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  1. Hi. I have this plat. It took me two years, the second one playing 3 o 4 hours almost each day. I can confirm that it's posible to earn it without buying tickets but, even purchasing them, this is totally insane. The boosting method is a bit more complex that told by Sergen and you can't get an online win at the same time as an offline one, because before the game against the AI ends you need to sign back to the network to receive XP for winning online. If you don't do it, you get nothing. The trophies for warrior, avatar and titles, Personally, I don't think you can earn those trophies with that difference in time. If there is a glitch, I don't know it and I had to spend lots and lots of hours, being terribly bored and testing my patience and constance. So, althought I'm very skeptical about this, I would like to make some questions, in order to give Pariah-Dark the benefit of a doubt (the benefit I hadn't in my wrong case for Ninja Gaiden some time ago) and maybe put some light here: 1. The name of the other account you used to boost. And what did you do when this second account had no tickets left? 2. Did you buy tickets? If yes, how many? 3. The amount of experience you earned in each match P/D: The person who reported this i think he must be here arguing and asking too. The people who have this platinum are very few of us, and I don't remember all the details and maybe I am forgetting important ones. By the way, when I achieved this I was in the top ten of first achievers. Today I am the 22, how is posible? 😆
  2. Your video is much better than mine, mate. Simply perfect, because you show the full clip and the stats in one single take, which I didn't I hope this ends soon, because it's taking too long. Thanks @Brightblade76 too. Can you post it in my dispute, please?
  3. The video is under 4 minutes.
  4. Gracias plana, pero no estoy nada contento. Esto está siendo MUY desagradable.
  5. Second and I hope last one
  6. In the video, when I show the saves right after earn the trophy it's perfectly clear the only save I have: chapter 01 end data Acolito (i don't know the name of the path in english, it´s the easy one), hours of game 50:59 1st video. Uploading the second one
  7. Well, I had to sleep, man. 3.00 am (GMT+1) and I have family. I don't refuse to upload the video, I said I'd prefer not to. I'm doing now but it goes slowly. The count says about 27 minutes. I just have recorded another one after read your petition showing the stats and again without cuts exit the game, show the saves and the trophies. I hope that will be enough...because if it has to be the same video, I would have to do again all. Create an email account, a psn account, pass the chapter 1 (and I suck at the game, it cost me a lot), deleting, reinstalling, etc. It is a lot of work, i don't know if it's worth for me. I'm really tired of this matter and I only want to forget it and do other things. I hope the 2 videos would be good.
  8. Yes. I played chapter 1 until 3.00 am or so. Then today I looked for videos (thanks @Daddoken by the way), deleting the game, reinstalling, etc. I recorded the end of the video, trophy popping, list of throphies, list of saves (to show the only save with chapter 1 and the video) in one single take, without cuts, just in case the GOODRIDDANCE55 accounts is not enough but I’d prefer not to upload it because I think I have spend too much time yet in this foolishness @acasser, I beg your pardon, but REALLY it’s very difficult to me understand all you say. A flag doesn’t mean I am a criminal or a cheater, ok, I get that. And I dont believe doesn’t mean either that I have "obtained trophies in a timeframe and/or order that violates the rules and regulations of this leaderboard". This flag means ONE person, who has been watched thousands of videos and blablabla, and with hidden trophies doesn’t work and blablabla, thinks, by his own risk, I used a savedata because it is...(sorry. IT WAS) imposible to get those trophies without beating first the chapters number...I don't remember the numbers, and even they are hidden throphies and there´s no way that the hidden trophies, as everybody knows, popped with the glitch . The posts are there and probably you will understand the charges and his words much better than me, so please, correct me if I am wrong. Yeah. There was your post, and my first post with a spanish thread saying that it's posible. But the personal opinion and theory of a single "expert" is better than threads with 5 or 6 years before the expert became an expert. It's unbelievable.
