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  1. i fell victim to this a few years back, i still try to fix the issue and have recovered some trophies but im still missing 400 ish so thats why i made this profile, i have been told many times that its fixed or other people say to me why make another profile, basicly it drove me mad that i could not see my TRUE PSN progress, maybe i was a little crazy to start another profile lol but i am really glad i did
  2. that it was and well said @BigHonkingOne mate
  3. coool im checking it out right now finnished listerning to this and it was awesome guys, well done hope you keep this going
  4. @StuGunn5 thanks again mate that gives me the hope i was looking for
  5. the group isnt the problem as im in a game guild were most have them have got or finished the game tnx for the reply though, i decided to go for it and work hard at getting the 100%
  6. looking to start this and i feel a little reluctant to start it as its been out online forever lol, is it worth adding it to my profile so late?
  7. il take until dawn i have that game and its on my play list for this year
  8. yep this is my 100% profile hehe, i do have another profile for helping others who need it and to score as many points as i can regardless weather the game can still be plated or 100%ed so i still have a ton of fun playing games, is it easy maintaining an 100% profile? my answer would have to be its not as hard as others think so long as you do your reaserch on the game first and not rush into it, thats what my other profile is for lol, dose it make gameing or even trophy hunting less fun? AHHH HELL NO!! i am a trophy hunter and the 100% profile makes it more fun if you ask me as its the challenge set before me, would i recomend it to anyone? nope...only the ones who want to do it will do it but im always happy to give my thoughts and advice to those who want to do this, good luck to us all
  9. some of the packs have crashed in price now, just picked up the goonies LVL pack at bestbuy for $15 new a lot of the packs i have picked up during the past 2 years in clearance sales at wallmart for $8, $15 would be the price i would be ok to pay for
  10. 642 3,543 earned with a 98.84 completion rate 148 games played and 125 completed to 100%
  11. @NuttyPyro almost 2 years ago i had the same predicament as you face now, took me a while to take the plunge i made this profile intending to make this a 100% and its working so far, and yep i use my old profiles PS+ games to soo like others who have said this to you is true you can use them providing you still have your old profile on the machine, also i use my old profile as a test the game account type of thing which can be handy coz you can play any broken or any game you know you may not plat but love to play like ESO (elder scrolls online) lol ever since i started over i have never regreted it and i love this profile and i enjoy every game i add to it, and enjoy the hunt to, if your not into your profile by a couple of months then you always have your old one to fall back on good luck mate
  12. yeah i know, i thought the same thing to, i ran both copies that i have the gold and non gold and no DLC on either, im guessing this is only on the digi version and not the disc, the gold on disc surely has DLC, but my copies are both digi and i ran them both
  13. your welcome mate, i have been playing it now for almost 2 weeks and still loveing the game lol, the only DLC i have run so far is harbour master and the trophies are pretty straight forward and easy
  14. well it turns out that even though it says gold edition before installing it once installed there is still no DLC i do have access to DLC from the game with a link to the store but its not saying free, i have to purchase it at $5 each = $15, il buy it but be warned that it dose not have the DLC this is the digital copy that came free on PS+
  15. so i have finished the story on trader and i still dont see the DLC, am i missing something ? ok so i double checked my PSN store and it would seem i have both the standard edition and the gold edition, lol i deleted the standard and i am now installing the gold, but even though it was the gold edition i chose to download, it dosent state its the gold edition while its on my XMB in the downloading screen, i guess il find out soon