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  1. Same. The trophy can be unlocked on either mode though.
  2. The collectables have unique names! So yeah cross-check with your book in-game and PowerPyx's guide.
  3. Hey everyone. PowerPyx has a guide for this game already but there are a few things that I would add to cut your overall time playing it. First and most important. There are no missable trophies and if you want the 100% you need a PSVR. Follow a collectables guide while playing the game but skip the 20 Genie Moments Sketches (do them when you finish the game). One of your first genies is going to play basketball with you. After you make the shot high five him by going near him and pressing square. When you create genies (the wall creatures), remind yourself to create one from left to right instead of top to bottom. Add at least 6 features to it (like two ears, two arms, two tails), when you look at one press the up arrow three times so you wave at them. Then complete the story, collect the rest of the collectibles at the lighthouse, complete the 20 genie moments. Bam, if you're missing a few trophies, they glitched but don't worry you can get it anyway. Just repeat the trophy condition. For the VR, it's like 15, 20 minutes. When your reach the green outside area you can get two trophies, one for putting 6 tubes together and blowing wind on them and the other one for waving at the friendly guy. Just look at the friendly guy and the left page of your book, they will both be giving you instructions on what to do. Don't worry about being organized. Especially when you change scenario and they want you to paint a bit to check how the materials changed. Just spam the hell out of it. When you complete it you get a key, go to free drawing select the same green level the one on the middle and on the bottom of the book select the crystal. Paint one and the get the orb from it. Bam, you have 100%. It took me 11 hours because I started it at night yesterday, went to bed and finished it today, But I think this platinum can be achieved in 5 hours maybe less if you know what to do. If not I would say the average will be 7,8. The difficulty is 1/10. The enemies that appear later in the game are super weak and to be honest I didn't even check the difficulty settings. I assume I was playing on normal and the enemies barely gave me damage. So imagine on the lower difficulty. Overall the game is cheesy but enjoyable. The gameplay is pretty neat. I really like the slide ability later in the game, wish it was available from the beginning.
  4. You saved me for real dude, I thought it was too hard to survive throughout the whole thing without losing a switch. Makes sense now. At least 3 Switches as a team. Thanks again.
  6. You are also right but they are totally different things, when using shareplay someone is getting the trophy for you, you are not playing but with a guide they are just telling you a layout on what to do, you still have to do it yourself (just reading and using a The Evil Within guide won’t get you the platinum because it is hard) trophy guide writers are like coaches. Just like in soccer, you know how to play but your coach is telling you to play on that side, go through that way, bla bla bla...
  7. What is being smart? Bro you can do it. We put limits in our heads. SuperMeatBoy is impossible, Dark Souls and Bloodborne are hard but anything is truly possible with persistence, just like the The Witness, there are a few puzzles that are hard but the game itself it’s easy because you have no time limit. You can do the puzzles in any order you want. Draw them on a piece of paper and do different combinations. When you learn the mechanics of a puzzle it will become easier and imo if you really are stuck use a guide but just for that puzzle, see what you did wrong, try to comprehend the mechanic. By the time you reach the Challenge you will have tons of practice that will allow you to get the trophy in 30min to 4hours depending how good you are and the luck you have. The challenge is luck based. I noticed that there were times where the game would give me almost impossible patterns (they are always possible though) to figure out since it is random and there were times that the same puzzles in a different run I did them in 5, 10 seconds. Haha, don’t know if you are actually being serious or being sarcastic either way hilarious.
  8. Same here dude, I know that because of the previous rest mode glitch a lot of people did the trophy but I’m really glad I didn’t use a guide as well.
  9. Hey everyone! I completed the game today and I can agree that the final challenge was/is hard but I can also say at the same time the challenge is very doable. It took me around 4 hours. So I ask the players that still haven’t earned the trophy don’t ask to share play with a person that has achieved the trophy. This trophy is hard for a reason it’s not meant to be passed around. I’m really glad the glitches/cheese don’t work anymore. Are you a trophy hunter/gamer that actually hunts for trophies or a show-off player that asks other players to get the trophy for them when they don’t want to have the effort. One thing is boosting trophies with others (in the end you are playing the game) but asking for someone to do it for you, really? This goes for any game. Like cmon.
