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  1. I did this method, and it spawned there after the 3rd time. Then, later, when I was farming for some money is Horde, it spawned once in 10 matches.. so I guess it's a real low droprate. Keep trying, I'd say.
  2. Replay mission 3. When entering the subway, there are several barrels.. destroy those and the bottle might drop. Restart the mission if it didn't.
  3. Oh, uhh... - Price tag + the lack of trophies are a turn off.
  4. Thank you for the info
  5. I have a question too. If you play the PS5 trial version (and perhaps upgrade to a subscription), will everything carry over when it's out of beta? And are all trophies unlockable on PS5 during this beta? Thanks in advance!
  6. Platinum #80: Telling Lies (PS4)

    (Amazing acting, but I didn't like the 'video-watching-gameplay'... easy Plat, though)

  7. Thank you!
  8. Platinum #79: The Outer Worlds (PS4) ^_^

    (Excellent and fun RPG, except for the boring environments, imo.)


  9. Platinum #78: Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic!

    (Easy but fun little puzzle game with lovely anime art)


  10. Platinum #77: Castle of no Escape 2 (PS4)


    1. ihadalifeb4this



    2. SGRevan


      Thanks, dude!

  11. Platinum #76: Strange Brigade (PS4)

    Fun coop experience.

  12. If you played the original, you'll see many familiar levels and moments. Same with characters and such. I found this video which shows you a bit of the similarities.
  13. Anniversary is a remake of the first Tomb Raider game.
  14. Platinum #75: We Were Here (PS4)

    Easy but fun coop plat. Def recommend! (Also, it's free.. for now!)

  15. Platinum #74: Watch Dogs: Legion (PS4)