to not drop ur front wheel across the pipes.
  9. 1. Friday the 13th - 0.68%PSNP / 0.1%PSN 2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - 0.80%PSNP / 0.1%PSN 3. Tricky Towers - 1.04%PSNP / 0.1%PSN 4. Overwatch - 1.89%PSNP / 0.2%PSN 5. LittleBigPlanet 3 - 1.96%PSNP / 0.1%PSN Soon to have Dead by Daylight which sits at 1.49%PSNP and 0.2%PSN. Would also replat Furi but cant because I dont wanna pay for it as I lost access to my previous account. Furi sits at 1.55%PSNP and 0.3%PSN.
  10. Tricky Towers which took me 2 days 6 hours. PSNP rarity sits at 1.05% while PSN rarity sits at 0.1%.
  11. Platinum #25: Friday The 13th Time spent: 90-100 hours Enjoyment: 1/10 Difficulty: 1/10 What a grindfest. So happy I can uninstall this game. It wouldn't be that bad if it werent for the terrible trophy list. 1000 matches took 80 hours boosting, let alone getting that legit with 15 minute games and only getting Jason like every 4th+ game.
  12. Chocolate milk because I'm in school. Outside of school, some tea.
  13. Been applying to local areas and am trying to get a job to save up for a car. I have a friend who said he'd drive me until I can get a car. after that, new wardrobe, weed/lsd, nights out with friends/senior vacation/concerts. basically I cant do shit rn if it relies on me having money
  14. Mines a trophy from Trials Fusion sitting at 0.15% on PSNP. "Is There Anything You Cant Do?" requires to complete all 3 track challenges on all tracks which doesnt sound too bad but can be time consuming and some require a decent amount of time poured into the game to reach the skill required. easily my most difficult trophy and will always be my hardest unless I go for like mein leben or super meat boy etc. definitely enjoyed it tho, Trials Fusion and Evolution are some of my favorite games, its just a great time killer and addictive to play.