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  1. Do I have to craft specific words and do the 163 in one go? I left to the main menu to see my progress and I'm still at 0/163 :'(
  2. I found it! The cat only appears around noon. I saw it disappear in front of me at 15:00
  3. Hey guys! Anyone had a glitch where the Summer Blue Cat doesn't appears? It's summer in my game, I've been following the guide and under the tree, next to the sage stone there is no cat at all
  4. I just got some in the Dapplewood Forest area by cutting trees
  5. 6 months for 100%? Sounds cool 😂 Yeah I'm currently level 27 and I never got any legendary even with PvP! This RNG 😤 I can't believe I just got it! I've earn it from an Epic pack from the CPU Defense rewards!
  6. Any tips how to get this trophy without paying omney for 1200 gold? 🤑
  7. Thanks TheYuriG!! Best Boost Session Ever! 😁