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  1. awesome, thank you very much
  2. is it to late to join this, i would dearly love a premium membership if its ok with you il step in with KungFu panda weighing in at 0.48% FEB 11th
  3. well i hate to say this lol i dont have 2 PS4s and im looking to start this im more than willing to be a boost partner, PSN ID perfect_sinn if anyones down for the long haul lol
  4. i would have to say im a trophy hunter but i will only hunt games that can still be plated or 100% like psn games, i may be a little obsessed lol
  5. i just got the 2 online trophies yesterday so i can confirm the servers for online are still up
  6. lol if i got to that point i would be killing anyone/thing thats gets in my way to keep going lol hopefully this will run next year and thats when im gonna try and make it work lol, gonna have a great big planner on my office wall and watch that chain develope
  7. hi all, first of is anyone still playing this game as it has been a while since anyone posted on a forum for this game, if so, is anyone intrested in getting these 2 trophies with me ? please add or send me a PSN friend invite saying jeopardy
  8. hi mate i got you PSN message but il also type here lol, just got in from late shift at work so sorry for the delay, it is indeed hit a difrent target each time its easy to hit the same one if you dont concentrate and wait till hes near a target you have not yet hit, when i did it i also put the controler down so i didnt hit a button by mistake and hoped and prayed the cut cean would play and it did, dont lose heart on this as its not a game breaking bug good luck and once again thanks for thinking to ask me on PSN (feels special lol )
  9. my @Perfect_Sinn profile i made coz i got fed up with the devs that made games and realy didnt care to much if the game was broken IE: not platable or couldnt get the 100% on. to me this profile is to keep it 100% completion and to get every game i can on it 100% so before i play my next game i do a bit of homework and research it till i am happy it can be done, this includeds DLC i have played some games that i would never have dreamed of playing and found that i realy enjoyed them, its kind of tricky to do this kind of thing but also fun, i wont lie thou sometimes it can be a little nerve racking too lol my wife and son are constantly saying to me you should play games to have fun, not coz you have to play that game, thing is im having a lot of fun doing this and i wish others luck to those who are doing the same thing
  10. thanks mate i am not gonna get this just yet, maybe next week if its still in the sale
  11. quick question, im a little confused about the meaning of the trophies online can these be boosted ? coz winning 10 times in a row seems tricky if it cant be boosted
  12. ok so i did finaly get the tablet to work but it kept un pairing every 20 seconds or so but all i had to do to solve this was to keep tapping its D-pad which stooped it from sleeping, this game was a lot of fun and could deferentially be a great party game, i do hear that the newer Udraw tablet stays synced to make this a better experience all round, and yes i got the plat to, so for anyone reading this and wondering if it can still be plated or even played, the answer is yes have fun
  13. so i have tried for a few hours now and the Udraw will not sync to my ps3 gutted
  14. lol i just got hold of a Udraw tablet 2nd hand, i have been looking out for one for quite some time and it came with art studio, as you know me a little more now @PSXtreme_ mate from Ace Combat Infinity posts i did pick me up a copy of pictionary ultimate edition as i am indeed a trophy hunter lol, but this could look like a lot of fun, if you have not had much dealings with the Udraw or its sofeware/games i will let you know how i get on with it very nice review mate, very helpfull on letting me know what to expect when i finaly intall a game/software and the use of the tablet, all be it a slow game/device i am still looking forward to trying it out thanks again
  15. servers are still up but online comunity is pretty dead, but i will try and get some other players in a group as im very sure i am not the only one playing this lol