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  1. I don't know if you'd call someone like that a friend who would be willing to subject you to that kind of torture. It's amazing that you'd be able to play it for that long let alone platinum it.
  2. Nothing that really justifies a day one purchase for me. Definitely going to be picking up the Switch around the holidays and I'm sure that'll keep me busy for a few years while I wait for the inevitable PS5 Pro with a bunch of games I actually want to play for a cheaper price. FromSoftware is working on Elden Ring, which seems very much like a Soulsborne title. BluePoint is apparently working on a Tenchu remake, so I'm not so sure about seeing a Demon's Souls Remake any time soon.
  3. I'm definitely getting this DLC. James should have been the survivor, but I guess Heather fits more in line with the slasher style of the game. Hopefully this is an indication of those Silent Hill rumours being true.
  4. Definitely logging in to get the trophy, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully they continue to do this for future milestones, so I don't even have to bother grinding for zeni.
  5. Not for me there's not.
  6. Loved what I saw. At least there's one more good Sony exclusive left to look forward to for this gen.
  7. It's far from the best fighting game, but not as bad as this guy describes.
  8. I'll pick it up when it's $10 in a couple years because the gameplay still looks decent enough. I was on the fence about buying it day one because I didn't feel like TLOU needed a sequel, but now I'm pretty much against buying this for anything more than $10 after seeing how stupid the story is.
  9. The story looks like it'll be more interesting than the base game. I've never cared for Fujin being added, but he actually does look good here. Sheeva will always be a waste of a slot to me. Her moveset just looks like a Goro re-skin here, so it would've been better if they just added him instead or even Kintaro. As for Robocop, I've never been a fan and this is the first time I'd say they were better off not adding a guest character. I'm sure there'll be trophies, so I'll probably pick this up down the road when the price has gone down considerably.
  10. Out of the 3 you asked about, Tekken 7 would be your best bet. It's one of the best fighting game experiences this gen if not the best and you can get it for cheaper than RE3 and DBZ. I know a lot of people are mentioning RE3 here, but you're better off waiting for a sale on it unless you're a diehard RE fan.
  11. What genre do you enjoy? If you really enjoy fighting games then Tekken 7 is the obvious choice out of these. Resident Evil 3 is a good action/horror game, but it's not worth the price. I suggest waiting for a sale and pickup RE2 instead if you haven't played that one yet. As for Dragon Ball Z, it looks like an okay RPG, but you'd probably be better off picking up something like Persona 5 or FFVII Remake. If you're just interested in quality titles to play then try: - The Witcher 3 Complete Edition - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Hitman 2 - Doom (2016) - Devil May Cry V
  12. If it's a story expansion, it better be free because MK11s story was horrible.
  13. Are you talking about his V-Skill 2 where he teleports and knees the opponent? If so, I would have to disagree and say abuse it unless you find an opponent that can react to it. I generally play at gold/super gold and found that a lot of players don't know how to react to it if you throw it out every once in a while. He can also teleport in his V-Trigger 1 state by either dashing or using devil reverse. Teleporting through your opponent is very risky, but doing it with devil reverse works on quite a few players.
  14. Absolutely not. I didn't really understand the hate for this game until I started playing the mainline DMC games. The story and characters are horrible and don't even begin to compare to their original counterparts. Gameplay was good, but it pales in comparison to DMC5. Itsuno and Capcom are probably already planning something to follow up DMC5 and I don't really see the point of them ever needing to make a sequel to this knockoff.
  15. Sucker Punch knows how to make some good themes that actually incentivize me to pre-order unlike most developers who just give you a static background image and call it a day.