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  1. i wonder if the glitch that was in the level 50 still there , did you try to go past 50 then buy the crystal that give back all your points then spend them again. the game counter i think will keep going never return to 1 when you buy that crystal. this was known glitch with the level 50 trophy in the main trophy list. i didnt test it yet im working on another game i thought this may help.
  2. i checked my profile and i have a flag but the game is no longer there , can someone please explain? is the flag removed or it just became a flag with no reason ?
  3. earlier today @B1rvine said that there are others who has the same timestamp as me and he removed the flag , why did he delete his comment and didnt provide us with any of these profiles. anyway while i would love to give more input sadly i cant , all i can say is that the game online servers where bad from the start and i cant remember for the life of me how this happen , the game is not hard at all and the error messages where normal while trying to boost the online trophies. i whish i can provide more info i don't remember a lot about a game i did 2 years a go , if there is a way to prove this im open to ideas and ill be happy to do it.
  4. sorry about that.
  5. i was flagged for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , and the reason for the online trophy , the game is really bad and the online has a lot of glitches , i dont rember the trophy order to despute this its back in 2017 when i did this game .. but i did it with friends boosting it as the online is dead and the trophy may show off order or something.. the online was so broken i rember sometimes getting an error where all players stop but the game will keep going as long you dont press X and accept that error . can someone please help ps3 does'nt have screenshots and i dont have video prove for this.
  6. its not cross buy is it ?
  7. finally i finished , play on easy no need to make it harder on your self
  8. nah actually i didnt i was already on the easy settings so it was not that hard to begin with , does the difficulty affect this trophy ?
  9. i already finished all 100 stages but how can i get to wicked k ? i cant find anything in the options even after i talked to vulgrum !!
  10. i think with all the dlc in the game they unlocked most of the early stuff or made it easy to obtain them like 1 match is all that it requires.
  11. so i just started the game and played on utopia to get the aerial goal , when i finished the trophy unlocked !! i saw a couple of posts on reddit that has the same thing both on XBOX and PS4 !! did something change in the game ? i checked on another account that i never played the game in and saw only 6 cars locked and all require to finish 1 match to unlock !! sweet tooth also was already unlocked , back when i did the platinum for myself i think you had to win a match with each car to unlock it.!!
  12. not sure to be honest , my account didn't have PS+.
  13. You Win XCOM: Enemy Unknown impressive profile 👍👍
  14. i think all 5 medals are easy , but if you need to farm kills , when you progress through the story you'll find a portals that you need to throw enemies in to close it , dont do it and they will keep spawning and you can grind the killing medal early , cause after you finish the DLC you will have to go around hunting them and it will take you longer.
  15. not sure how it works but try to be online and go for the gold medal like i did or just do as i did maybe you will get lucky , but honestly i dont know if there is a guide for it or it was just a bug.