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  1. What is it worth truly though? It is very easy to call something worthless when you are not the one sinking time making whatever you are making. I understand that they are a massive corporation and in gaming there are kinda set prices on what a game, expansion, add-on should cost. I bought it and I really enjoyed it and wasn't mad at the original price tag. Either don't buy it or wait for a sale. We have been very lucky that gaming overall hasn't had its prices raised at the same level the most things do with our current economy. When we talk about entertainment a cinema ticket is literally 10/15 for a 1h30m movie. When this game has 6h of content for most (checked on how long to beat).
  2. You know what I mean. Its like trophy hunters nowadays expect everything to be easy or be able to bypass. I was much like this, abusing the game, using glitches but I finally realised that it is a waste of time. Why cheat my way out to then look at it and be like, I didn't really achieve it did I? Again this is a forum like you said and if I remember this forum isn't just to seek help. It's to create a way for trophy hunters to communicate and share their opinions about games as well. Track their games, etc. Again I didn't expect to be applauded. All I said was for people who were decent at the game to not be worried as this DLC isn't hard. A guy asked me how I got my scores that low. I told him I had a way. People didn't like that I didn't share how I did it.
  3. Bruh, you guys are funny. Imagine being mad at me because I am ''gatekeeping'' a combo. I took the time to learn and try different variations of combos and found something that is overpowered. Why would I just give it away, let everyone earn it easier, and bring the completion up? Not everything has to be given away.
  4. There is one move that is broken and gives you a ton of points. Same move combo that I use for Rusty Business. If you don't believe me I can post a screenshot of my points lmao. EDIT: Also in case you are wondering why I am not sharing the move combination it's because I want people to actually try it just as I did. EDIT2: And don't worry I felt the same at times while trying to get that gold stamp in performance challenges. That was the ''hardest'' thing. For Rusty Business you have to take advantage of breaking opponents asap to perform a takedown. That stops the timer. With the combination that I'm talking about I insta stun most enemies. Meaning I can capture the area super quickly and move to the next one. I do not know if it is an intended mechanic. I would imagine so. After all I'm just doing a two move variation.
  5. I finished the DLC 5 days ago. Now I feel super lucky I decided to do it then. Sorry guys, really hope they fix it.
  6. This thread was starting to get me worried about this DLC. But this is not hard at all. So if you were decent at Sifu first time around do not be worried, it will be a breeze. This DLC as a whole took me around 5h to complete. My first gold stamps and recommendations: Survival - Night Call (Above Skyscrapers is the second easiest) Performance - Ruthless - 7,281 Manhunt - The Last Exam - 01:11:07 Capture - Rusty Business - 02:04:11
  7. I'm excited to try this. The problem for a lot of people will be that they played on Student, mashing parry and taking their time. It does seem very forgiving as you are playing on Normal and only have to get a gold medal in each of the arena categories.
  8. New trophy list for Miniature DLC. When will it end! :'(
  9. In the UK there is also another game leaving. Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
  10. This website has an in-depth written walkthrough of the game + all trophies/achievements.
  11. Release date: 8 years, 8 months, 12 days ago...
  12. Yes, for me the chapter trophies all popped in a different order. Anyways, what matters is that all trophies pop. It's a pretty neat game.
  13. I don’t think so mate. MY RESPONSE: Hello, hope you are doing well. As it comes near the shutdown of the current launcher, I am trying to achieve all trophies before this happens. Luckily, I am nearly done with all of them but there is one that is starting to worry me. The trophy ‘Head Turner’ requires you to equip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece. I have been playing for a very long time and I still haven’t got any Legendary Colour. I’ve checked the shop every day for weeks no but still no luck. I would be extremely disappointed if the only thing that stopped me from earning all trophies would be a trophy to equip a Colour. I don’t know if it is asking much but would there be any way that you can add a Legendary Colour to my current or next shop rotation. Thank you very much for your time, Have a wonderful day. Supak EPIC’S RESPONSE: Bartlomiej (Fall Guys) Mar 29, 2022, 16:27 GMT+1 Hi, Thanks for your reply. According to the information we've received from the devs, the old list will be deleted, so it will not linger unfinished on your account. Also, we have no way of directly influencing the items players can find in their store. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or concerns. Sincerely, Bartek Fall Guys Player Support
  14. I am excited for Hood. I’ll play SpongeBob for the childhood throwback. Slay the Spire I’m disappointed… it is not my kind of game.
  15. It’s so annoying, I sent a long support message to them hoping they add the colour to the shop.