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  1. I played on steam and the trophies are pretty much the same :3 It can all be done in one playthrough (making use of saves and going back) or two for cleaning stuff up. None of them are really difficult, the only one that would potentially give people trouble is the 'In the name of beauty' which requires you to complete a side scrolling shoot em' up game (that one gave me trouble on steam but I suck at shmups). All-in-all good list and I'm looking forward to playing this again on my Vita. I LOVE this game :3
  2. @darkamdusias Oh it's a shame you didn't like holiday star. I loved it.
  3. I think another factor is that the developers that have the resources and skill for such high end graphics aren't making exclusives to begin with, because there is a lot more money to be made with multi-platform games. A lot of my favourite PC exclusives are indie games, since it's a lot easier to just get your game out there on PC as an indie game, and most indie developers aren't striving for the kinds of graphics you're talking about.
  4. I played this game on Steam and had a lot of fun with it. Glad to see it's going to get out to a larger audience.
  5. [Danganronpa V3] Beat the main story... The final trial @___@ wow.

  6. #25 - Valkyria Revolution As a fan of the Valkyria series this game was really disappointing. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt when I popped it into my PS4 but man... What a train wreck. The writing is bad, the voice acting is bad, the story is bad, the characters are bad. The only redeeming quality, and the things that got me through to the platinum, is that the combat isn't terrible. It's not good, but it's also not bad. It feels like the game wanted to be a Musou type in terms of combat but fell short on the commitment so it just ended up being a little bit bland. There's no real difference in easy or normal difficulty when it comes to regular encounters, everything dies in one or two hits, but once you come to a boss encounter the difficulty is staggering. This games idea of a 'boss' is to give something 1000x the normal amount of HP so you can spend your life whittling down their HP little by little. I started in Normal but I ended up switching to Easy cause the bosses were just too tedious, even on Easy they were pretty bad, it wasn't hard it just too forever. I decided to see the game through to the end of the story just because and by the time I got there I was already kinda close to the requirements to the platinum so I figured I'd just go for it. It was now or never cause I knew when I took the game out of my PS4 I'd probably never touch it again 😅 I can't say I hate this game but it's bad. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  7. You could get the Asia English version from Play-Asia
  8. Yay! Flash sale! Boo, nothing I'm interested in! (But also yay cause I really need to stop spending my money impulsively and extending my backlog 😅)

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    2. KittiBear


      I.... I have self control! :jaymon:

    3. kidson2004
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      @KittiBear Yeah, but actually you can beat the game in 20 hour (main story of course)

  9. @DPtheGod I had no idea that there was a surgery for correcting lazy eyes, that's actually really cool. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work :c Is it an uncomfortable procedure? I wonder why it reverted back to the way it was after a year.... Is it one of those things you have to keep doing or is it just that the younger you do the correction the more likely it is to stay fixed? I have two tattoos at the moment, wings I got a long time ago (yeah I know people think wings are pretty lame but I wanted them and I got them 😅) and the YoRHA Symbol from NieR Automata on the back of my neck. Lots more planned, most of them game related - many of them related to NieR and the Drakengard series as it's a favourite of mine, but right now I'm working on designing a nice underbust tattoo with an artist I trust. It's something I've wanted for a long time and I officially have some concrete ideas on how I want it to look. What kind of tattoo were you planning?
  10. Woo. Happy Friday the 13th all you spooky babes.


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      The High Ground

      😳 I was voted number 1 Jedi babe in 20BBY, just fun 100% facts to start off your day 

      😳 :awesome:

  11. I may have never got the plat or anything but I loved this game, so I'm happy more people can enjoy it. 😊
  12. @Rose Amicitia I enjoy tattoos and piercings :3 I haven't gotten any new piercings in a long time, it just happened to be the more affordable thing of the two to get when I was younger so I focused on getting those the way I liked them first. Plus my tattoo ideas keep changing so it's so hard for me to settle on anything 😭 @DPtheGod Thank yooou :3 Looking quite dapper there yourself! I don't find piercings that bad pain-wise honestly 😅 All of mine have been fairly painless and I never swelled very much so they healed well too. I haven't gotten any new piercings in 8 years or so. I've actually taken one out (I got rid of my tongue piercing like... 6 or 7 years ago cause I was worried about chipping my teeth - I never had any accidents in all my years of having it but I just got super paranoid one day and decided I was done with it 😵). I'm slowly moving on to tattoos now but they're more expensive, time consuming, and take a lot of planning. Finding the right artist for the job is always important too. My Lasik went super well! I actually had another follow up appointment yesterday and my eyes are healing really well. I'm very happy with the results! What kind of eye surgery did you have when you were younger? Was it for vision correction or some other kind of problem?
  13. The boss battles in Valkyria Revolution are so unenjoyable it hurts. "Let's give this tank 1000x more HP than usual and call it a boss". Ugh it's so tedious. The regular enemies in the game a a joke whether you choose easy or normal mode but the bosses are just stupid.

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      The Brain

      I have this...should I get rid of it now?

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      You might want to rethink playing it if anything. Read the trophy list and watch a video or two to see if it's for you... I got the physical version for ultra cheap and I'm not really surprised why anymore. I'll finish it for sure, maybe I'll even platinum it, but I can't really say I've had any fun while playing it and that's a damn shame.

    4. The Brain

      The Brain

      All right. Worst case, I can sell it and hopefully get something worth it.

  14. Bastion is one of my favourite games and Supergiant Games are up there in my top 5 favourite devs for sure. I played Bastion on PC first years ago and because I love it so much I decided to replay it in Vita (for anyone playing it for the next challenge I would recommend the PS4 version as the Vita version did have issues with frame drops and weird moments of missing dialogue). Never been disappointed by them but some of their games I liked less that others (I have the unpopular opinion that Transistor is my least favourite game by them -- but I still enjoyed it a lot). Darren Korb composes the best soundtracks.