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  1. Huh, this is a weird one. Apparently the Dawn of Pirates DLC for Port Royale 3 was pulled from the store in 2018. Not sure why (it's still on Steam) but I guess 100% is impossible now.

    1. cckerberos


      I take it back. You can still buy it buy it through the in-game link to the store. But not from the store itself? That's even weirder.

  2. I mean, they're great games but the words "easy to plat" absolutely doesn't come to mind when I think of them.
  3. I don't think Duke Nukem really brings much to the table anymore. The first Duke 3D game brought a lot of innovation to the FPS, but there's nothing about those innovations that are particularly tied to the IP. So we're just left with the character of Duke himself and there isn't really much there. Admittedly, there wasn't much there with BJ either, but I think that character had more flexibility for being reborn because he was such a blank slate. I don't think that politics would necessarily be an issue. I think that the Saints Row games are at about the level of things that a new Duke game would hit. The bigger hurdle would be overcoming the reputation built up by Forever. For anyone under the age of 35, Duke Nukem is a joke not "that fun game I played in high school."
  4. Hopefully they're keeping sales expectations low. The series was pretty niche in the West even in the PS2 days.
  5. Mirror's Edge 45 of 51 Trophies 16th March 2018 • Platinum in 9 years, 4 months The first game I earned a trophy in. This got delayed for a bunch of different reasons. I didn't try for the platinum when I first played it in 2008. I came back in 2010 but got frustrated when one of the trophies didn't pop for some reason. I made my first serious attempt at the platinum in 2017 but didn't finish it before I was away from my PS3 for nine months. Then finally finished it off in 2018.
  6. Golden Week is April 27 to May 6 this year.
  7. It's not a great price all things considered, but I'll be grabbing the Frozen Wilds because it never goes on sale.
  8. Guess I'm going to be playing my first Call of Duty game since COD2 14 years.ago.

  9. Bloodbourne was already a PS+ game.
  10. #134: Dead Space 2. Hard Core wasn't as bad as I'd feared after hearing it talked about for years. More frustrating than actually hard.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! Isaac: "Oh, yeah! Good times!"

    2. DamagingRob
    3. MidnightDragon
  11. Well, it might be more fair to say that whoever wrote the wikipedia article considers Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 to be the 6th game in the series. I guess there was a spin-off of the 3rd game which is being counted here. I might give this a try. I don't have much experience with Chinese games (though this seems to stick to the JRPG formula very closely). Kinda mixed reviews on Steam but it's not a full-priced game, either.
  12. Yeah, barring an unusually good deal on Yahoo Auctions, Amazon Marketplace is almost always the cheapest way to buy games. I can't recommend that many exclusives, but I see that The 空の軌跡 trilogy and 零の軌跡 duology, and 艦これ改 haven't been mentioned yet.
  13. I wonder where they came up with Oninaki for the English title. The Japanese is Oni no Naku Kuni ("Land where the Oni Cry"), which is pretty different. If they just wanted to make it short Oninaku would seem to have been a more obvious choice.
  14. I'll also add the relevant quote from your link: "Oh and there's also Dragon and Wind tiles. I honestly have no idea what the Wind tiles do or mean, but I always kept at least one in my hand and would make sure to have two or three Dragon tiles. I believe Dragon tiles help you call a Riichi better." Dragons: In terms of the basic rules, if your pair is made up of Dragons you get a small points bonus if you win. That's it. Otherwise, some hands require/forbid Dragon tiles. Most importantly, having a triple of Dragons is by itself worth 1 han and this is unaffected by stealing tiles. So one of the easiest ways to win is to get a triple of Dragons and then complete your hand by any menas possible. Winds: Basically inferior versions of the Dragons. During a game of Mahjong, each player will be assigned a direction. These directions change as the position of the dealer moves around the table, with the dealer always being East. Similarly, each round of a game of Mahjong is assigned a direction. If you have the rules set to "quarter game" this will always be East. If you have the rules set to "half game," you will also have a South round.The important thing here is that, generally speaking, any Wind tiles you have that don't match either your direction or the direction of the round are worthless and you should discard them. If they do match, then they're worth 1 han when you get a triple of them (and this is unaffected by stealing tiles). You do not need to have any Dragons or Winds to win.
  15. If your goal is just to form a winning hand, any winning hand, you should absolutely avoid stealing tiles from other players. Stealing tiles immediately invokes a number of penalties; some hands become worth fewer points, others become worthless. Importantly (especially for newer players), you can't use Riichi if you've stolen tiles. You should only steal tiles when you have a particular strategy for completing your hand and you know that those penalties won't cause that strategy any problems. Or if you're near the end of the round and are just trying to avoid the points penalty.