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  1. I believe Konami took down a Metal Gear Solid remaster that someone was working on a few months ago, but ended up bringing them on as an intern and seeing the remaster inspired a lot of people at Konami to get back to making games. If they genuinely meant that, then maybe we'll get a remaster down the road. Hopefully the Castlevania port is an indication of Konami returning to their senses.
  2. I'm mainly levelling up as a Mystic Knight and Sorcerer, so I might give this a try when I get to this point.
  3. I will change mine, but I'll wait to see how it affects people's accounts before proceeding.
  4. I don't play Senran Kagura, but I think this is ridiculous, especially for a game that seems to lean heavily on the fan service.
  5. I'll probably hold off until the inevitable Black Friday sale.
  6. Venom - The movie wasn't very good in a lot of ways, yet it was extremely entertaining. Tom Hardy really carried this film with his performance as Eddie Brock/Venom. It kind of feels like an older superhero or action movie, which I kind of miss from today's films. If you're a fan of Venom or just want something enjoyable to watch, I think it's worth a watch. Really hope they follow this up with a sequel that learns from this one's mistakes.
  7. What the people defending EA don't understand is that they try to get away with as much as they can. If not for the backlash, you'd end up with a game infested with all sorts of issues. Look at what they're doing with BFV. Once again they're going to end up with a game that's going to be in the bargain bin within a year.
  8. It is intentional. Complete edition only comes with the first DLC. I believe there's an augmented edition or something like that now that contains both DLCs.
  9. First playthrough: Phantom Noir NG+: Phantom Pain
  10. I might try Friday the 13th.
  11. Can't say much until further details are revealed. It could end up like Battlefront 2 or it could be something trivial that doesn't impose too much of a grind.
  12. I understand the situation, that's why I called it ridiculous not illegal. And there were people that were hired about a week prior to the layoffs.
  13. Hopefully it gets finished for those that paid for it. It's ridiculous that they released their employees without any notice or severance.
  14. Day one for me. I might even pick up the physical limited edition.
  15. The free stuff is pretty cool, but why is there no Joel avatar? Only seeing him during the initial reveal is starting to make me worried that he'll barely be in the game.