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  1. I hope they include MP because I really enjoyed the MP for Crysis 2.
  2. It's good to see CD have learned absolutely nothing since they launched this junk.
  3. NEXT was probably just announced in the first place to trick a few more people into buying the game with hopes that they would get an improved version down the line.
  4. I was planning on picking up P5 Strikers next week, but now I might just get 13 Sentinels and Trails of Cold Steel 2 instead and wait for a sale on Strikers.
  5. This looks like they just slapped together assets from the last few RE games. They should have just stuck with RE Resistance and continued to add maps and characters. Or better yet make a standalone mercenaries game with multiplayer components if they're so hellbent on making a multiplayer RE game.
  6. It may be possible considering Hitman 2 mastery levels will transfer to Hitman 3, but we won't know for certain until release.
  7. You're right, I completely forgot about that.
  8. You're missing out on 2 amazing games, unless you're planning to pick them up and just play the Hitman 3 versions.
  9. Despite the lack of polish, I still found it to be one of my favourite PS4 exclusives. I would only put Bloodborne and GoW above it in terms of enjoyability. Fighting freaker hordes was a lot of fun and I didn't find myself ever being frustrated or bored having to explore the open world for collectibles. Also I believe there is fast travel, so long as you have the fuel necessary to make the trip.
  10. Hitman 2 progress does carry over to 3 and it was mentioned by a dev that this would include unlocks and masteries, so hopefully trophies do auto-pop. No mention of Hitman 1 progress carrying over.
  11. I am not looking forward to replaying all of the sniper challenges again.
  12. I doubt it as I recently completed a playthrough as Vergil on DMD and did not unlock the trophy for completing the game on DMD. Even though the trophies don't explicitly state it as they do in their PS5 counterparts, you'll still probably have to earn the S rank in the original campaign missions to unlock the trophy.
  13. RE2 Remake RE4 RE7 RE HD Remaster RE0 HD Remaster Revelations 2 RE3 Remake RE5 RE6 RE Resistance
  14. Persona 6 or God of War: Ragnarok.
  15. I don't mind since I was already planning to make the switch to PC next year.