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  1. A: Steins;Gate is a visual novel about a group of characters that discover a way to time travel and like most time travel stories, there are severe consequences. There's also a very good anime adaptation that's worth watching. B: I suppose it has to do with Steins;Gate's popularity. The two major stories are Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, 0 being something you should watch/play after you've gotten through most of Steins;Gate. The other games are spin-offs or side stories. Steins;Gate Elite is essentially the Steins;Gate anime turned into a game or rather the VN turned into an anime. There are also additional scenarios from the VN that were animated for this game.
  2. Looks similar to other Steins;Gate games. I'm very tempted to pick it up day one since I absolutely love Steins;Gate.
  3. Why is it strange? If it's the hardest difficulty available, it makes sense to disable quick saves, so players don't abuse it.
  4. Some of these deals are a ripoff compared to the prices they were discounted at a few weeks ago. I might pickup Shadow of the Colossus or Ni No Kuni 2.
  5. I think the main focus should be on survivability. I just finished a match that took 24 minutes and earned 4380 exp for just surviving. I only ended up with a top 3 finish, so I got 300 exp instead of 900 for winning. In terms of kills I earned 5 yielding me 250 exp and I did 1083 damage for 270 exp. 16 minutes games seem to be rare. You'd need to be a very aggressive and good player to be able to end it that quickly, consistently. A lot of players would run the risk of dying early, meaning less exp overall, so that's why I think most players should be focused primarily on surviving for as long as possible. I'm also not sure if you're playing with friends because each friend yields an additional 5% exp bonus to survival time. So from my previous match I could have earned an extra 438 exp, which is quite a bit.
  6. I only played the beta, but I found this game to be pretty easy to get into compared to other fighters. It doesn't seem like it was made to be a competitive fighter, but rather more of a game for casual players just to do cool things with their favourite shonen characters. If you're just playing it for fun, I think you should be fine.
  7. I'm just happy there's a trophy for beating it on Ranger Hardcore.
  8. The only title I'm interested in is the Bioshock collection, but I might skip it this time since I just picked up Far Cry 5.
  9. My PS4 has frozen randomly several times now, forcing me to shut it off by holding down the power button. I've also noticed the game becomes very laggy in the evening. Probably a lot of people playing around then.
  10. I don't recall encountering any glitches during my playthrough. I played it via PS Now, so I'm not sure if that might be why.
  11. I think it could take somewhere between 60 - 80 hours, maybe more. Winning matches doesn't seem to be as important as surviving for as long as possible. I've found that when I do survive around the 20 - 25 minute mark, I earn 3000+ exp compared to winning the match which seems to yield less than 1000 exp. There's also earning wins/kills as the kill leader or champion, but even then it doesn't seem to contribute as much as surviving.
  12. A few months back, Capcom announced a MHW crossover event with the Witcher 3. It's out now with the 6.00 patch. The event is pretty awesome especially for Witcher fans. I believe this is a special assignment so you should be able to do it anytime however, there will another limited time Witcher event from February 15 - March 1. You'll also need to be HR50 to participate in this part of the event. I don't think there's a restriction on the initial event.
  13. You need to equip every attachment slot on a weapon with gold rarity attachments.
  14. This is the most underwhelming flash sale I've ever seen. I don't mind since the Ubisoft sale has some pretty good deals.
  15. I'd say this is the best BR experience I've had from those I've played. The ping system is incredibly well designed and particularly useful for playing with randoms. Dropping also allows you to land with your teammates, which you can coordinate in other games, but there are times where somebody might drop too far off and end up getting picked off relatively early on or they might ping one location and drop somewhere entirely different. The revive mechanic is also great because it allows players to have a chance to return to the game rather than have no reason to stay in the game after dying. Abilities seem pretty balanced so far and there's nothing that stands out to me as particularly op. As for gear, every location you visit indicates the tier of loot you're likely to find. So far, I haven't dropped in a situation where I didn't have a means to defend myself. Overall, I'd say this is really polished for a F2P title and Respawn's done a great job so far.