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  1. Thanks so much, this helps a lot!
  2. This seriously makes me so happy, I was super upset with what happened. I can’t wait!
  3. Well...its something, a little bit of hope at least.
  4. Cabbage and noodles
  5. Thank you, I will definitely be using this!
  6. Yep! Just go to the Misc. menu and click “Heal All” trophy will pop.
  7. According to a trophy tips guide I found on another site it says no. It says that what is considered New Game plus picks up right after you beat the final boss, and levels, equipment, and money carry over.
  8. This helps a lot!! Thank you
  9. Baked Ziti and salad
  10. Dragon plushies are my weakness...I bit for the LE also. But I’ve been looking forward to this game for awhile, it looks adorable
  11. I have long been a fan of the band Fleetwood Mac. My name is just my favorite Fleetwood Mac album.
  12. Teddy Grahams and Sweet Tea
  13. Fantastic guide, Thanks