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  1. Each banner has a different pool of characters, although certain characters are available on multiple banners like Beidou. On the other hand, someone like Venti is only available in the limited banner. I don't see Beidou on rate up from any of the current banners, so it won't be easy to pull for her because you have something like a 5.1% chance of pulling a 4 star character and a 50% chance that the character is featured on the banner you're pulling from. It's recommended that you pull the beginner banner twice because it costs a total of 16 acquaint fate rather than the standard 20 for 2 10 pulls. There is a list that also explains the rates on the wish page. Just select details and it'll pull up a browser page showing you the rates and character pool. You can also wait for future banners and maybe Beidou will end up on rate up or even made available for purchase in the shop using Starglitter or Stardust. The Venti banner is also time-limited meaning there won't be any carry over of the pity system. I believe the Jean banner has no time limit so there's no timer on the pity system, but you could end up just getting 4 or 5 star weapons. Overall, trying to pull for Beidou especially if you're F2P is going to be very luck-based.
  2. It's actually 180 pulls because the first 90 pulls guarantee you a 50% chance of getting him as your 5 star. If you don't get him, then your next 5 star is guaranteed to be Venti.
  3. Definitely going to be playing Vampyr.
  4. They could be strong, but if you're just playing for fun or trophies, it's not going to really matter. Cold War trophies are not even available yet, so nobody can tell you that, although it probably won't. I doubt you'd be able to use the battle pass with your JP account if you purchase it with the US one.
  5. All of my free pulls just got me Noelle and Barbara. After that, I dropped $100 and got Diluc, Venti, Fischl x 3, Xiangling x 3, Bennett and one more copy of Barbara.
  6. There's just speculation right now that it'll take a few weeks, so you seem on track to get Barbara in time.
  7. Yes you have to buy it, if you want access to every reward tier. I can't remember if Modern Warfare provided you with enough initial currency to purchase the battle pass, but if Black Ops doesn't, then you'll have to pay something like $10. Clearing the entire battle pass should net you enough currency to buy the next pass for free, but you'll need to sink quite a bit of time into the game to do that. The battle pass is not a big deal if you want to just play the game. Sure there are a few weapons locked behind it, but aside from that it's just cosmetics.
  8. The battle pass is something you progress through by playing the game or paying real world currency to unlock in-game items like skins and weapons. It's not really P2W since the guns can be earned for free, although you can miss out on them by not progressing far enough through the battle pass before the season ends.
  9. No platinum is disappointing, but there's no way it's going to stop me from playing this game. I hope we also get trophies added with future content.
  10. Don't care much for the game, but it is a nice theme. I hope we'll also see a multiplayer update for Outbreak day.
  11. No way I'm replaying this for the platinum or 100% again. It was mind numbing the first time around.
  12. I think it's only for PS5. The description on the official video says "check out the PlayStation Plus Collection, a new benefit for PS5." I think it was made specifically for PS5 as a way of providing PS Plus players with free games. I remember getting nothing but junk for a few years on the PS4 because that's all they could really offer at the time.
  13. Very hyped for this considering Hitman 2 is one of my favourite games this generation. I just hope they don't have Hitman 1 and 2 as part of the trophy list again because I'm almost through all of 2's trophies and it's getting pretty exhausting.
  14. They're resetting the weekly character challenges, but I'm not sure if they've confirmed fixing this yet. Patch 1.30 is supposed to be big so hopefully you're right.
  15. I haven't had it refresh for a week now. It's ridiculous that CD just updated the store with new mtx, but can't fix something like this.