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  4. Glad you managed man! I tried my best to explain it, but it's not easy. Tho the partern is easy to learn
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  6. I did 50 other events on my playthrough before I start grinding C'thiris events. You can create as many of them as you want and probably duplicate them. I didn't bother before stone is super easy to find for crafting them.
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  10. Send me an invite PSN with a message for Portal Knights. We can do that tomorrow! Almost 1h am here)
  11. No stream tonight because my wife is sick, but I'll be there tomorrow while we keep grinding January PS+ Games!
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  12. Hey Woodzy! I just created a thread that regroup the fastest way to do the 200 events with C'thiris runs and to level boosting. For me the Easter event runs didn't work.
  13. Portal Knights 200 events farming You need to craft some C'thiris Tesseracts (1 Energy Orb + 10 Stones) in the Alchemy IV workbench. Each Tesseract start the C'thiris Event. Note: The event itself drop 2-3 orbs each run. So you can craft unlimited amount of Tesseract. Tips: It takes 300s to craft one, but you can fast forward with your PS4 clock. Fastest Way to the Objective: The event has some RNG, but it's patterned and predictable. The objective can be in the first room or the 20th. Each room you'll encounter has a specific pattern that is always the same each event, no matter what depending on the amount of doors. +/- 85% of the rooms it's first door right. There is 2-3 exceptions, but knowing that it's patterned you'll learn about those exceptions fast, because it's not easy to describe rooms without screenshots. When the event start you always want to take the first door under you. The objective is always in that direction. For the room when you drop down with a door north and south. Always take the door south. The room with a tiny staircase with a possibility of two doors, it's left door if there is two doors. Chest = Wrong path, but loot if you need. The event is also the best place to boost someone level. 1 event completion brought my friend from lvl 1 -> 13. Took 2h to make 1 -> 30
  14. This method worked perfectly for me! Did it after couple of tries