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  1. Seems like it's back to crashing quickly again... The last few days it's not gone more than about 30 minutes using the shooting range method without crashing.
  2. Yeah you can change that. I think it's at the globe where you can launch multiplayer modes - somewhere you can choose public or private as the default.
  3. For me it usually crashes at some point if I leave it on, but I think it's a good few hours at least. Haven't tested it enough to work out how long it takes to crash though. That said, one time over the weekend I switched back to my PS4 and it was just giving me a pulsing grey screen and not responding to any input, nor seemingly turning off with the power button. I eventually unplugged it, which it didn't like, but no data loss as far as I can see. It could've been an overheating issue maybe seeing as I hadn't really turned it off in many days, so I'd say it's a good idea to give it some rest rather than having it boosting overnight and all day for multiple days in a row.
  4. Well the trophy is 20 characters to master not all characters, so you probably could use Wizard but it shouldn't be a requirement.
  5. The Fighting Commander turbo controller has been working well so far. The game usually crashes if you leave it going for quite a few hours (not sure exactly how long as it's usually when I wake up in the morning or when I get home from work that I notice it), but the XP is building up via the shooting range, albeit slowly.
  6. Can't guarantee it, but I've lined up three targets and rapidly fired R2 (using the back button attachment, which is easier to trigger quickly than R2) for about 10-20 minutes and haven't been kicked. It put me in private but it's the same XP. Might order the Hori controller to give that method a go - I'm just not sure whether to get the Fighting Commander or the FPS Plus, which has analogue sticks but seems less available and more expensive in the UK.
  7. The wolves in mission 8 are surely the fastest method for everything except shotguns and launchers. You don't need to adjust your aim (unless you get really bad recoil that doesn't reset), and you can get through a weapon in about 15-20 minutes. You can also run back to the start to change your weapon loadout, though that takes a while. For shotguns and the XM-53 I used mission 11 but I managed to get an infinite spawn in the middle left room in the courtyard (the one with an ammo crate). Go there right at the start (don't destroy the first A.S.P.) and if you're lucky, you'll get robots dropping just in front of the exit of this room (on the objective side) every few seconds, and you won't get respawning P.A.W.W.S. For the BlackCell, destroy the first A.S.P. and Wraith in the courtyard then lock onto the infinitely spawning talons at the far end (but stay at the start of the courtyard for safety/refuelling on Emergency Reserve).
  8. @Sly Ripper @BlindMango any response on this? This site shouldn't be preventing trans people's deadnames from being hidden, now that you can effectively hide it on PSN services. At a minimum, this should be hideable from public view.
  9. @Sly Ripper - thanks for your work on this, but this particular feature is an issue for trans people (like me) who've changed their PSN ID to avoid being deadnamed. Would you consider making it an optional feature, so that deadnames aren't hanging around in public view?
  10. Totally agree with you - ambiguity and misinterpretation in interaction really bother me! - and same, at least in writing! I'm not a big point and click fan anyway to be honest - they were somewhat spoiled for me by a period of messing around with casual, mass-produced Big Fish Games titles, as fun as I found them at the time! And I don't like the idea of point and click using a console controller. Anyway I'll give it a go and see how I get on. I'm not a big reader, despite being in academia, but if it's fairly queer, visual(ly pretty) and involving puzzles, I might have fun.
  11. Pretty much. Polyamory is typically defined a couple of ways: the ability to love/have romantic feelings for multiple people simultaneously maintaining multiple romantic relationships simultaneously When I say I'm polyamorous I mean (1), but when I say I'm flexibly polyamorous I mean I'm open to (2) but don't necessarily require it of a relationship, i.e. I can do monogamy. Regarding (2), it's often called ethical non-monogamy, which brings with it the requirement that the multiple relationships are consented to by all parties immediately adjacent to you within a romantic network, i.e. you can't have a secret relationship because that would just be cheating (unless you'd agreed that extra relationships are fine but should be kept secret from each other, of course!). There's also relationship anarchy, in which no one relationship can be considered the primary relationship (many polyamorous relationships are hierarchical, with a main relationship being much like a typical monogamous one - being the main companion of a person - but allowing secondary, less prioritised romantic relationships). Hope that's clear - I sometimes write in complex sentences and assume too much prior knowledge, since language, gender and sexuality is my thing! That game has been sitting in my library for a while and I've always been intrigued by the pretty logo when considering what to play next, but never remembered what the game was like from when I would've checked out gameplay videos. Now I definitely need to put it near the top of my list - thanks for the heads up! Also speaking of they/them pronouns, I feel like I noticed them being used to refer to a specific character in The Swords of Ditto, but I stopped reading the dialogue after a while and didn't notice it again, so it was probably a very brief use if my memory isn't completely faulty. That was a cute and pretty fun 2D Zelda-like game. Not a super difficult platinum, more just a bit of a grind.
  12. I stumbled across this thread when searching the PSNProfiles forum to see if anyone had mentioned the implications for trans people of the potential username/name change feature (after looking for any reports on how smoothly the testing is going). Nice to see this space exists! And nice to see clear and meaningful allyship from people like @ProfBambam55 (you helped me with GTA IV trophies ages ago, so hi!)! I'm non-binary/genderqueer, transfemme, queer and flexibly polyamorous. Pronouns they/them. Feel free to add me, but leave a message to say you found me on PSNProfiles! ☺️ (My PSN username is currently in my deadname by the way, but you can find it on here.) Ynda
  13. luckily I'm at peace with never having a 100% completion record - I'm not skilled enough for that!
  14. Think we're permanently locked out latest message from 2K below. --- Hello Andy, Thank you for getting back to us so quickly! We strongly apologize, but this prelude bonus game was timed. Meaning that after a certain time, you wouldn't be able to play it anymore. We hope you will understand and we wish you a great day playing NBA 2K17. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. Should you have any additional 2K related questions, please feel free to let us know in your next message. Best regards, Mathieu R. 2K Support
  15. I'm not looking for anything in return for these items but unfortunately the certified went quickly. If you message in the PSN I can let you know who might have it in case you want to try them.