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  1. It's definitely online only - the Secret Mission is to prevent another Player from dying, and is assigned when you get to camp. It can be pretty easily boosted with 2 players, or even received randomly while farming equipment materials if you check every now and then for open camps rather than only selecting AI.
  2. Posting to confirm a process that got me and a friend the "Welcome to the Crow's Nest" trophy playing solo during endgame conditions. Mission: Ghost in the Machine No need to create a new avatar (per recommendations for trying this trophy by killing off AI partners) Load in with AI, don't pick up any ingredients yourself. The mission itself takes mere seconds with endgame equipment - in fact, the loading times are longer than the mission itself. I got the trophy on about my 10th repeat of the mission after it was recommended. Also picked up about 15 Laser Sensors in that time - if you're farming those too, it's not a bad thing to be playing the mission on repeat. One way or another, it is still random, but the mission is quick enough to probably be among the better ways. Plus, it finally got me the trophy after nearly 60 in game hours, so that's excellent either way.
  3. Breath of Fire III and IV (and I and II, for that matter) - would be my picks, especially for a ground up remake rather than just a remaster. The Klonoa series is also dear to my heart, and I'd love to see it done, too.
  4. I’ve got a few that have been laid aside for a long time, mostly out of disgust. Mighty No. 9 (PS4) and Rayman 3D (PS3) are, I think, my oldest incomplete games. Every now and then I toy with advancing them, play a level or two in one or the other, but some of the demands are extreme (especially for Mighty No. 9) and take more energy than I really have to devote. I’m happy to grind against a fair system (I finished FFXV Comrades today, the DLC, not the standalone), but it’ll be a while yet before I can bring myself to finish those two games.
  5. So I sent an email to BigAnt in regards to this and the other issues we’d been having, communication as follows: From me: Response: Not much detail, I know, but it might be a useful clue. Hiten_Shah has the plat now, so at least we know it’s possible with enough determination! Also, having done the math, it would seem that the quickest way to earn coins is to bat full innings. A well timed 6 followed up with the batters Favorite celebration (as shown on their intro screen, once per match) earns 55 coins, and wins by huge numbers of runs give bonus coins. It’ll still take ages, but I got around 12,000 out of a match this way the other day.
  6. It can take some time - there are guides to streamline your path toward good weapons and stats, but it’s grindy, especially with only computer controlled party characters to work with. I’m about 22 hours in and I’ve got two major sigil missions to go before I can face the final final boss and earn the 13th sigil, and then 3 more iterations of the Full Departure quest (I’ve only done it as Noctis so far). My guess is that’ll take me maybe around 10 more hours to get through that content (I’m behind on stats, and only got through some of the missions on a wind and a prayer). My understanding is that, once you’ve got the Comrades trophies in this list (make sure you do both the regular list (DLC Pack 4) and the March 2018 Update (DLC Pack 7)), you can transfer your save into the standalone Comrades game and most of the trophies will autopop. However, there are some that are known to need redoing, such as meeting Kenny, and, of course, the standalone game has more trophies of its own. Happily, the standalone game works online, so you can organise boosting sessions to grab the last of what you’re missing.
  7. Ouch, man, that’s brutal. I’m slowly trying to work towards this too, but 1,500 wickets being glitchy is pretty disheartening. I’m assuming you’re using the counter in the game stats to judge that? I have a sneaking suspicion that run outs may not count to the 1,500 even though they go in the stats - due to them not being attributed to the bowlers. No proof of this, but it may be the reason for the word ‘Claim’ in the trophy description. The “Feel the Heat” trophy hasn’t popped for me despite me meeting its conditions several times, but I’m going to see if it pops maybe in WBBL tournament. Failing that, I’ll backup and reset my save and see if that triggers it. I’ll be really happy to put this grind behind me - I thought the Ashes game last year was fiercely grindy, but this is something else again.
