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  1. On 4/18/2017 at 8:42 PM, Blaidd-Cysgodol said:

    When you say Zone 3 do you mean region? NA/EU/JP etc. If so you will not be able to use DLC from a different region game. So region 1 DLC can only work with region 1 game. If you have trouble finding DLC for "zone 3" I would suggest contacting Playstation support. 

    Thank you T_T


  2. I have a problem with my game.

    My account is Zone 3 and i got this game from PSN Plus (Free Game)

    But... When i got the Platinum Trophy.

    I just see about trophies from DLC of the game.

    But i can't see DLC in the Play Station Store of Zone 3.

    Anyway, i added my second account of Zone 1 and bought the DLC.

    Then switch back to my main account but i can't see my DLC from second account.

    So, The question is... If i buy the game from Zone 1 on my second account. Can i play the game with dlc and still use my old save file ?