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  1. I think this varied by region. In the US, we were supposed to get access to the DLC but didn't.
  2. Even worse than completing all requests in Gauntlet Mode on WO3 Ultimate?
  3. I couldn't find one, so here's a fast and dirty translation of the list: 日ノ本一の兵 Platinum 芽生えし蒼紅の魂 Clear Chapter 1 武田壊滅 天目山の戦い Clear Chapter 2 六文銭誕生 Clear Chapter 3 第一次上田合戦 徳川来襲 Clear Chapter 4 小田原の役 白き再会 Clear Chapter 5 第二次上田合戦 関ヶ原への道 Clear Chapter 6 九度山幽閉 Clear Chapter 7 大坂冬の陣・真田丸砲撃! Clear Chapter 8 大坂夏の陣・蒼紅の邂逅 Clear Chapter 9 真田幸村の生き様 Complete the Story 大立ち回り Defeat 100+ Enemies in the Prologue 蒼を焦がす紅 Defeat Date Masamune with Yukimura's R2 attack 滾る紅い焔の如く Defeat 100+ Enemies in the last fight of the final chapter 武心の境地 Clear all chapters in 武心UP六心 status もう一つの生き様 Clear all chapters with 武将自由 turned on in the settings 時代を渡りし者 Clear a chapter on 難しい difficulty 三途之河から蘇りし者 Clear a chapter on 三途之河 difficulty 表裏一体 Unlock a chapter's hidden 六丸 challenge 武人の道 Complete 10 六丸 challenges 天下の道 Complete 60 六丸 challenges 修羅の道 Complete all 六丸 challenges 遊技を極めし者 Complete all minigames with a rank of 極 果てなき探求心 Succeed at all Rainbow Chances 燃え上がる二槍 Using Yukimura, use all 派生技 from 天羽 timing 武心の目覚め Use 武心伝心 武心の達人 Use 武心伝心 50 times 武心の極み Use 武心伝心 100 times 千人斬り Defeat 1000 enemies 戦いの通過点 Defeat 3000 enemies 幾万もの屍の果てに Defeat 10000 enemies 巨富 Earn a total of 100,000 mon スーパーコンボ Perform a 6000 hit combo FEVER大好き Achieve Super Fever with 6 characters 初めてのお買い物 Buy your first kata 極限到達 Raise a kata's level to max 武士の頂 Obtain a character's unique kata 型完全制覇 Obtain all kata for all characters 繋がる過去 Clear 5 前談秘話 歴史を紡ぎし者 Clear all 前談秘話 免許皆伝 Complete 60 additional challenges in Challenge Mode 真田を追いし者 Starting from the beginning, complete 30 battles in Challenge Mode 真田を超えし者 Completely clear Challenge Mode I haven't played this Basara game so there are some guesses here, but I hope it helps. FWIW, the Japanese trophy hunter site I use estimates 20 hours for the platinum.
  4. For whatever reason, TrueTrophies doesn't count DLC you haven't started against your percentage.
  5. If I may split the middle a bit, I really enjoyed it and found it reminded me of some of the games I played as a kid. But there definitely is a learning curve to the game. I would describe the game as not particularly difficult provided that you're save scumming. If you're not, I can see the 100 mission trophy being a real pain to get.
  6. It's not at all. I bought a copy for $11 a couple of years ago. People are just freaking out because of the store closure. I suspect a lot of these prices are going to go way down in the near future.
  7. You might want to consider Zanki Zero for your Z slot.
  8. Sure thing. I was able to get 100% no problem with just the PS Plus version of Hitman 1 and the Gold Edition of Hitman 2. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you will not be able to get the Sieger 300 Ghost became it was part of Hitman 1 GOTY. The Sieger 300 Ghost is the best subsonic suppressed sniper rifle in the game, so a lot of guide videos on YouTube use it. Other sniper rifles work almost as well, though.
  9. Hitman 1 1. Yes. PS Plus is all you need. Hitman 2 2. You will have access to all Hitman 1 content in Hitman 2 that you already had while playing Hitman 1. You will not have access to the Game of the Year content from Hitman 1 (this doesn't matter for trophies). 3. Yes. 4. Yes. No trophies autopop in Hitman 2. I haven't played Hitman 3, so won't comment on your last two questions.
  10. Time for my first update! (It's a little late, I know) Completed Games: God of War: Chains of Olympus Mars: War Logs Narco Terror Port Royale 3 DLCs Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (SP trophies only) Unfortunately, none of these games were on my original list. So I haven't actually made any progress...
  11. Individual skill can definitely be a factor (my favorite example of this is Need for Speed, which the guide writer rated a 2/10, 15 hours needed... okay, so why does it have a platinum rate of under 30%, then?), but I also feel that a lot of people essentially grade difficulty on a curve that is heavily skewed towards the low end. They seem to be very hesitant to say that something is higher than a 6/10. I suspect some of that is because that's the point at which you're admitting that you found something difficult. Which is easy to do if you're talking about Wolfenstein II or Super Meat Boy, but when it's a 7/10 game? That might open your gaming skills to criticism. But I also think it's because there's an increasing level of granularity at the top of the scale. For whatever reason, people feel the need to differentiate between 8s, 9s, and 10s in a way they don't do for the lower ratings. Anyway, that's why I feel that 4/10 is essentially the default difficulty score here, even though it technically means below-average difficulty.
  12. Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection has the first MGS game as a download code.
  13. Sony is arguably partially to blame, as they supposedly stopped allowing publishers to put PS3/Vita games on sale. But, yeah, I'd say that the bulk of the blame goes to the publishers for not permanently reducing their prices.
  14. After looking into it, it's a lot less bad than I had feared. Asura's Wrath $10, Drakengard 3 $25, Dead Nation $4, Prince of Persia $10, The Bureau: X-Com $5. I haven't started Asura's Wrath so will probably just write it off. The other one I'm on the fence about is Prince of Persia.
  15. Onechanbara Z (お姉チャンバラzカグラ-with-nonono) should be added as the first game in the Onechanbara series (