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  1. Played through the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge with the cutie @StygianWolf4:wub: Fun game, as a fan of the old NES TMNT games I thought it was very good! 

    1. Elvick_


      I ordered it via Limited Run so can’t play for awhile :( good to hear it’s fun though

    2. StygianWolf4


      It was a pretty cool game, thanks for letting me experience it with you :wub: Plus we did get a few trophies from it, so yay!

  2. I just logged into the game on PS4, and earned the platinum as it immediately gave me the points from yesterday's challenges, so it seems to be up for me.
  3. Welcome to the site! I am also 26 and also transitioning, ain't that neat. Hope you have a good time.
  4. Silent Hill 3 Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Kingdom Hearts Devil May Cry Ratchet & Clank Honourable mentions to: Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy, Okage Shadow King, Ape Escape 3, and Okami.
  5. This is a good series and most of them are worth playing. I'll write a bit on what I think of each one and the following is just my opinion. The original trilogy is fantastic. R&C1 is a bit dated, but R&C2 is where the series peaked as far as I'm concerned. All three should be experienced. Deadlocked/Gladiator changes it up by being essentially a collection of arena based challenges with a story. I wasn't a huge fan of this idea, but still found the game very fun. The ps3 remaster has some heavy visual glitching, especially in cutscenes, but it's worth playing. The Future trilogy and Nexus are alright. Tools of Destruction doesn't have trophy support. Quest for Booty doesn't either and is incredibly short. Crack in Time is the best one out of them. They're all good games and all four are worth playing, but I'd put experiencing the original trilogy and perhaps even Deadlocked above these. All 4 One is another change up. This game is a simplified, co-op multiplayer focused take on the franchise. It's not bad, especially with friends to play with, but I wouldn't worry about missing out on this one. Full Frontal Assault/Q-Force is yet another oddball, being a tower defense game with a large focus on multiplayer, but also a short campaign to play through. It's more true to the series formula than the earlier All 4 One I think, but despite this it's the game I enjoyed the least. I don't think it's completely unfun, but I'd put this at the bottom. The PS4 movie tie-in game, the reboot of R&C1, is a mixed bag for me. The gameplay is very good, but a sizable chunk from R&C1 has been cut, and the changes to characters and tone are not for the better. Hate using this term but when comparing this to the game it's supposed to be reimagining, it feels soulless. But again, plays good, so worth it for that. Under the original trilogy, Deadlocked, and Future+Nexus, but above All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault.
  6. It glitched on me too and it's super unclear to me what actually causes it, but I was able to unlock it just a while ago. I deleted my save data and started fresh. I played Scott, made sure to also defeat Mr. Chau and use the special strikers before beating the final boss. Then I did Kim, Stills, and Ramona in the order they are presented on the character select menu. Once NegaScott was unlocked, the trophy immediately popped when I used his striker. I made sure to use every striker, including the special ones, before beating the final boss with that character. I also made sure they all hit and caused damage (except Ramona's, because that one can't) and I also used the Sword of Love cheat to make it go by faster and the money cheat to max my characters in stage 1. I made sure not to touch multiplayer, offline or online, I made sure to only fight and defeat Mr. Chau once as Scott and never again with anyone else even if he popped up on the map again, and I made sure not to touch the characters Knives and Wallace. They were dlc in the original release and it seems they are still not required for the trophy even here. I'm not sure what breaks the trophy and what from this is actually necessary to avoid glitching it, but I got it by playing like this.
  7. Can I join? I have every KH plat and 100% on both ps3 and ps4 except for the newish rhythm game.