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        ╬═╬ just dropped down to say
        ╬═╬ PS4 is the best console
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  2. Yeah it's F2P with micro-transaction (cosmetic only) Thank you for the clarification! Seems a lot more legit then 1h lvl 90
  3. Looking great! Can't wait to play it tomorrow!
  4. Yeah 6 mobs is super easy
  5. Platinum #245 :platinum: Some trophies were a real challenge! Lots of fun tho!


  6. Recently PoE devs did an AMA on Reddit and confirmed that the game will have a platinum! I'm looking forward to grind that amazing and new F2P on playstation!
  7. It would have been a grindy, disappointing 100%
  8. Official announcement of the unobtainable trophy in Switchblade. ''The new requirements for unlocking the trophy are to shepherd 6 mobs into Tower Doors in a single match, this has been reduced from the previous requirement of 10.'' https://www.switchbladegame.com/news/switchblade-update-pied-piper-fix-and-ui-improvements/
  9. Ruley is the community manager I think it's going good for them. They got a lot of players, more on PS4 that they expected. Also the game is a lot of fun, so it helps!
  10. Fix for Pied Piper trophy coming with patch 1.18 in 1-2 weeks. Info from CM on their discord!
  11. New 100% - F2P game with buggy trophies. Make sure to follow the guide properly. Also fastest achiever for now :) 


  12. Platinum #244 :platinum: 
    A little update on the worst Trash ever!


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    2. Honor_Hand


      Great work, congrats! 👍


      Note to self: Avoid this game like the plague lol xxxD

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    4. PvtVoid


      Thanks! Yeah there's tons of better easy plat out there 😂 please ignore this one

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  13. More Dying Light :platinum: 


  14. Need help in Dying Light? Feel free to join me tonight! :D 

    1. starcrunch061


      And so PvtVoid to friends did call,

      "Dying Light, come one, come all!

      But only for tonight shall we

      Chase evil, undead zombie!"


    1. Honor_Hand


      Haven't played DS III nor any of the Souls-like games on PS4 but DS II on PS3 was my least favorite in the series back then. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, it's still an outstanding game but for some reason. It came off easy at times and it wasn't all that memorable for me. Still, it has some pretty good bosses and the stage design was pretty good. Good luck on this one. ;)

    2. PvtVoid


      Thanks @Honor_Hand! I played the game on PS3 when I wasn't a trophy hunter. I never manage to go back to it since I'm in NG++ I was getting my ass kick. I plan to get my PS4 plat and then complete the last 4 trophies on PS3 since I will have the muscle memory and knowledge ready.


      It was definitely the worst from the series for me. I played all the others :) 

  16. Trophy Hunting Friends, Let's Kick Ass!


  17. For Honor DLC completed! Now we wait 2 months for the :platinum: 😭 


    1. ShonenCat


      Nice progress :yay: