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  1. To be honest this glitch isn’t too useful for the final trial. The time limit is incredibly generous to the point where beating it is the hard part. I was by no means rushing it and I finished way under 10 minutes. For the cacti part I straight up just rode the platforms to one another too so that tells you how time isn’t a factor. I’d argue taking it slows on some of them is almost making it more difficult too. For example, the one with the disappearing floor is easy if you rush through it; however, going slowly will make you fidget a lot and require you to constantly adjust your position.
  2. I plan on doing it on PS5 when they patch the game to shorten the loading times because god help me I’m sitting through the pain of skipping through cutscenes again.
  3. The issue is the bosses are required for the story. You need to defeat all 13 data battles to finish the Limit storyline (which picks up after the ending of KH3 with Riku) and the secret episode story requires you to beat the secret boss.
  4. It’s not 2-3 hours of gameplay. Only one person has beaten the secret boss and he did it on the easiest difficulty. Apparently, the boss has over 40 health bars and can heal himself. Also, he revived himself when you get him low so you have to restart all over.