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  1.英雄伝説-碧の軌跡改 This is listed as HK; should be JP. It's also listed as another version of英雄伝説-零の軌跡改 but these are different games. Accordingly, it should be moved to Stage 5 of the Legend of Heroes series to be with the original version. I agree with the proposed change to New Dawn, but as a standalone spin-off title, I think No Stage is a good place for Blood Dragon.
  2. Overall, it's just okay. I thought it had a really cool art style and an amusing if not groundbreaking story. The gameplay is running around hitting enemies with your sword or magic from a top-down perspective like in old-school Zelda or Mana games. But it's not challenging at all and doesn't show much variety over the course of the game. The longest battle (an optional postgame dungeon) takes about ten minutes. Otherwise most stages can be beaten in five minutes or less. There are four princesses and the first half of the game will have you play through an introductory chapter with each. You'll then choose which princess' route you want to follow for the second half of the game. To play through the game's "true ending" you'll need to have played through each princess' route first. So you're looking at five playthroughs to see the entire story. Maybe 25-30 hours in all? I know you said you weren't worried about the platinum but, just for the record, that takes a total of seven playthroughs. Anyway, the game's not without its charm but feels pretty repetitive by the end. The story and art are the main draws.
  3. You don't need 4 controllers (I did it with 2, but it may be possible with just 1... the game allows you to assign multiple users to the same controller). You don't need 4 controllers (I did it with 2, but it may be possible with just 1... the game allows you to assign multiple users to the same controller).
  4. I completed both of these games completely solo and did not find either to require much grinding.
  5. The Princess Guide (JP) 100 + 65 - 15.79 - 0 + 50 (speed) = 199.21
  6. Mutant Year Zero 100 + 69 - 8.4 - 0 + 50 (speed) = 210.6 DLC 50 + 20 - 9.27 - 0 = 60.73
  7. Ni no Kuni (JP PS3) 100 + 67 - 14.05 - 0 = 152.95
  8. Lords of the Fallen 100 + 70 - 4.29 - 0 = 165.71 DLC 50 + 12 - 7.45 - 0 = 54.55
  9. In that case, yeah, just pick randomly. The other players' discards can give you hints about what kind of tiles they have in their hands, but reading discards is a difficult skill to learn and its probably not worth the effort.
  10. The part of the guide you're referring to is giving advice on how to get the Seven Pairs hand, not playing in general. What exactly are you trying to do?
  11. I just personally double-checked and the Japanese version does not have any English options. The English translation did not exist at the time that the other versions were released, eighteen months before the Western release.
  12. No. None of the other versions have English.
  13. Reading a walkthrough and have to wonder if the author honestly doesn't know that "they're" is a word. They use "there" or "their" literally every time.

  14. The first Witcher game wasn't all that good, honestly. It needs more than a remaster, something that brings it more in line with the gameplay and quality of the other games. Otherwise I think newer fans of the franchise will be disappointed. But a remaster is all the second game needs. There's no way CDPR is releasing either any time soon, though.
  15. Update #2 Haven't done one of these in a while... Beyond: Two Souls - The second David Cage game I've played and I liked it more than Heavy Rain. The plot held together better, though there were some pretty heavy-handed bits of railroading (why give you multiple opportunities to turn down a love interest if you ultimately don't get a choice?). As with Heavy Rain, having to play through parts of the game repeatedly make this a fairly exhausting platinum to go for. Children of Zodiarcs - This is a strategy RPG with deckbuilding and dice rolling mechanics. I get the impression that it's not a very well known game. As a game, it's fine. The beginning is fairly challenging and it kind of stalls out mechanically in the last third. That is, once my party had leveled up sufficiently, I didn't really ever need to change my tactics or setup. Storywise, I was not expecting this game to be so bleak. Hitman: Contracts - PS3 remaster of the PS2 version of the third Hitman game. As that description suggests, some of the mechanics/gameplay can be a bit clunky by modern standards, but it was still a lot of fun. I'm afraid I used a walkthrough rather than playing the game "properly". But between having already played it a decade ago on PC and the trophy requirements (get the highest rank on the highest difficulty without any saves), I wasn't willing to put in the effort to play the missions blind. Prey - Dishonored meets System Shock, more or less. It's a little strange how, despite it coming from a well-known developer, I kept kind of forgetting that this game existed. I really liked the story and hope it gets a sequel eventually. The DLC was also surprisingly fun even if it was a little light on plot. It gave me an opportunity to actually experience the cool special powers that trophy restrictions kept me away from in the main game. Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut - I didn't like this. A passable puzzle game combined with poor FPS platforming and not great controls. At least it was short and I got it for free. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - My 175th platinum. This game didn't get stellar reviews when it came out, and I can see why. I'm a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series and even I got a little bored by the end. Not a bad game but didn't really do anything exciting. Wasteland 2 - A callback to the old isometric RPGs of the past, I backed this on Kickstarter when it was first announced. It was still a lot of fun, but the interface was... not great. It definitely played better with a mouse and keyboard. Here's hoping that that will be fixed in Wasteland 3 when it comes out later this year. My complete list: