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  1. Definitely only from PS4 to PS5 as far as I could see while tidying it up today.
  2. Also AU store. Might be global.
  3. Could probably add Atomine to this list - it’s a combination twin stick/rouge-like/lite (i don’t remember which is right for Rogue). Enjoyable game, and some very cryptic trophies to boot.
  4. Excellent tip - I had the same issue and same fix.
  5. Legend. Thanks ProStasyan.
  6. I’m on now if that works, and for the next several hours
  7. Yeah, I’ve done some trading as well already.
  8. That’d be awesome. My PSN is darkjian92 - how do you go about these ones?
  9. Hey everyone, I’m chasing a Halo Topper/Ion boost for metaverse, as well as one of the boosts needed for Don’t Look Back (Thermal/Burnout/Nitrous). Happy to trade for what I have, or do a swap right back so others can be helped.
  10. Did it in casual - I had two bowled and a caught at third man. Teams shouldn't matter, I don't think. When the power up I needed came up, I quit and backed up my save before activating the power up. I also missed one ball and quickly quit to menu and reloaded in - it didn't affect the result and I finally got the trophy.
  11. Just confirming in this thread, too - Feel the Heat pops when a wicket is scored off every ball while the powerup is active. Thanks to crazypatriot1 for spotting that!
  12. Yep, that’s phenomenally useful. As an extra tip, I definitely think that wickets achieved by run out don’t count towards the total 1500 - I’m assuming the wickets taken are from the bowlers stats - and a run out doesn’t count as a wicket for the bowler. I’ll get on the grind and see how things fare. EDIT: I can confirm that Feel the Heat popped for me just now after getting a hat-trick while the -powerup was active. Good pick, mate.
  13. If anyone is truly desperate to play, the HK store still has all four games listed and purchasable.
  14. Entirely free, though time consuming. All of the DLC came as version updates, not paid content.
  15. I was looking here: not the store, so I may be in error in this case. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/deponia-collection-ps4/ https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/goodbye-deponia-ps4/ Both of those pages have links to “Buy Now” that redirect to my local store, where the games definitely aren’t. Is this an oversight by Sony, maybe? They’ve delisted the store but maintained the site pages?