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  1. This game‘s MP trophies don‘t pop during gameplay. Only at the end of a match on results screen/ summary/ scoreboard.. whatever you wanna call it. Or by re-entering the warmup mode again (by having all players on the same team, then the game itself forces warmup in 30 secs). This will be necessary multiple times anyway, to keep the whole match going. When you can get to level 25 in one match, simply re-enter warmup and the trophy will pop. Or wait til the match timelimit is reached/ complete all objectives etc. btw. this method/ the whole procedure is exclusively for the people who can‘t have their stats saved, like i explained in my previous posts often enough. It wouldn‘t make sense to do this, if one can rank up normally or if the fancy lvl 50 stats glitch works for one, who’s not experiencing any stats issue. Servers are still up. Must be something else then.
  2. Nope. The servers are still up as of today. MP matches can still be hosted (I‘ve tested it on my own some minutes ago). I also found another MP match from a random guy via 'quick match' option/ 'find game' server browser. With 2 players in it. The game did let me join that normally. Enough said, we don‘t know how long the MP will still be up... So whoever wants the online trophies done should do them ASAP.
  3. On February 12th 2020 Activision announced that the online portion/ multiplayer of this game (and some others) will be discontinued. Online trophies will become unattainable. When exactly this will happen is still unclear though.
  4. At first, I used to grind kills on mission 4 (Provocation?) down in the courtyard.. where you encounter the P.A.W.W.S (after clearing the building but BEFORE entering the server room, soldiers will respawn there) You can also change weapons if you do it right and are quick enough, just backtrack to the mobile weaponry box at the gate between the courtyard and the container area.. but be careful, you will only have 5 seconds before you die when re-visiting this area. personally, i also prefer mission 11 with the robots in the courtyard (except for pistols). It’s a lot easier and you can use the mobile weapons box without problems. My method: kill only the first A.S.P. (not the 2nd), the Wraith and all the P.A.W.W.S (after 4 or so, they stop respawning). Then head towards the facility where the second A.S.P. tumbles around. On either side are 2 small buildings. Kill the robots around the 2nd A.S.P. outside and they will respawn in both small buildings. Choose one, kill the robots inside and they will infinitely respawn there through some sort of rotating cabins/ devices. Just stand at the wall inside the building, across the respawn devices, so the talons and the A.S.P. won’t be able to piss you off.. happy fragging! when you run out of ammo, there are ammo crates on both sides in the other small buildings behind. Note that the robots drop some ammo, too. At least every now and then..
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Personal Decorator [Ultra Rare] “Earn all Decorations“
  6. #31 Call of Duty: Black Ops
  7. You can’t play these wager games in private matches, only public. Choose 'Ante Up‘ and select 'Gun Game‘. It seems nowadays this is the most played mode of wager matches with 3000+ online players (according to the in-game info bar, shown on the bottom left corner of the screen), probably the only mode where you find players. Set your search preferences to 'default‘ or at least to 'locale' (not 'locale only'), then you have the best chances to find players. A little patience is necessary though, can take some minutes. when you are put into empty lobbies, back out and search again. repeat this until you find players. You can also use a 2nd controller and play split-screen if you fall short on players. You actually only need 3 ppl with 2 controllers online to start a match. But your 2nd 'player’ also needs points to be able to play wager games. So before that, just play a round of team deathmatch split-screen, and make some kills with your second controller.
  8. Just a heads-up for all ppl still going for this trophy. Either it‘s still glichty in 2019 with the latest update, or the trophy description is simply misleading. I met all requirements but had to replay the whole mission from the start for the trophy. On my first try I messed up the initial part after planting the bomb when the timer started, got a little bit confused.. didn’t turn around quick enough to shoot the pillar, and so I was too slow when I climbed up the ceiling. But anyway, I got exactly at 2:15 left on the timer off the ship and thought it was still good enough for the trophy, but it didn‘t pop. I played on Veteran difficulty and everything else. According to the guide here on PSNP, it‘s said that you can repeat the timed section from checkpoint again (assuming at 3:00 after you plant the bomb) if you can‘t make it in time, but that‘s false. As soon as you get on the deck of the ship, you’ll reach another checkpoint. So if you mess up the first part - like me - and reach at around 2:26 that checkpoint, it‘s pointless. You‘ll have to effing hurry up from shooting the pillar and sprint all the way up across the ceiling to the top of the deck, otherwise you can‘t make it in time. There‘s almost no space for errors. I recommend you have at least 2:30 left on the timer when you reach that last checkpoint on the deck. And finish the mission by jumping off the ship before the timer hits 2:15. Like I said, when it‘s already at 2:15, it‘s too late. 2:16... 2:20 will be better To be safe, you can save & exit before the timed section begins and resume this last part of the mission from the mainmenu again (I recommend the part where you escape from the chamber, before planting the bomb with Reznov). so if you screw up, you won‘t have to replay the whole mission all over again
  9. Yeah the first Tony Hawk‘s would be nice
  10. Unfortunately, that glitch won‘t work on my account at all. See Forum thread 'Warning! Not saved Stats!' from this game Anyway, BTT. Uncharted 4
  11. @jantrick2 Batman: Arkham Knight
  12. @Soneto can‘t focus exactly, there‘s so many on your list. But Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and/or Resident Evil 2 would be nice in my collection
  13. Sry for digging out an old thread. My personal wishlist: - Cool Boarders series - Die Hard Trilogy (2) - Medal of Honor 1 + Underground - Metal Gear Solid 1 - Point Blank - Quake II - Resident Evil 3 - Silent Hill 1 - Syphon Filter series - Time Crisis 1 - Tomb Raider II - Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style
  14. I know this thread is way too old, but still interesting. Today we already have Crash Bandicoot remastered, some Resident Evil titles, Spyro.. and many other nice games revived (like Abe‘s Oddysee) still missing on my personal wishlist (however, some wishes were already mentioned by others in this thread earlier): - Call of Duty 2, 3 (with trophies) - Call of Duty: MW 2 - Cool Boarders series - Def Jam series (Fight for New York, Vendetta ...) - Die Hard Trilogy - Max Payne 2 (at least a classic PS2 Port with trophies, like they did with Max Payne 1 / GTA: SA, III & Vice City ...) - Medal of Honor 1, Underground & Allied Assault - Medal of Honor: Airborne (with trophies, only x360 version has Achievements) - Metal Gear Solid 1 - Point Blank (fun game, back then compatible with the Namco G-Con gun) - Quake series (esp. II, III & 4) - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Silent Hill 1 - Soldier of Fortune series - State of Emergency - Syphon Filter series - Time Crisis 1 - Tomb Raider II - Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style and many more...
  15. the Medal of Honor series was definitely nice back then. It was one of the first shooters that I played on Play Station 1, as well as its successor MoH: Underground. My favorite title from the series absolutely was MoH: Allied Assault (as well as its Add-Ons) for PC. Not only the campaign was good, also the Multiplayer was fun. I was hoping so bad that EA would somehow revive this title as a remaster for PS4. It‘s surprising & kinda frustrating they only develop a VR game now...