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  1. I read a description provided by Sledgehammer about the map on another site and they mentioned that it would be a multileveled map. Looking at the trophies related to trials, I feel like this map might be a combination of Tortured Path and more traditional maps. I didn't mind Tortured Path and thought it was cool for Sledgehammer to try something different, but I preferred the other maps over it.
  2. I was hoping for a Give Me God of War trophy, but I'll still do a ng+ playthrough to cleanup everything I missed.
  3. This looks great. DOOM 2016's single player was flawless for me, and from the looks of this one they're just building atop a very solid foundation. I was somewhat disappointed with Wolfenstein 2 because I feel like they took steps back from the New Order, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm really interested in seeing them dig into the lore more as well.
  4. Negan seems more fitting for MK, but I'm still excited!
  5. I'll grab it when it goes on sale.
  6. Good thing I held off on buying Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight.
  7. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Fine print says the season pass is not final and may not include all downloadable content, but that was expected. This looks alright, but it feels underwhelming compared to the Juggernog Fridge from BO3. Also, who's idea was it to include a puzzle?
  9. There's some good deals here. I might grab Shadow of War or the Dead Rising Triple Pack. I was deceived by seeing DMC4 on sale, thinking that the HD collection was also on sale. Guess I'll have to wait for some other time.
  10. Now that's a nice looking console.
  11. They were still taking purchases when the game was in a dead state. Dead, as in there weren't enough players to fill even one lobby. Not as bad as this, but it's up there.
  12. At least they're refunding players unlike BossKey with Lawbreakers.
  13. I'm pretty excited for zombies, so I might pick up Black Ops 4 just for that. Might even grab the season pass since I don't think I've ever bought DLCs separately anyways, so it's not like I care, although I do understand that this is a bad practice both from Activision and myself. I'll need to see more of Blackout Mode to determine if it's worthwhile, but I'm pretty burnt out on Battle Royale at this point. Multiplayer looks alright, better than WW2 at the very least. As for the campaign, I think it's good that they just did away with it considering there hasn't been a good CoD campaign for me since Black Ops 1. There's also a ton of amazing single player experiences arriving around the same time as this, so why would anyone in their right mind want to pick up CoD for it's campaign as opposed to those?
  14. Game looks interesting, I'll check it out regardless of the platinum.