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  1. God of War, Fallout 76, WatchDogs Legion, Darksiders 3
  2. I’ll try boosting this with myself in the next few days with my PS5 and PS4 and see how it goes.
  3. This is probably pointless but taking in mind Skate 4 is in development if you could all take a minute and reply to the thread that I opened in the EA Forums we could show them we are still interested in the online modes/trophies. We have nothing to lose as it only takes a minute. Here is the link to the thread.
  4. It's amazing, buy it. The performance/upgrades that you get for PS4 games is astronomical. Now for games, few of them are insanely expensive but from my personal experience: Godfall is decent a bit repetitive but I enjoyed it. I have never played Demon's Souls but I can tell you is amazing and it's beautiful. Unpopular opinion but Destruction AllStars is so much fun. The Pathless is an amazing tiny game, the mechanics are cool. Dirt 5 is a fun arcade racer, if you like car games is kinda a must. Miles Morales's story/graphics and gameplay is amazing, only downside being really short. Maneater is a fun shark game, has cool variation and the story is decent. Worms gets boring but since it was included with PS+ it isn't that bad. NOW FOR LAST... WEREWOLF THE APOCALYPSE IS HORRIBLE, DO NOT BUY IT!
  5. Lmao, the website is crap anyways. Full of snowflakes.
  6. I do
  7. Because it's part of the game?
  8. Yes, you can you do them without starting the singleplayer. They are not difficult. Just a bit grindy. You are looking at 15/20 hours, just for the online. I play in EU and sometimes later at night matchmaking is a bit slower. I recommend you using the Vortex Rifle for headshots and chest shots long and mid range and the Super Shotgun for up close kills, 1 to 2 shots is all you need. I like using the Threat Pulse to get some easy kills (really useful for some game modes).
  9. Performance mode is the one. Quality runs like crap. Lots of different gear so thats a plus. The story is mid. The world is beautiful. I encountered one glitch. No problems with trophies, played solo. Different valorplates, so quite refreshing. Cool enemies and bosses. Worth anything above £30, £40? No.
  10. Cool, I was going to tackle the tower a couple of days ago but then decided to play San Andreas. Glad I chose to do so.
  11. Well at the speed that I was and the way I hit them, yes. I hit the first guy once and the second guy once as well.
  12. To be fair, you need to do what it says. I did it yesterday. I chose GridFall played normally until there were 3 players left and just rammed two players face front while my ult was active. Take a look at your health bar when you ram someone if you lose any hp. Restart.
  13. It's a membership. Xbox Games Pass/PlayStation Now add more games every month and guess what the price stays the same (PS Now actually lowered. And your point is invalid. Back when they were giving the 2 PS4 and PS3 and VITA games the price was the same. Then they decided to remove PS3 and Vita price stayed the same and now as it should with the PS5 game, which eventually will be two it will also stay the same. Sony needs to leave the price for this membership competitive. They already raised the prices of their exclusives, I don't think it's a smart choice to raise the price you pay for Plus. If the game was $70 yes the campaigns would have to be free. The game is currently in Plus at no extra cost and let's be real these campaigns cost £2, £3 each. I love the game. I get you don't like the game as many others don't. Let's just agree that we have different taste.
  14. The game is really fun/good. 16 Characters. The graphics are sharp as hell. You have 4 modes at launch. The trophies are fun and challenging as expected in a multiplayer game. It's a matter of practice. The team trophies you can get on Gridfall against the last player and believe me I've done both of them that way and it was really easy. PlayStation Plus is a membership with great value and benefits. These games aren't free. We are paying for it. It was up to Ubi to put this new game in the subscription (to promote micro transactions). And like someone was saying, PS+ released back in the PS3 days and in those times you would subscribe just for the monthly games.
  15. Uhm... no. You can do that in Gridfall when there is only 1 player standing. So yes, it is a lot easier over Overwatch.