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  1. Don't let a lack of a plat stop you from playing Hitman 2. One of the best games of last generation. I'll probably play Predator with my friends, but I don't know if I want to grind for the plat.
  2. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get adept nurse after my first few hours with her, but I managed to unlock it on my second night playing her. You've got to almost anticipate your opponents moves and just get used to how differently she plays from other killers. If you've already got most of the adept killers then I believe you've got this, just keep at it.
  3. Got Yoimiya and the Thundering Pulse in 100 rolls. I already have Diluc, Klee and Hu Tao, but Yoimiya's my favourite character aside from Zhongli, so I had to get her. I've only got about 40 rolls left for Raiden, so I might just have to whale for her. Might even go for the Grasscutter.
  4. Isn't that a prototype crescent? It's a great bow for Ganyu, so you're just using it on the wrong character or maybe it just goes to show you how weak Amber really is. Even with all the right artifacts and talents, she's still weak compared to a lot of other choices, but if you're enjoying her that's all that matters. You might want to try to roll for Ganyu on her upcoming rerun because her whole play style revolves around charge shots, so you'd really be carrying with her. Taking that long to complete a domain just sounds frustrating to me since I grind them a lot. Like I said before if you're having fun doing that then go for it.
  5. I was expecting a lot more from the gameplay. Despite its numerous issues, even the Avengers still has some solid combat and actually lets you play as all of them. I don't know why the devs went with the decision to have players play exclusively as Star-lord.
  6. I guess she is as bad as they say. I'd probably go crazy if it took me 4 - 5 minutes per domain run.
  7. I'm happy to see there will be more survival maps added. Hopefully there's a trophy for completing the raid on the harder difficulty.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I might play for a while over the next couple of days to level up Kate Bishop and prepare for the Wakanda raid. I highly doubt it, the game has too much of a grind to pull it off.
  9. I believe you can get up to DMD with Dante and then use Vergil, but make sure not to overwrite your save. If I remember correctly, I had done that and was forced to clear every difficulty again with Vergil to access DMD with him.
  10. I definitely found DMC1 to be harder to platinum particularly because of the final Nelo Angelo and Mundus fight. Completing DMC3 on DMD was much easier for me because you can use Vergil to do it. For me, he's a lot easier to use than Dante.
  11. If you're on a budget then the best option is Blessing of the Welkin Moon followed by the battle pass, which can help speed up levelling up characters and weapons. You'll also be earning a lot of primogems naturally just by exploring and playing the game. There are also genesis crystal packs, which award you double the genesis crystals for your first purchase, but these are more for if you're willing to spend more money and want primogems immediately. I believe you can get something like 80 pulls by buying the biggest pack for the first time, which would get you pretty close to guaranteeing a 5 star pity. You don't have to advance too far to unlock co-op. I think it took me about two nights to unlock it. This game has certain co-op features and events, but it is a very single player experience, so don't expect to be playing with others very much. Even for certain aspects that can be played in co-op like world bosses and domains, you'd be better off playing solo because it's more efficient.
  12. There are a few twitter accounts that are pretty reliable for leaks. This is one of them. 2.1 leaks will probably be coming from this account and a few others over the next few days since beta testing is supposed to begin tomorrow. Of course Mihoyo might do what they did for 2.0 and "leak" things themselves.
  13. We will be getting it via mail - https://twitter.com/GenshinReport/status/1418211469498462208/photo/1 Not sure if we'll be able to earn additional copies though.
  14. She'll be a free 5 star cryo user available on all platforms. I doubt I'll ever bother investing in her since I already have Ganyu and I'd rather spend my resources on a few of the new Inazuma characters when they release.
  15. I'll probably grab Labyrinth of Refrain because I've heard quite a lot of good things about it.