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  1. @Kiyan-13 and @Copanele I think there is a misunderstanding. I wrote my comment based on some criterias. Firstly, Bloodborne was my first souls game and even though there was co-op opportunity for some reason I was stubborn and I wanted to beat all of them by myself. Secondly, of course souls games have managable trophies if you compare them with super meat boy etc. But for example there were 2 bosses at defiled chalice dungeons Amygdala and Watchdog. I guess I've died those bitches like 50-60 times. At least I don't think you can say they are casual gamer friendly bosses since they are required for platinum. As I said I added the frustration coming from this game being my first souls game and not getting co-op help. Other than that souls games are not hard, they just want you to not play like a Rambo and be strategical. After I platinumed BB, I've literally slapped Dark Souls III and Sekiro.
  2. Because Souls-like games are considered niche games. They don't appeal to a large section of gamers and ones that play them are already hardcore or completionist gamers in my opinion. For instance, Devil May Cry 5 has also hard trophies but it has much lower platinum rarity than DS III. That's because it also attracts casual gamers. You can just hop in and do some combos, beat enemies, chill and close the game on lower difficulties. I've platinumed BB and DS III, and I also was surprised when I checked it first but now it makes sense.
  3. Sağol abi destek için 😂😂
  4. Currently 373. A while ago I was planning to go for 100% but then I realised it would be just too frustrating.
  5. @bboysunny93 Thanks for video. So I'm planning to just play regular missions and do daily challenges until I got enough gold to start collector's, any other advice?
  6. Until dawn. I like these king of platinums because when you are going for the platinum, you also can see what would have happened if you chose other options.
  7. Hi. I checked after finishing the mission and what you said was working but when you are playing for the first time it doesn't work. Instead game starts the mission from part 1. Any solutions?
  8. You can't do that because game starts the mission from part 1. How did you do it can you explain? Is the glitch necessary for missions with multiple parts?
  9. Yeah I got it earlier too. Also other than that changes, I hope they fixed bugs. For instance, I got this trophy at 72 gold medals not 70 and that was very annoying. (yeah I know special edition missions doesn't count for trophy, I didn't make a mistake there)
  10. Hi. Spec ops trophy is seperate from the base trophy list and I'd like to know that will there be more trophies with seperate list like this. Just asking for %100 completion because after completing I'm planning to give it to my friend.
  11. Ok I’ll look for them in the next few days. Thank you
  12. Hi folks. As you know, spec ops trophy is seperate from the base trophy list and I'd like to know that will there be more trophies with seperate list like this. Just asking for %100 completion. Thanks
  13. A Plague Tale: Innocence
  14. Marvel's spiderman has casual gamer friendly platinum. I think anybody can get it and it is so fun. You don't even have to aim for platinum. The game is so fun that if you just do some random activity you come across while exploring New York, you almost automatically done every requirement needed for platinum. Also Heavy rain. It has multiple endings and one of the best choice based games imo. While going for platinum, you can see the depth of the game.
  15. I agree all of what you said. After a certain point in the game, it started to feel like a chore to play. Two things helped me continue: I'm also completionist same as you and game was still entertaining me in certain ways so I decided to keep going and get plat. But other than that I don't even think this game deserves full price $60. I'm giving it 5/10