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  1. Toxicity in terms of language between players is a fickle thing. Players seem a great deal more sensitive nowadays, being offended by every little thing. For me, toxicity on an individual level amounts to team killing without purpose.
  2. There are video guides that may prove more useful for you. Also, it's sometimes best to leave the ones you can't find and pursue another nearby orchid.
  3. I might purchase Shadow of the Colossus. Shadow of War is tempting since I don't really care for the DLCs.
  4. All I want from this movie is a post-credit scene of Doctor Doom being revealed as the next big villain.
  5. I'd recommend keeping a guide handy. I found many of the puzzles to be incredibly difficult particularly because they felt illogical more times than not.
  6. I could see something like a SF x MK with MK adopting SF's visual style as opposed to the other way around. Mortal Kombat has a more realistic design approach that I don't think would translate well for SF. One of the biggest issues to face is toning down the violence of MK, which is one of the most crucial parts to the franchise. At best we'd get violence on the level of MK vs DC, which was rather underwhelming. I doubt Capcom would allow something like having Scorpion rip off Ryu's head. There's also the issue of both games having very different mechanics although that can be solved by having one game adopt the other's mechanics while maintaining some of the other game's mechanics for the characters that are crossed over similar to what we've seen with Akuma in Tekken 7. Overall, it could be cool crossover, but I doubt we'll ever see it come to fruition.
  7. Seeing this and the Witcher 3 event has me very excited for MHW in 2019.
  8. I earned the level trophies by going from 48 - 49, so it's glitched like a lot of other trophies in this game if you've already tried levelling up again.
  9. Yes! Finally, Shao Kahn will be playable. Day one for me now without a doubt.
  10. I think the women on the cover are the villains. I can already imagine the articles from the outraged game "journalists".
  11. Very excited for this - one of my favourites from my childhood.
  12. I like that he brings attention to a variety of issues like loot boxes, but I'm not a big fan of the guy. At this point, there are so many alternatives that I find a great deal more enjoyable and so there's no longer a reason to watch his videos.
  13. I'm really excited for RE2 and this since I haven't played either. Hopefully the collector's edition is more appealing for RE3.
  14. Interesting choice for a cover...
  15. I'll probably grab the RE7 season pass.