  8. I made the mistake of buying a cricket game (Ashes Cricket) to play with a friend's kids. Now I like cricket, but the grind required was extreme to plat it. And now I've made the same mistake again this cricket season by getting another cricket game, that not only features almost 10 times the grind by statistics, but also buggy trophies. Big Bash Boom will likely occupy prize place in frustrating boring platinums, should I ever build up the self-loathing needed to actually finish it.
  9. My backlog tends to be addressed in little doses - ordinarily I’ll keep at one game until it’s 100%, so there are normally extenuating circumstances for a game I’ve started to fall into my backlog. Of my current set of incomplete games: Mighty No. 9, Onrush, and Rayman 3 I only play in small doses because of the focus required to advance. I tend to play these in one- or two- level bursts once every few days. I started Just Cause 3 for a trophy competition, and I plan on playing the earlier games in the series before continuing it. Portal Knights, Warframe, and Red Dead Redemption (PS3) I tend to only play with friends (or in the case of RDR, boosting groups) so they get relegated to pretty much weekends only. The other games in my backlog are either excessively grindy (Tetris Effect, Big Bash Boom, and also Warframe to a lesser extent) or lacking motivation on my part to finish a second play through to mop up (Bastion) - these tend to get an hour’s attention here or there when the whim takes me. Every now and then I get on a roll with a backlogged game and manage an almighty push to get it done - probably my proudest to date was Wipeout Omega Collection. I swear I was twitchy for days after that.
  10. I was able to get both of these trophies in the Alps area, and have a thought to offer - after a period of time, the game warns that it’s reached the maximum number of lines it can store in memory, and starts overwriting from the oldest forward. It would need checking, but it’s possible that the Moments need to have been recorded within the game’s stored lines. I have no idea how to go about checking this, but it’s the only other reason I can think of that might account for the variance.
  11. I found, myself, that one of the better places to farm Mystery Goo was the deck of Hook’s ship in Neverland, when the Rare Truffles appear there. It wasn’t too challenging to get the rhythm right to knock them into the air indefinitely, and there’s a 20% Drop chance for Mystery Goo at 10 hits, a 40% of another at 50 hits, and a guaranteed drop if you get to 100 hits. Plus, there are enough Truffles to sometimes get through 4 of them - up to 12 Mystery Goos per visit on a lucky run. I had much less fun with the Pink Agaricus for the synthesis trophies - it took me ages to sort out how to do him right. Can I get in on this Let’s Play, too? I’ve 100%’d all the KH games so far on PS3 and PS4, and am awaiting KH3 with bated breath, but I’d held back from joining in because of having already finished the others. If that’s not an issue, I’d love to be signed up.
  12. Trophy list on PSN has definitely been updated since it was initially released - I’ve flagged it as an issue in the trophy list update forum. We got the trophy list ages before the final release, maybe even before the game delay was announced, IIRC. I’m guessing that ‘Bob’ must have been one of the changes made during the delay period?
  13. Hey guys, Just a heads up that, per this topic on the Spyro 2 forum, the trophy description for Duck and Cover in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage has indeed been changed from “Don’t get hit by Bombo” to “Don’t get hit by Bob” since the initial trophy list was released. DJ
  14. I’ve gotten lucky with a few of the trophies that appear here, notably the Dishonored Trials trophies gave me good runs for Daredevil, By My Hand Alone, and Headhunter Personally speaking, the hardest ones that I’ve earned so far have probably been the Wipeout Omega Collection - it’s my longest platinum to date, and I swear I was twitching for days after earning the Zico trophies, and the platinum itself. Possibly soon to surpass it will be Mighty No. 9 (which I beat my head against periodically) - I’m working on beating hard mode inside an hour at the moment, and with my reflexes for that style of platformer apparently lost to the ravages of time, that will become my hardest trophy when/if I achieve it.
  15. EU/PAL region version seems unaffected - Challenge Master trophy popped immediately upon finishing the last challenge for me. I did experience an unrelated glitch in my Hard playthrough where the game didn’t register my receiving one of the keys, but other than visually and one ‘plot event’ (I use the term loosely, of course), it didn’t affect either the outcome or the trophies popping.