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  1. I read that Curator cut should be available for everyone later in 2019
  2. For someone who played it on PC what exactly is that 0/1/2 heroes defeated?
  3. First DLC was supposed to be released in october but was in november so i guess they just wanted to catch up.
  4. Works for me only when i change date from 03.05 to 02.05 (CHROME)
  5. You can do it in 3-4 hours, its pretty much straight fwd like telltale just play it and you will get all.
  6. If u got tired by playing it over and over just do this to be safe ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98t57AsJxhQ
  7. Saw that ppl earned it with peaceful endings, so i tried and popped
  8. Any guide or tips for Make it Rain Trophy? EDIT: Btw. someone asked about Bedtime for Juno trophy: i did it earlier using this guys walkthrought : Pops in part 2 . 21:15 min for proof.