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  1. Do all battle are 2vs2? I could find the way to create or find a 1vs1 EDIT: No 1vs1
  2. I have "enjoyed" trying to find where to go, because, to me, resembles to when one is actually trying to find a place Looking at the signs at the walls is really helpful. Is helpful the Sector/Sub Sector text you see at the upper left. If the game wants you to go to a new Sector, for example Containment, you can guess it is a new sector because if it won't Containment should be after the Sector/Containment. So, when you see this, you guess you have to go to the main elevator to pick the new sector. Rod
  3. Doh! I was completely lost. Thank you so much
  4. Hi buddies, I thought I understood how to obtain this trophy but it looks like I dont't I thought that by reaching or purchasing leves to reach tier 30 would unlock the perks at the shop and I would get the trophy. The thing is that I reached tier 30, went to the shop and everything looks unlocked (except for the "locked items" which are purchased with PitCoins). Do I have to purchase the locked items as well? I didn't think so, as they are available for a certain time and then are replaced by other stuff. Is there anything I am missing? Thank you. Rod
  5. Thank you all I will just keep trying
  6. Hi do you know how to enter to a MP race? Every time I try, I get the message that no server are available or no servers to join. Regards Mindtrash
  7. Some trophies didn't pop when they should. The other thing I see (maybe it is that way, 1st time playing this game) is that some upgrades I have purchased are lost. For example I purchased a part for the speed and when I came back to purchase other stuff, the speed was not upgraded, but the trugets were gone
  8. I played today (disc version) and no issues.
  9. You can't restart from checkpoints, if you die you have to start the mission over.
  10. Thanks for the tips!!
  11. Thank you so much for these videos! Question regarding the Immortal trophy, do you have to complete every missions in one go? or you just have to ensure you completed every level at least one time without dying or loading a checkpoint? Thanks in advance!!
  12. So the rumors were true! I am so so so so happy!! yey!!!!
  13. I am sorry I meant rooms. Yes, rooms are gone but you can still invite friends.
  14. Servers still work, lobbies are gone. I just got all the online trophies that I needed. Hurry up people
  15. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/nickelodeon-kart-racers/guide/