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  1. Control - Loving this right now! Very fluent gameplay.
  2. An amazing theme. I love it. (Oh, and it's free!)
  3. Terminator: Resistance Fun game. Especially the sound is top-notch.
  4. And such a beautiful CE it is! Can't wait.
  5. Pre-order.. sure. Still, worth mentioning!
  6. Always happy to add new friendly people. Just mention you're from here, kay?
  7. Short answer... Yes. Long answer... I've pre-ordered and I'm looking forward to it. Unless it's REALLY expensive, it's a day one buy for me.
  8. Always looking to add new friendly people. We can help each other if needed! Just tell me you're from here, kay?
  9. Cheers To You - from Catherine. I need to start that game... (it's in original packaging waiting in my backlog.)
  10. We can only hope they see the light.
  11. It has to happen! C'mon, Bethesda, we bought Skyrim several times... can't you make us buy the older Fallout's? (Err yes, is the answer.)
  12. * Mass Effect 2 Incredible story, characters, lore, gameplay... * Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Amazing graphics, compelling story and a worthy closure for Nathan Drake. * Assassin’s Creed Odyssey How AC-games should be. From the base game to the DLC, it was an amazing adventure. Though, Alien: Isolation is worth a mention too... (one of the few games I finished more than three times...). Amazing atmosphere that is rarely matched.
  13. I love the art of the trophies (which look easy enough) I'm going to enjoy playing and discovering this after all these years. (only played the demo when I was young)