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  1. Only just started the game, so can't help other than to say the event should definitely still be going on. It seems to be part of the "Tolga and Fatin's Event," which the main menu says is ongoing until the 11th.
  2. As these are the least intuitive traits to get and the PST guide information (which seems to have been copied from a Steam guide) is incorrect, I figured I'd do a little write up. Those guides suggest that getting these ranks is dependent on your performance while serving in the anti-Oda coalition in the 1570 scenario. This is not the case. The sole requirement for getting these seems to be having good relations with the Ashikaga clan (the shogunate). If you have good relations with them, they will offer you a rank every six months or so. There are 6 tiers of shogunal ranks that will offered in this way. The shogunate will only offer ranks that are one tier up from your current tier. If you reject an offer, the shogunate's next offer will be at the same tier as the rejected offer, but may be a different rank. The tiers are (from lowest to highest): 1. Governor 2. Otomo Agent 2. Tozama Agent 2. Kunimochi Agent 3. Oshoban Agent 4. Council Official 5. Court Official 5. Senior Official 6. Political Chancellor 6. Chief Chancellor So, with all that said, the easiest way to go after these titles is to start a game in the 1570 scenario as the Isshiki clan. Then just sit there and let time pass, doing nothing. Don't worry if the coalition ends, just keep going until you reach the 6th tier of ranks. You'll have to do this more than once, but you can use Autosave to reload if you're offered a rank you don't need (or just reject it an wait longer). The final shogunal rank, "Official," is awarded for completing a quest. There are a few variations of this, but the most straightforward way of having the quest appear is to play as the Otomo in the 1560 or 1570 scenario. The quest should show up at the end of the first month.
  3. Looks pretty RNG-heavy. Hitting an inside the park homerun sounds like it could be a pain, though I guess you could abuse the Polo Grounds.
  4. 1. Get a bunch of relics 2. Sell the relics 3. Buyback the relics 4. Repeat The fate gained from selling relics counts towards the trophy even though you lose it when buying those relics back. IIRC, the trophy won't pop while you're doing this. You'll have to quit to the main menu and load your game. The trophy will then pop if you're over 5,000.
  5. FYI, this is the first time the Evil Within digital bundle has gone on sale since 2020.
  6. Well worth playing but nowhere near as good as the first one. I really preferred linear maps over the new open world approach. As far as trophies go, nothing in Catalyst comes close to the original game. Everything is easily doable.
  7. I'm confused by this. There were a ton of JRPGs on the PS3.
  8. Killing 10 restless spirits will also likely become more of a pain without being able to visit other people's areas.
  9. // Resistance 2 (PS3) // // // // // // "28": [1, 30, 31, 32, 35]
  10. Here's hoping it's truly stand alone rather than following the Genshin Impact formula. ETA: For those who aren't aware, this is a spin-off of a hugely popular Tencent MOBA, so the chances of this aren't great.
  11. The publisher's website has a chart showing what's included with what: The row in yellow is the Perfect Pack, so it definitely includes everything. (That they felt the need to post this chart shows that they definitely need to rethink their release strategy)
  12. Regarding Japanese physical releases of the PS3 editions, I would like to add that there is a "Perfect Pack" that was released December 8, 2011. This includes both games with all of their DLC as well as an additional dungeon that, AFAIK, is otherwise unobtainable. Used copies are very expensive (¥11,000+).
  13. For those interested in Wasteland 3, its season pass is on sale for another week (in whatever that sale is).
  14. No one has been bypassing the age restriction. The only way to buy CERO-Z games without a Japanese credit card is to buy a physical copy (if it exists).