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  1. @K_Groove_NL you got a lot of games ive never heard of before... the one ill pick off your list would crash bandicoot 2! youre so close to platinuming that one!
  2. Ill look into that one as well! Thank you!
  3. thank you everyone for the suggestions! ill keep an eye out for persona 4, final fantasy x, and cosmic star heroine! Those seem to be the most common answers!
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering what are some good turn based combat RPG's for the Vita! Preferably something that isn't too story heavy but I'll take any suggestion! Thank you
  5. Any chance I could be thrown on for a Guardian of Light? I got Kingdom Hearts 1 (ps3) and Kingdom Hearts 2 (ps4). Also do the cinematics count as completing a game?