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  1. My keg trophy popped at 170 kegs FYI.
  2. Well fuck me 100 kegs doesn't pop :'(
  3. It's not obvious, but there is already another topic asking the same question. Check the answer there.
  4. Well if everyone got it delayed then I'm less worried. I still have a good amount to play and grind before getting prestige. So hopefully it'll pop before I reach level 60.
  5. Anyone got issues with the 100 kegs opening? My trophy isn't popping, but I have open more then 100 kegs...
  6. Like IDiivil said I got it randomly with a bit of luck. It's not well coded for now, but it works.
  7. Quick Before seems to be the only last trophy glitch for me. I couldn't make it pop.
  8. Yeah I guess... But it would have so much nicer if the past grind would be rewarded instead of needing the prestige
  9. Also I was already level 40. I didn't get the trophy yet, but I haven't level up since they put the trophies. Might be something that unlock it, but be careful. Might be glitched.
  10. Hey Snow! As far as I know a year ago the servers weren't dead, but even then I wouldn't have played the game without friends. If you can find 4 people to boost you'll be fine. You can do private match and boost everything.
  11. Definitely a late answer, but yeah you can download the game and play it on your main account without issue. Micro-transaction are useless for the platinum. Just need a couple of friends and you can boost it easily.
  12. Thanks Yoey for the info! Seems to be quite a challenge anyway
  13. Hey guys, Anyone that has played this game know how the save system work? Is it possible to back-up your save file and exploit the Ironman mode?
  14. Hey guys! I got this game in a giveaway, never heard of it! How do you find the game so far and what do you think of the trophies?
  15. Thanks a lot for the drops @totallycrushed and for everyone you've helped before the servers closure! You did some awesome work! 😁
  16. No don't worry, a lot of people have done it and it's not cheating. It's a feature of the game 😀
  17. They finally fixed the trophy in the last patch and I finally manage to get it 6 months later!
  18. I tried 5 days in a row. I've grabbed the dog tag and did 4 or 5 alliance wars. Nothing the trophy isn't popping! Any idea what could be my issue?
  19. I think the last patch as fixed the issues! I finally manage to earn the trophy today! 😁
  20. Hey guys, for those who have played the game, how is it?
  21. If you haven't done the exp grind on killing floor 2 for you sweet platinum, this is the best time to do it!
  22. There is no list, but they always do a double exp weekend at the end of events since I got the game on PS+ Next time they'll add a DLC trophy or for Easter? 🤔 Not sure which holiday they'll celebrate next.
  23. iirc it's like 4 matches per level, I've done it couple of weeks ago. Not long 3h maybe!
  24. X
  25. Anyone has more info concerning this trophy?