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  1. Cali!!! :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy: :holy:

    1. BeatRushEX


      You seem surprised :o

  2. Can't wait for these, used to love playing them backin the day. Really tough games as well. Never played Strangers wrath though. I imagine the trophy lists will be really difficult too, which will be a good challenge
  3. Skool Leaver In American McGee's Alice, Complete Fortress of Doors I just want this game over and done with. Madness Returns is brilliant, and now one of my favourite games ever. But this one is really bad in my opinion
  4. Birth Of The Oni Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Rare: 4.29% The Awakening Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Rare: 4.40% Up To Snuff Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Rare: 5.42% All Super Street Fighter, Ironically.
  5. Won't bother with a proper introduction, since a lot of people here I already know from ps3t. This sites looking nice though, can't wait for updates and all. But yeah, figured I'd post here since everyone else did