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  1. You can't transfer you save. You have to play both games entirely. Who knows, maybe in the future they can implement it, just like they did on Dirt 5.
  2. No it's not. But I am wondering if the PS5 save can be transferred to PS4....
  3. And do they have between PS5->PS4?
  4. Start the 24 hrs race and do some laps to get some distance from your rivals. Then head to the pitlane and select "Swap Driver" and go to sleep, the IA will finish the race for you. If you don't want to stress your console, you can put it in Rest Mode and continue later.
  5. Hey buddy, please turn your message to public, been trying to get in contact about  motogp’14 for the PS3, r u available?

    1. J_Pizza


      Nevermind about this message, i have it done.

  6. The weirdest thing is that I have an alternate account and it got everything reset as well...
  7. Hi, I played on August 4th and everything seemed fine...I just entered to play a little and I saw my stats back to zero, everything. I downloaded my last save (from Aug 4th) and it was the same, all back to zero. I just needed like 40 more online races... What the heck!!
  8. Yup
  9. I was finally able to beat it, after some tries.
  10. I just cant beat the flying thing. I complete the track in 1:28 but it beats me anyway. i have seee videos in which the time to beat is 1:32!!
  11. This is pure gold, thank you so much
  12. In past games it happens near the last quarter of the season
  13. Hi! I have completed a league event with a friend. We both received the in-game email with the League medal, but when we claimed it the trophy for: League Racer Did not pop for any of us. This trophy is the same as F1 2020 and 2019 league trophy so I know how it works, I am pretty sure it has issues. I also looked at the completion % on PSN and it is 0% as well as PSN Profiles Regards Mindtrash
  14. I used the Deluxe livery and the trophy didn't pop. I will follow your guidance. I am on PS4.
  15. It is absolutely doable. I am on it on PS3 with the latest patch. I already platinumed the NA version so I am following the same strategy I did in the past: -When aiming for the "Elite Player" trophy, pick any (or your favorite) fully upgraded character and start on "Izzy" difficulty. -As your character is fully upgraded, invest your resources on lives. Complete the game. -Every New+ that you start will carry on your lives and upgrades. -Start a New+ which will put you in Normal difficulty, invest all your resources in lives. Complete the game (you can get "Just Normal..." trophy here). -Start a New+ which will put you in Hard difficulty, invest all your resources in lives. Complete the game (you can get "Not so hard..." trophy here). -Start a New+ which will be your final playthrough. By this time you should have 99 lives. You will die a lot, A LOT, but keep purchasing lives as you will have a ton of resources. If you are confident, you can pick any non upgraded character and start on Izzy difficulty, by the 2/3 stage on the New+ (Normal difficulty) you will be fully upgraded and can start purchasing lives for your Elite playthrough.