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  1. Marvel's spiderman has casual gamer friendly platinum. I think anybody can get it and it is so fun. You don't even have to aim for platinum. The game is so fun that if you just do some random activity you come across while exploring New York, you almost automatically done every requirement needed for platinum. Also Heavy rain. It has multiple endings and one of the best choice based games imo. While going for platinum, you can see the depth of the game.
  2. I agree all of what you said. After a certain point in the game, it started to feel like a chore to play. Two things helped me continue: I'm also completionist same as you and game was still entertaining me in certain ways so I decided to keep going and get plat. But other than that I don't even think this game deserves full price $60. I'm giving it 5/10
  3. The End of Fire Reach "The End of Fire" ending. Ultimate Bonfire Reinforce a bonfire to the highest level.
  4. Because that was the Ubisoft's plan from the start. I guess they finally saw community's complaints and didn't want to release a half-ass game. But meanwhile to leave the income channel open, they constantly feed the game with new DLCs. I think it's both serves well for company and gamers. And I hope with that way, maybe they can stop release a half-ass game as we have seen in past.
  5. Yeah I know we can't ask for AAA games every month but come on man, what is this bs? Sony really needs to work for PS+ on next generation if they want my sub.
  6. Yeah I know but I already killed them. When they are dead, are they gone forever? Do I need NG+ ? Bc tried multiple times and they are not spawning Nvm they spawned finally, got the trophy. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Hi. I shot near at them and trophy didn’t pop. Apperantly I need to shot directly at them. Anyway, does your method still works for me or do I need a NG+ ?
  8. As of now I guess everything is released. So if I buy croft edition can I %100 the game or is there some seperate content? thanks
  9. Same for Turkey
  10. Hi. I signed in to WBPlay account and even though the game says no connection, it didn't matter. I guess it is just an irrelevant error. After that, I revealed every captain and even that didn't help so I killed all captains and revealed other ones on the open world. Kept doing it until it says vendetta found. Yeah I had to figure this out by myself (even if it was accidentally :D) because I couldn't find the solution anywhere. So, that's your solution. Now you can go and get the platinum man
  11. Dark Souls III
  12. Is anyone else unable to connect to the WBPlay service in-game? It was working fine for me a day or two ago but the game refuses to sign in now. I don't get a password error or a login prompt or anything. Just a padlock next to the WBPlay option in the game's main menu. That’s why I can’t get vendetta missions to trigger and can’t get the repaid in blood trophy. Can someone help?
  13. Hi. It's been 10 days since I started but not even one vendetta mission popped on my game. I've been connected to PSN all the time and have no internet connection problem. Yesterday I added like 10 people who owns the game to increase my chance, they died but I didnt get the mission. Also tried to connect to wbplay (thought may be related to my problem) but I can't. First 5-10 min in the game I have wbplay connection then it's gone. Can someone help?
  14. Hi. I'm little late but wanted to write anyway if someone having the same problem. If you level up at the end of a mission it won't unlock the trophy because it is bugged. When you reach at the end of 99, I suggest you to do vip or head hunter missions (not particularly just do smt on freeroam). I had this issue for both 50 and 100 level trophies and this method worked for me.