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  1. Anyone has more info concerning this trophy?
  2. I found that the easiest way for me to get stingers was to play Story Mode on the casual difficulty on the A Shady Fellowship level. Stand approximately 15m away from one of the hippies and throw a curve ball to hit them. The stingers are random, but curving is needed to make it happens. To make a curve ball you simply need to do a shot with maximum power and move your right stick!
  3. There is no online feature in the game!
  4. You have to die to be out of the game and harras people
  5. I can't believe Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends made it on PS+ glad for us it's making this platinum even rarer. It's awesome to have someone that did a guide already for such a small and unknown game, it deserves something! The guide is great and perfect for ultra-rare hunters! It is well done, easy to understand, important tips and all the necessary information. All the button input is well done, the format is perfect and he even did some videos! Has someone who love hidden gems and indie games! My vote goes to Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends trophy guide by @Trophy_Croissant
  6. Enjoy the short grind! https://twitter.com/KillingFloor/status/931604408571379712
  7. Ok good! Thanks for the info guys, I heard the news from a friend and I just wanted to share that with you! 😅
  8. From what I understand from German, it doesn't write anything about being for a limited time! Could be the same scenario as Knack 2, so grab it fast before it goes! https://store.playstation.com/de-ch/product/EP1003-CUSA07377_00-COLOSSUSFULLGAME Edit: Confirmed to be a complete trial version only, sorry for the false alert.
  9. Great news! I got the trophy on Vita. There is still some performance issue on the Vita after the patch. I just started my NG+ and got the trophy in 30min on my 3rd try. NG+ isn't needed for the trophy and you will be able to earn it earlier. My issue was that all my stats were too high in the end game. Every planets has +200 buildings, you make money in the quintillion and it made it impossible to grab the trophy because of the performance. So just make sure to grab this trophy while you are in the first 2-3 universes and do not wait until the end when the game started having difficulty. Or make yourself a favor and buy the game on PS4!
  10. Cool thanks for the info! Keep the god work on YT btw
  11. The patch drop for Vita today! I'm still unable to get the trophy. If someone manages to do it on Vita, let us know, please!
  12. I think you can do it if you play all weekend and Monday for sure! Play on hard and short (4 rounds). The boss fights give a good amount of the exp! Maybe you are too low to play on hard yet. I think you should start around level 10-15 or when you feel confortable test it. You'll probably get carry in the worst case by others.
  13. It was just to specify for other hunters!
  14. You don't get 50 coins even if you lose. The numbers are something like that: 1st: 51 coins - 2nd: 44 coins - 3rd: 40 coins and 4th get 35 coins. But it's much faster playing like that in FFA than ranked or 2v2
  15. Square is for light attacks! You need to use triangle or circle for the heavy attacks 😏
  16. The trophy pop without any issue for me. Are you sure that you use some HEAVY attacks? Are you sure that you did those games in MATCHMAKING and not custom? If you still have an issue with the trophy, it's super easy to boost since you can play together in 4 players FFA. Just add me writing in the friend request that you are from here and I'm playing right now, so I can boost it with you!
  17. There is nothing touch screen while playing on the vita and yes people have said it's easier on PS4, but unfortunately the game isn't cross-buy and I don't feel like paying 20$CAD for the game on a different platform.
  18. Did anyone manage to get this trophy on the PSVita? I just can't get it. Sincerly 40 input in 5 seconds is just impossible 😞
  19. Good luck! Awesome idea I love it!
  20. How did you buy some attachment on your guns? I can't find how to upgrade my M4
  21. I can't find the game anywhere. Did someone bought the game recently?
  22. I love the game but it's dead and the matchmaking is broken sadly
  23. In some EU stores, is it possible that it isn't in all the EU stores? My alt account is in Poland and I can't find it.
  24. Just a better list if people are looking for it 😁 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716560514
  25. Ahhh Gotcha! I lost 1-2 hours making/reversing words. I didn't realize I had to write the specific word... Thanks!