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  1. I just picked it up today so I'd be up for boosting the multiplayer trophies aswell, just add me on psn and we can figure out a time for it
  2. I enjoyed my time with it, the collectibles are a bit grindy, but not all that challenging (the video guides available are useful to work through them).
  3. Yup, they seem to be scarce - havn't come across a glitched one as of yet
  4. How rare are these servers and approximately how long does it take for people to find a glitched one? I've had no luck the past few days of searching for one
  5. PSN: scotsman4567 Currently working on racing games like, The Crew (the more friends the better!), NFS Hot pursuit, Driveclub Bikes, and I intend to start hunting WRC 5 + 6 soon. Also working on the MP trophies for RDR w/ Undead nightmare DLC, Killzone 3 with plans to go for Destiny and BF4 plats soon too.