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  1. Hi could someone explain how the merchant discounts work? I am now at rank S2 in mercenary tiers, but my discount is still on tier 3. Do I need to do something additional? Thanks.
  2. I have the Platinum and everything (I think) except for one lore stone that will not activate in the mountain (there is no way/prompt for me to insert the crystal. My question is does that fog patch over the River Pass on the map ever go away?
  3. I really didn't notice anything missable when I got the platinum. There are a few areas that you can't get back to, but none have important items.
  4. Oh Ok, I just didn't realize that.
  5. Hi, I don't know if this is common knowledge or not (I have really watched many tutorials/walkthroughs) but it seems that (I think after completing the main story) when you step though a portal into the Realm Between Realms you can save 10 seconds (nothing big but I always do this) by taking the first branching path then returning to the main one - the portal appears right there. There might be more to it, but it works all (except 1 or 2) the time for me.
  6. Thanks LordNEET that was it (I was delivering the wrong kind of egg) I was unaware there there were different types of eggs.
  7. I cannot finish the Wildspire Waste Delivery quest. I go get the egg out of the nest (I've both killed the Wyvern and not on different attempts) walk back to camp, insert it in the blue supply crate, get my 250 research points, and I still see 0/2 eggs delivered (same if I put two in the box). Maybe I am not doing some little thing that is required for this quest, can anyone see anything I might be missing?
  8. UPDATE: I did get access to some of mid tier ones now (only HR 10) but I don't really have the materials for most of them yet.
  9. I want to make better weapons. but now I have the best dual blades (in one tree) that I can currently. I know from looking online that they can be further upgraded, (although they never say how) but the whole right side of the upgrade trees is locked ("under development") I am only in the Coral Highlands now, does this eventually unlock or do I have to do something special?
  10. It wasn't quite as bad as I first thought. They went away after a few days, but still.
  11. Everytime I transition to a new place or even use the map the game has to remind me over and over again that I should buy the latest DLC (The Hidden Ones). I can easily decline it each time it comes up, but is anyway I can give Ubisoft the message that I'll never want it (or at least if I do I'LL find it myself)?
  12. It may be that you press the button too long, I have to give it a quick tap before it will work.
  13. Yeah, I posted too early, I guess the psn was slow last night, it appeared this morning. Although it never popped.
  14. Hi, I am just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if this trophy is glitched. I blocked over 15 000 damage points in one life and still no trophy, the online guide said hat you can get health packs, is it OK if team members heal me?
  15. Thanks, that worked. Originally I was trying to do it in Minus Morgal, but it worked in Nurnen fine.