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  1. being able to buy ps1, ps2 and psp games is much better than i could hope for
  2. ps1, ps2, psp and maybe ps3 games can be purchased separately without having the highest tier psplus?
  3. there are two silver trophies, one to see all weapon models and one to see all concept art, the voucher that unlocks everything for you, also unlocks the weapon and concept art models, so technically they can be the first two trophies that can be unlocked if you buy the voucher? or do not unlock because they should be purchased from the game store and then seen in their respective galleries?
  4. I managed to find the giant kirin, now all I need is the trophy of the 50 arena missions can i do the challenges? do they count as arena mission? in case they don't count, I could do 50 times that of kulu-ya-ku
  5. so I just have to kill a giant kirin and I'm done with the base game
  6. I miss 2 trophies for MHW platinum (base game, I don't have iceborne) one of arena challenges, and one of giant gold crowns I haven't played in a long time, and I don't remember if the monsters added as an event (deviljho, lunastra, and all crossover monsters) are needed for the gold trophy I hope someone can answer me ps: here are the photos of the gold crowns in my possession
  7. so i could start vice city on ps4 and get this trophy right away in a few hours, obviously without using cheats, without taking hidden packs, and shooting only 101 bullets from any weapon it is certainly much more practical and faster than having to find the 80 packages to generate the sea sparrow in the garden of Diaz's villa
  8. is it possible to get the trophies of doing a hard run and a survival mode run, at the same time, also making the speedrun trophy?
  9. I finished the run with chris with the knife, I saved the completed file on the first save slot, I started the run with jill (from the main menu, not loading the Chris file), and I saved on the second slot, in the guide I read that you must always save the complete file on the same slot, can you tell me why? Did I screw up and have to start over? in case I messed up, is it possible to load an old save from one of the two runs, finish the game and save to the other character's save slot?
  10. is there really a trophy linked to the rng of a lootbox?
  11. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  12. I started the second run on expert difficulty, and it tells me trophy available when I see the difficulty selection, but if I set another difficulty and play the whole run and before the final mission I set the "expert" difficulty I still get the trophy ?
  13. borderlands 2
  14. My current level is 17. Hasn’t changed yet
  15. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City