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  1. Oh yeah! It worked. I was just about to let interested people here know that it worked. So yeah, I did that with the corossive weapon and had no problem with it whatsoever. So it is the damn body parts. Before I posted here I even thought maybe it might be the case but a second later I thought hell nah, it can't be and it turned out it really is the body parts problem. I'm about to get 100% on the PS3 version as well and I'm wondering if it has the same issue or is it just PS4.
  2. Thank You for your information, I might try that, let's just keep fingers crossed it will work.
  3. Okay guys and girls. This bug still exists despite the fact that there was a patch and some people were saying it might have been fixed. It's not. I was kicked twice before on the first map, I believe it was The Gully, and it happened on round 18-19 twice. I was so pissed because I lost so much time on doing that and I abandoned the game for some time. Yesterday I decided to go back and try to do that. It worked for me after the 3rd time. I was so happy. Today I decided to do the second map (i'm going for 100% of the game) and I dunno, I was thinking it maybe is the problem of The Gully? And I was at the round 19, wave 4 and I was so happy that it was almost the end and then bam, CRASH. I went nuts. I am so mad at this. I've seen there might be a solution - playing with two people or two controllers but at this point I'm so pissed and I don't trust any of this. Why should we be getting a solution from other gamers when it clearly should be fixed at the first place? Gearbox has lost my trust and I was really looking forward to buy BL3 but at this point I don't know. They messed up on many levels, not only on this Moxxii bllsht. I got BL1 at the day of it's premiere and after a week or so I lost all of my golden keys out of nowhere. I sent them a ticket and they didn't do anything about that. So I'm really pissed at them. So guys, please be careful, wait for some time, I dunno, just don't risk playing it all over again, maybe we should make a thread and make Them see that it is a occurring problem and make them fix that. It shouldn't be like that. Also, I have a friend that his main platform is an Xbox and he had no problems whatsoever, he has 100% of the game and it never crashed for him, so yeah. Way to go PS4.
  4. i didn't die so i guess it was buggy.
  5. Okay everybody intrested. I got the trophy after skinning a shark for a second time. I already done that before but i guess it didn't count? Well, i was beggining to worry it might be glitchy but pffeeww. We are safe and sound!
  6. Yup.
  7. Thank you for your reply and clarification. So i must be missing something. I already skinned a hare and a cattle so i have no idea what else i am missing. Well, i have to find the damn mysterious animal then.
  8. Hey guys. I've been wondering since im going for the platinum, i have three trophies left. Two are gonna pop up on their own since they are story related but im trying to get Master Skinner now. It requires you to collect at least one skin from every animal. And my issue is - im pretty sure i've already collected all of the skins and i have no idea what to do because there is no trophy pop-up. I've been hunting animals for like and hour and a half now even thou im sure i already skinned all of them. I was wondering if u need to have them in your inventory at the same time or not. Maybe that's the issue. Any ideas?