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  1. Same here in the EU. It's not on the PS store.
  2. An amazing experience. Finished it twice (for now).
  3. I remember this trailer, but I completely forgot about it! It appeared on the store, but I can only add it to my wishlist, for now. I guess it'll be released in the coming hours then! Thanks for the update~
  4. Pretty easy trophy.
  5. Way too many, tbh.. (when having a crazy large backlog)... but hey, I'm excited for each one of em. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan The Last of Us 2 Medieval Code Vein Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Death Stranding The Outer Worlds Greedfall
  6. Awesome! Thank you!
  7. It looks interesting. I'm wondering, though.. those who have the game, how's the difficulty of the trophies?
  8. Personally, I played it with a friend. But from my standpoint, I'd say it's very doable and enjoyable playing alone. - Some battles might be challenging, but due to the fact there is no difficulty trophy... you can adjust it. - I've heard that the teammate AI is pretty good in supporting you with buffs and/or distraction for enemies. Just keep in mind there is one trophy that requires a coop partner. (Complete a mission with a coop player) Edit: One major con would be that the game gets repetitive. I imagine this being worse when you're playing alone, imo.
  9. After all these months... still this awesome atmospheric theme from The Last of Us 2. One of my most anticipated games!
  10. Great game so far. As the person above, I'll post some points: Imo: - The sisters together are great. The comments are funny (most of the time). The elevator moments... *laughs* - Buffing each other is a great way to work together. - The story is.. meh. Missing some strong antagonists. Mind you, I'm at 33% ish. Play this if you like the gameplay and have someone to co-op it with. - Tons of stuff to do and collect. You go in and out of areas for side missions and random events while being there. - Level up system. Get stronger each level you gain. Everything you do awards exp and sometimes coins (which are used to upgrade your weapons). - The Wolfenstein universe. In the end, it's a good game for the price tag.
  11. This has no couch co-op.
  12. Overwatch: Origins Edition! Yikes!
  13. Always willing to add new and friendly people! Just tell me you're from here, kay?
  14. Same for Belgium.
  15. Most of them are story related. No platinum, though. And one collectible trophy, I guess? ---- Memory Recovered Recovered and/or combined all Data Drops.