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  1. it is a very easy game. You can platinum it with little racing skills like me.
  2. This game is easy for platinum. Each level is short and this makes it easy to collect flowers and do level-specific trophy. There are some walkthrough videos too. It's about 6 hours to platinum. Hope it helps.
  3. I remember I had the same feeling when I was in the first island. The way I did is first I found we can get many minions by going back to defeat enemies (they can respawn). The next is to get treasures as soon as possible, it will increase the number of minions and the strength, also the time increases too.
  4. We played it with local two players. It is possible you get the platinum at the same time, as we saw many trophies unlocked for both.
  5. You need to complete 11 quiz questions and get all other (maybe 11) special episodes via entering codes on specific scenes. They are required for "conspiracy" and " conspiracy " is required to finish to get "True Conspiracy". Hope it helps.