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  1. I found it quite dull.
  2. So long as the state and its agents aren't involved, companies are free to preemptively "censor" whatever the hell they want. It's the coercive power of the state that makes censorship dangerous. A company making changes intended to avoid controversy and maximize their sales isn't even a blip on my radar. Like, I think it's fine to disagree with or not like these changes. But don't pretend that SE's actions here somehow infringe on fundamental moral principles. And I find it tremendously ironic that some of the people triggered by something this minor are throwing around the term "snowflake" as an insult towards the other side.
  3. At the press conference, he said something about having "completed" the old combat, i.e., having taken it as far as it would go. You're right that it's a big change, but I guess that's one of the benefits of being the company's chief creative officer. You get to take risks (especially with your own series).
  4. Basically, Nagoshi, the head of the series, likes JRPGs and was getting sick of the old combat style. It'll be the biggest city in the series, but Yakuza 5 with its five cities will probably still be the largest game overall.
  5. Here's how they describe the new combat on the website: "This title features 'live command RPG battles' that are a fusion of the 'action brawling' of the previous titles with a turn-based RPG command system."
  6. It's kind of funny to see people lose their shit over the Yakuza announcement.

    1. PooPooBlast


      With good reason I'd say. I really love the flashy heat actions and whoever says the combat sucks, is clunky and you can button mash to win, clearly haven't beat the Amons in the games or the tough bosses in general without chugging down 10 stamina Xs and gorging on 20 bentos. 

    2. cckerberos


      @PooPooBlast I can understand being bummed out by the change. But what I was referring to was the way r/yakuzagames went from a really chill place to as toxic as any other gaming subreddit in the space of a couple hours.

      I'll be at Tokyo Game Show in two weeks. Hopefully they'll have a demo showing off what the new combat is like.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Oh yea I saw that. The community fanbase was divided pretty much into 3 categories: those who are looking forward to the change, those who are willing to give the devs a chance and those who are outright against the idea. 


      I probably fall somewhere between giving the devs a chance and those who are against the idea. 


      And nice. I heard that sept 12 or around that was the date for the gameshow and I heard they'll be letting people try out the game as well as releasing a few videos to show the gameplay to those who can't attend. In any case, I hope you enjoy your time there. 

  7. It's only called Yakuza 7 in Asia. In the West it's going to be "Yakuza: Like a Dragon." It's not a good title and creates yet another series where the numbering of games is going to be different between regions... but at least it shows the break between the Kiryu games and this one.
  8. I do for certain platinums (I'm currently at 147 and have stopped playing a game so that it can be 150, for example). But I think that's pretty common. I'm 36 trophies away from 5000 trophies so I know my next game will get me to that milestone but I'm not going to try to get a particular one.
  9. Confirmed in what sense? I did a search in Japanese and those are what Japanese players reported to be the significant changes. There were apparently some minor changes to dialogue and the like, but I didn't bother going into those both because the Japanese players said they were minor and because the games are getting entirely new localizations so no doubt there'll be drastic dialogue changes from the English-language PS3 release in any case (especially because the current localization team, for all the praise they get, play things quite loose with their translations).
  10. Anyway the significant changes to the Japanese versions of 4 and 5 were: The model for Tanimura (one of the four protagonists in 4) has been changed as they were unable to get the likeness rights for the original actor. Increased XP for story missions in 5
  11. Except when the Yakuza guys use the term "overseas" you shouldn't read that as the West. It means China (which is why the Chinese language version went on sale the same day as the Japanese language version).
  12. Sega's really spoiling the Western fanbase, considering that the remasters were $35 each in Japan. I'd be a little annoyed if my backlog wasn't already way too long to justify adding three 100+ hour plats that I already have on PS3.
  13. Just FYI, the whole "Medusa is cursed by Athena for getting raped by Poseidon" thing isn't new. That version of the myth is over two thousand years old.

    1. thepeaguy


      I was already aware before I posted. The whole #metoo thing was used for comedic effect.

  14. I find that it can be useful for highlighting titles that are either lesser-known or not usually on sale. If I see someone mention a title I either don't recognize or don't remember seeing a sale before, I'll go check it out.
  15. ...I like when people list what they're buying.