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  1. I'd probably delete trophies for games that I only earned a trophy or two in, but have no real interest in playing any further.
  2. Got release dates for most of the games I'm interested in, so it was alright. The only real surprise this year was Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk. I was hoping for a RE3 Remake reveal, but sadly there was nothing.
  3. I would have preferred this trophy list at launch because I almost exclusively played ranked and would have earned all of these, with the exception of meat wall, through natural progression.
  4. Good thing I held off on the terrorist hunt grind.
  5. Looking forward to seeing more. I hope Doctor Doom is the main villain.
  6. I have to make it a priority to play through the original before this releases because I don't think I'll be able to go back.
  7. Looks great, day one for me. I'll probably buy the CE because that helmet looks awesome. I feel like the new multiplayer mode is going to get boring fast, but only time will tell.
  8. The figurine looks pretty cool.
  9. No point in buying this day one especially with the post-launch microtransactions. The game might launch in a good state, but it could be all downhill from there.
  10. I might buy the CE to support the developer.
  11. It looks nice, but I'd rather just watch DBZ again. I'm more interested in seeing Janemba for Fighterz.
  12. That John Wick reveal was a pleasant surprise.
  13. Visuals look really good.
  14. Can't wait to play this.
  15. Set up a boosting session.