  10. Yeah, the last thing I need for the platinum is to achieve three stars in the open world activities. Just a heads up. Do the speed runs, jumps and speed traps with the Koenigsegg Regera L399, 90% of them are really easy with that car. The drift activities I'm doing it with the BMW M5 2017, it has great handling and speed if maxed to L399. You can of course use the live tuning (bottom arrow) to make the wheels lighter so I drifts easier.
  11. Hello everyone, while I was searching for information about trophies in this game. I found this website ( or if you want just search 'Need for Speed Payback Interactive Map' in Google. This website has an interactive map created by SwissGameGuides. It will help achieve your platinum trophy as you can check every event, derelict part, garage, gas stations, poker coins, billboards, activities, roaming racers, etc. Cheers P.S: Website Virus Protected:
  12. Hey guys and girls. So I have a question, I'm playing quite a lot on PS Now and when I go to the PS3 XMB to sync my trophies it shows Level 19 - 97%, on PSN Profiles shows Level 19 - 97% and on my PS4 it says I'm at Level 19 - 91%. Is it because the servers think I'm playing on a ''PS3'' and then the data has to go to my PS4 and there is a delay while updating it? (Usually, it takes a bunch of hours to update the percentage) Or is there anything wrong with my PS4? I have a recently bought PS4 Pro, on my Slim, it didn't use to do that. Cheers.
  13. Hello! On the 5th of December there will be the release of the new DLC for Steep, Road to the Olympics. This dlc contains 6 trophies (195 points/ 1 Gold - 2 Silver - 3 Bronze). Gold - The adventure of a lifetimeFinish "Become a legend" (Road To The Olympics DLC required) Earned by completing all the events in this DLC. Silver - The pride of the nationWin a gold medal in any event in Korea (Road To The Olympics DLC required) Earned by completing any event with a gold medal. Silver - Rising Sun ChallengerGet a medal in 10 challenges in Japan (Road To The Olympics DLC required) Earned by completing 10 challenges (maybe events?) with either bronze, silver or gold medal. Bronze - A little bit of tourismDiscover Tateyama Road and Tsumago Village (Road To The Olympics DLC required) I assume these 2 locations are drop zones. Bronze - The floor is lava (definitely easier comparing to lucio's trophy)Grind on 4 rails consecutively in Japan (Road To The Olympics DLC required) Self-explanatory, easiest trophy imo. Tried it in the beta, it only took me 2 tries. Bronze - After all these years…Fall during the finale of a Korea event (Road To The Olympics DLC required) Bail at the end of an event. Overall I will give this a 1/10 in difficulty. It will be easy to collect these trophies, my prediction is 1 or 2 hours.
  14. Cheers mate! It worked. Thank you so much. I just had to go to each fortress and open the menu. Ahah
  15. Well it is impossible to watch the cutscene because it removed the missions from my quest menu. Yes I do have the order. Mine: Stage 1 - Cirith Ungol Stage 2 - Nurnen Stage 3 - Seregost Stage 4 - Gorgoroth Stage 5 - Cirith Ungol Stage 5 - Nurnen Stage 6 - Seregost Stage 6 - Gorgoroth Stage 7 - Nurnen Stage 7 - Seregost Stage 8 - Nurnen Stage 8 - Cirith Ungol Stage 8 - Gorgoroth Stage 9 - Cirith Ungol Stage 9 - Seregost Stage 9 - Gorgoroth Stage 10 - Nurnen Stage 10 - Seregost Stage 10 - Cirith Ungol (Trophy Unlocked) Stage 10 - Gorgoroth (Removed from quests) My friend did the same order up to stage 8 but instead of defending he lost Gorgoroth on stage 4, 6, 8 and attacked it.