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  1. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/nickelodeon-kart-racers/guide/
  2. DLC with trophies
  3. They are, as practicaly nobody is playing online. I boosted these when the game just came out.
  4. Thank you!
  5. You can do the rest in championship mode
  6. They're short and pretty straight forward
  7. Just the Repulsor over and over...that is way to unlock the Shield.
  8. It could be, this delay started to me just today. 2 trophies were stuck and one took more than a minute to pop, the "Get Over Here" trophy
  9. I did it, it works, impaled 3 heads so far I impaled the head but the trophy didn't pop, after 1 minutes or so it popped, I wasn't even in the game but the PS Main Menu.
  10. Looks tough, but I am down, it will be a great challenge
  11. Loving this game so far as well
  12. The last missions for my Plat were Survival. I just completed them and I can confirm that for, Endor, Tattoine and Sullust there are spots where you can give a decent fight. While on the spots, you still can get killed, but if you move carefully, you can survive the 15 waves without loosing a single heart. I beat Hoth with a partner just playing, no spot used. Endor: Tatooine: Sullust: Hope this helps. Mindtrash
  13. May 29th and no news about the PS4 fix...
  14. Still glitched
  15. You just can't reupload files, you have to start over. Just did it