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  1. I saw news saying this game has trophies, but I don't see any trophies in PSNProfiles here.
  2. For those who are not good to horror games, this game is not that scary. You don't need to fight or escape from any enemies. Only some jump scares. Just follow the guide, you should get all trophies in 45 minutes to 1 hour. Hope it helps.
  3. There are a lot of random glitches if you use the quit and continue from checkpoints method. I am listing all the ones that have to do normally for me: 500 coins in one run (don't get all letters or all fruits) 240 seconds in one run 5000 coins cumulatively (don't get all letters or all fruits, those 500 coins won't count and might mess up with your counting) 25000 points cumulatively For all others, you can try the quit and continue method and delete old profiles if they don't work, then start a new one. The hardest one is the jumping kills. I couldn't do it in normal ways and have to that method. Hope this helps.
  4. Some updates on this issue: It should not be a overheating problem. Tried many times with different discs. Always got the shut off at that loading screen, and my PS4 was not even hot.
  5. My PS4 pro can play all games except one game and only in one loading screen. Does anyone what the problem would be? Here is what was happening: Game: Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo Where: About the halfway in the game What happened: Can play the game all the way until a certain point. In a loading screen, it turned off by itself. The loading process is always stopped at about 20% and PS4 turned off. Attempts: Tried 6,7 times. Always the same. Please help. Anyone knows what's happening? Is it the game disc problem, the game problem, or my PS4 problem? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  6. In most of the loading screen, my PS4 pro was running very loudly. Then after the 5th therapy, PS4 always turned off in the next loading screen. I tried 5 times, but no hope to fix it. I can run all games with no problems so far. Did anyone see the same problem with this game? Or is it possible that the game disc have some problems? Thanks!
  7. From the trophy list, it looks like a game with a lot of collections. - For those who played this one, how is it? - For those who got the platinum, how long is it and how difficulty about the platinum? Thanks in advance.
  8. Agreed. Pressing square works perfect. Thanks for the map. It helped a lot for the collections.
  9. Thank you both for your comments. Hopefully the bugs can be fixed soon.
  10. I read a comment somewhere saying it will take over 100 hours to get the platinum. Anyone who got the platinum, is it true? Thanks!!
  11. Just saw this game coming out and it looks like a kids game. Anyone knows how long it takes to get the platinum and what the difficulty would be? Thanks!!
  12. Yes, I did get it using toothboss' help, although I got it in a later level, like level 14 (maybe).
  13. Good to know you unlocked it. I did it normally and it just popped. Maybe I was already on the latest version.
  14. I think the more I tried, the less chance I could get the trophy. Now it is very consistent that I can only get 2 enemies in one pressing L1. Very frustrated.
  15. I have been trying this for hours and no luck to get it. For those who got it , please help!!😿 Is it pure luck or there is some way to make it happen. For me, I can gather 20 enemies close to me, but when I pressed L1, only got 1-3. Is it possible to get all 6 at once? Thanks in advance. 😸