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  1. I don't own the game, but the description on PS Store 音声: 英語 Voice: English スクリーン言語: スペイン語, ドイツ語, フランス語 (フランス), 中国語 (簡体字), 中国語 (繁体字), 日本語, 英語, 韓国語 Screen Language: Spanish, German, French, Chinese Simplified & Traditional, Japanese, English, Korean.
  2. Alternatively you can use unit that cause burning damage (fire magic) Got this trophy after 2-3 battles by using Transformation Magic and Royal Mage unit basic attack. Trophy will pop after the battle. Just make sure leave some easy battles and create backup save in order to get this trophy.
  3. You can get guide from youtube video for scryer's trial This one for Tyrant's trial
  4. This case also happened with Trails of Cold Steel 4 Digital Deluxe. Hopefully Sega / Sony can fix this asap. I don't know what happened with Sega / Sony NA or UK The Japanese version of Lost Judgment had no problem preloading
  5. Does Win XXX battles carry over to next playthrough or it must be done in a single one? I'm not sure about this because I got it on first playthrough. There should be more than 70 battles. for Win 40 battles without using the Book of Magic, you can get it if you know what to do. Save and Load before battle is also useful. What kind of Army and equipment is needed to defeat Nim in the final battle without using the Book of Magic? I got on Warrior Playthrough Army was Knight, Disciples, Royal Mages, Cavalrymen and Celestial Warriors. For Equipment, sorry I forgot which one I change from Hollow Set Armored Princess's Shield Titus's Sword Helmet of the Hollow -> change any hollow set to other equipment Armor of the Hollow Gloves of the Hollow Belt of the Hollow Boots of the Hollow Artisania's Star King's Ring Hieron's Ring -> change this, too Misericorde
  6. Here is the Spell Lists Also, I'm not sure if summon spell scroll is needed to pop up 'master all spells trophy'. In my case, for Servant of Arek Trophy (Master all spells of the School of Air and Fire) popped up before I used Summon Chimera Scroll.
  7. Try this link https://store.playstation.com/en-us/home/games?smcid=psapp NOTE : Not every country store worked. If you want to change the country store, just change the language-country (en-us).
  8. Hi, is there anyone can confirm NA/EU game go to which stack ? I saw 2 stacks on PSN profiles (Asian & JPN) Thank you in advance
  9. seems interesting it's 32.99£ on UK PS Store If you want the cheapest available, you can check on Indonesia PS Store it's 170.000 IDR = around 12$ https://store.playstation.com/en-id/product/JP1328-CUSA17474_00-ASIA000000000000
  10. Throwing my name in the hat for a chance to win. Awesome giveaways and good luck to everyone, Love this thread😇