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  1. So, does Telltale finally have the money to pay their layed off staff severence or not? While a “deal” has been worked out, there are 250 people who have lost their jobs without severence and the very few executives representing Telltale are profiting. I smell a very large lawsuit coming soon, and I don’t think we will see the end of the Walking Dead The Final Season very soon. Nope, those 25 people left behind got laid off a few days ago, it was confirmed on Twitter by a few of it’s members. It has sadly been underreported though.
  2. My 100th was Job Simulator LOL I did it because I had just gotten my PSVR and wanted to be a show-off However, 150th platinum will be Shadow of Colossus, a game that I love on PS2 and love the new version even more
  3. Can you add me as an Artifact Collector? I have platinumed Uncharted 1, 2, 3, 4, and Lost Legacy.
  4. Hey, can I be added as a Metroidvania Warrior? Thank you! 1. Apotheon 2. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition 3. Headlander 4. Strider 5. Teslagrad I have the goal of being a Master! Also, weird question, why are both versions of Guacamelee listed as two different games? I know they are two different editions, but still, just curious lol And have you thought of adding other games to the list? Sorry, just a huge fan of the genre!
  5. If it is anything like Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, this game will honestly amazing. I have been impressed by the graphics, but I am waiting for the reviews before I get it
  6. The aiming on this game is fucking horseshit. I have played the original multiple times and I know this is definitely worse
  7. Honestly, Sony should expand their rewards program. Since they have started it, i have made about 90 dollars in PSN, it is honestly amazing!
  8. Hey, has anyone been able to get the Co-op trophy playing the Vita version of the game? I have heard very mixed things about people being able to obtain the trophy
  9. Title pretty self-explanatory, but I am not too familiar how this site works. I went to make a game session for Ratchet and Clank: Full-Frontal assault, but it was not listed. I had noticed other site users were able to make game sessions for unlisted games, but how do you do that?
  10. I love Dragon Ball so much, I spent 3 hours finding the highest quality version of this screenshot without subtitles for my profile picture. It was absolutely worth it
  11. I currently have no time to play any of the games I have, but if this were true, this would go to the top of my play list and I would 100% the entire game all over again. This game is honestly one of my favorite games of all time
  12. Jeez, this is a hard one, because tons of games have made me feel emotional, but one that made me cry was the Last of Us. The game had so many reveals that were just heartbreaking. The slower beginning was crucial to the game because it allowed you to feel like you were Joel and you lived in that world, so every bad thing that happened felt more personal, like it really affected you.
  13. Man, it is just like the Last of Us, especially the part where Joel throws an axe at a troll and is a Greek God.