  9. No. For you I was guilty since the begginning, my explanations were ignored and ridiculed in the name of the great expierence. In any time (except the first post from @MMDE) you gave me the benefit of a doubt, when there exists a reasonable doubt. Who the hell are you to call me a liar or to laugh at my explanations? I was to gave up at first, but some comments like: I do believe you used a starter save that had everything unlocked, but you played it safe and tried not to get any suspicious time stamps, but you thought the 1000 kill glitch works for every character. The reason you're not done yet is likely from boredom and thinking "I can just do the game any time later", that's a theory and I think it's believable considering the way you got those female kills early. how is someone like Sergen who has experience in this a bad joke, it honestly sounds like to me you are mad because your friend got caught and in my opinion trying to pick a fight with Sergen and making the case worse against your friend. your friend remains the only person EVER to get the girl trophies before beating the game. Those comments were calumny. You have to understand too the work that is to defend myself in a language that is not mine. In my way of thinking People are innocent until the opposite is proved (it's not it seems fascism to me). What were the proves here? The experience of some guy? Guesses and theories, no facts. Why I have to waste my spare time in the weekend defending myself because of a whim from some kind of guru in The Ninja Gaiden. Don't treat people like criminals (someone of us have honour) and find yourself a girlfriend, a boyfriend or whatever.
  10.σ2/GOODRIDDANCE55 Must I upload a video doing the whole process or is enough of difamations? The video for Rachel is annonymous2k6 Ultimate Ninja 5 position 722
  11. Seriously? Do you think that? There are games for me very boring to earn the platinum. The uncompleted games I have I used to play them each 3 or 4 months. I earn a trophy or complete a chapter, mission or even a checkpoint and quit the game for 3 or 4 months. This year I have completed Batman Arkham Asylum (6 years trying one of the challenges each 3 months and when I finally get it I did the hard difficulty) and Killzone 2 (4 years in Elite Difficulty), and I have games like Crysis, Bayonetta, Naughty Bear, etc. I hope will complete one day (if I don't die first). And I have games I know I will never get the 100% (curiosly Ninja Gaiden is one of then, as well as Marvel vs Capcom, some Guitar Heros and a few more because my skills are not enough) but even in these last ones, I keep playing each 3 or 4 months (maybe in a couple of months I will complete the chapter 12 or 13 in Ninja Gaiden...I don't remember what chapter I'm playing now...something in a kind of jungle I think) Why I explain this? Because if I had something like invincibility, god mode o whatever cheat I could use in one game and make it fast and easy, I would play it without stop, like I use to do in the majority of the easy games I play...but waiting since 2012 to avoid suspicious time stamps, as you say, forgive me the word please, but it's bullshit Be yourself and do what you have to do, but you are being very unfair to me. I wish I could prove it. Well, maybe akiytloer was wrong but I'm sure his intention came because he knows me quite well and although we don't play together I think since 2015 in Uncharted 3, in the past we did lot of hours boosting and non-boosting games together, so we have talked a lot and he knows perfectly my opinion about cheaters, hackers, saves, and that kind of stuff. He is not mad, basically, becasuse I didn't get caugh, and I didn't get caugh because, believe it or not, I'm totally innocent. He knows and I know. Unfortunately, it's not on me, but I refused to believe that I am the only one that I found a video that anyone found, so I wait someone in the future will pass for the same situation, because this is very annoying and frustrating because you are calling me a liar. I thought my first explanation was enough because it's the truth and I have anything to hide, but I had never expect the issue with these two trophies. I simply followed the instructions in the thread of my spanish forum at that time. Now reading the first post at that thread, the two trophies appear there in the list of the trophies earned using the glitch, but it's not enough against the millions of hours of experience and background from the infallible cheaters-hunters (excuse the sarcasm, but I'm really upset). Good night!
  12. Sorry Sergen, but don't worry and don't waste your time checking your theory (obviously I don't remember the videos I watched...this was 5 years ago, but in the spanish link maybe it could be Maste_Ninja_Ryu in Master Ninja 5 between 330 and 360). I can only say I've never used a save. You can believe me or not but, sincerely, I don't mind, and I don't mind being or not at the rankings, but what I did is what I said in the first post. Nothing else. I'm not going to waste more time trying to prove my innocence. My impression is that I have been judged and sentenced yet. It's a pity If somebody else have the same issue than me in the future and can prove what I said, I would like an apology. Gracias akiytloer, pero déjalo, no merece la pena, y de verdad, que me la pela bastante lo del ranking, y más con estas actitudes.
  13. I don't know if I understand you properly. Are you saying that the problem is only with the trophies "Momiji Mastered" and "Rachel Mastered"?
  14. DEGETE Ninja Gaiden Σ2 Hi. I didn't hack anything or used any savegame. I used a very known glitch: &<br /> <br /> When I watched some of the videos at the Ninja Cinema a few trophies unlocked, not only those two in the "reason given by reporter", but several more<br /> <br /> Thanks to the reporter, anyway. lol