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  1. The physical editions don't come out until September, don't they?
  2. Sure it's kinda silly, but if people want to spend their own money on garbage like that it doesn't really bother me. If that's what they enjoy good on them. I find in general most steam users don't put that much importance on achievements / trophies compared to the way console users do, so it's really a small minority of players that are gunning for these games, and in many cases people just get them for free or in 1$ bundles. The main issue isn't the players playing these games for easy achievements but the Devs creating these games to make card farms for income.
  3. I spent like 10 years of my life on Ragnarok Online and FFXI. I actually met my BF in RO way back in the day. Good times :3c
  4. Spent my lunch break wondering why Nanako Forever! wouldn't pop in Persona 4 Dancing All Night only to realize I got it a few hours ago :') Yay me

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      Lucky you, in my case I wasted time. I was going for the trophy to counter 10 consecutive hits within 1 minute in Metal Gear Rising, only to realize hours later that I already got it more than a week ago :facepalm: .

    3. KittiBear


      OHNOOOOO. That sounds awful :') My condolences haha

    4. Tora Chan

      Tora Chan

      I absolutely HATE when I don't notice trophies popping for me... mainly because I like seeing the noticfication and the sound that accompanies it lol 😁

  5. You can hide it yourself Edit: Once you hide the game earn one trophy and sync your trophies to the network and the game will officially be hidden.
  6. I looked around and there really doesn't seem to be any information anywhere on the Playstation release for this game. So I guess maybe an announcement will be made soon maybe?
  7. It's been a long week... But just a little bit more and it'll be the weekend! \o/

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    2. StrickenBiged


      I really, really need this weekend. Work has been a bi-atch this week.

    3. KittiBear


      @StrickenBiged Saaaame! It's going to be so nice to just be away from it all for a couple days!

    4. StrickenBiged


      @KittiBear Well, I dunno about you but it's 17:30 here so I'm out. Have a great weekend!

  8. Do you absolutely have to have them physically? Cause I see them on sale quite often on PSN if digital was an option for you. If not you may be limited to the PS3 versions.
  9. Inquisition can easily be delved into on its own and there's lots of lore in it that you can read to get you up to speed or refresh your memory as you go so if you aren't interested in playing the others you can hop right into it. The first game is amazing, the second one gets a lot of flack (but in general as a game I still enjoyed it -- but I'm totally out of the norm with this) so if you really want to play them I say go for it! But don't think you have to, they may feel a bit dated at this point if you go to them but you still might enjoy the ride either way. There's also throwbacks to the old games as well as reoccurring characters in Inquisition which you won't have a familiarity or fondness towards if you haven't played the other games, so that might take away from the experience. If you were to choose only one to play before Inquisition, I'd say play Origins because Inquisition leans on that one the most in terms of characters and such. But I really love this series so I'd totally play them all 8D
  10. I haven't gotten around to getting or playing it yet but I did find this thread on reddit of people discussing their experiences. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for here.
  11. Danganronpa V3 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Undertale Summon Night 6 Lost Sphear Code Vein Monster Hunter World
  12. What!? WHO SAID THAT? Clearly that person does not know dogs. That is one heckin' cute doggo. 10/10 would pet.
  13. You have great taste in games. Just wanted to say hello \o/

    1. Intoner_Zero


      Hello and thank you! You have awesome taste in games as well~

  14. Thank you Parker! I had a feeling the topic would devolve to insults eventually, especially from the way it started :c